Date: 15th November 2011 at 8:25am
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In October 2011, when Wayne Rooney was frustrated with the performances of Manchester United, the striker voiced his intention to leave Old Trafford for greener pasture, claiming United had lost its winning mentality with the media rating him at £80 million in valuation before clubs started scrambling for his signature. However, the England international later rescinded his decision to leave and sign a new improved deal to remain at Old Trafford.

But in January last year, Chelsea paid a whopping £50 million to Liverpool to acquire the service of Fernando Torres. Since his move, Torres has only managed to net a mere 5 goals for the London club, while Rooney had netted 9 goals in the Premier League this season so far. However, Arsenal’s Robin van Persie has bagged 29 league goals in 28 games for The Gunners since his return in January last year, which has undoubtedly helped Arsenal climb the table in recent weeks. some might even say RVP is the backbone of Arsenal.

So in terms of valuation, who should be priced the highest?

If Torres cost Chelsea £50 million and United put a hefty £80 million price tag on Rooney, then Van Persie should be priced, at present, at around £95 million! Because the Dutchman is more prolific than Wayne and Fernando combined!

If RVP can remain injury-free for the entire season, I am pretty sure he will be able to score up to 35 goals in all competitions for Arsenal.

Article is courtesy of Hammad Bilal at Gunnersphere


0 responses to “Why this Arsenal star is worth more than Rooney and Torres”

  1. Ruemu okpe says:

    I belive you……….

  2. john walcot says:

    vanpersie iz worth more than that

  3. Onunze Ernest says:

    Robin worth more than £95m he worths’ like £120m consider his form. Unlike Toress who cause £5om scoring 5 goals, so Robin price should be multiply by 3 with toress amount.

  4. Van persie must sign now and his weekly wages should be around 150k.

  5. hismyila osuolale says:

    To all d club director. try to confuse vp to stay,but if he refuse sell him,but used the money to buy mature player. not premature. we still hv caling cup & fa to play, if we don’t quality players. D job will collapse

  6. Jamabo frank says:

    Rvp,can not and never be compared to rooney and tores,vanpersie is beter than the both players put together.

  7. Tony says:

    RVP should not go pls, for ny reason up gunners.

  8. LeB says:

    Robin Van Peper worth more than £95m, His price tag should be £150m. Arsene Wenger buy players that will support the powerforce of the club and win trophys for us and the fans will be happy for once.

  9. Emeka says:

    Van persie worth more than that. I will like to say considering his form, he worth 200m. Put 3 striker like rooney, torres and tevez.

  10. momoh says:

    RVP can not be compared to any of these boys cos he is better than both of them put together. RVP is wort 150m for an estimate

  11. Tesleem olajide says:

    He worth more than 95million his price tag shuld 180milliön

  12. rudboyarsenal says:

    he’s tripple better than those two. Bt aint sellin him! He’z our own!

  13. teejay says:

    To me,RVP’s value is inestimable.A rare gem both in size & quality.

  14. alex says:

    OH!!! ROBIN pls stay on your HOME!!! mean that stay on ARSENAL like BERCKAMP(10)

  15. vidhisha gunner says:

    well said…for me RVP is priceless for arsnl

  16. fraser says:

    Lets nt talk about da price tag of RVP, instead plead with him 2 stay at emirate.At one point Henry wanted 2 leave bt da oneness by made him 2 stay.come on gunners,we can convince RVP.

  17. cheru says:

    yes RVP is greater than the two

  18. Enkuneh says:

    They are not fit to carry his sandals
    he really deserve trophy. plus he is not after the money however the greedy club is neither strengthen the club nor paying him his real salary.
    but taking an advantage of him. suck up

    arsenal is champion

  19. Lanre says:

    I would like rvp to stay at arsenal. Pls wenger, tie him up to a long term contract just like how verminator or tv5 did

  20. Eskor says:

    Totally wrong valuation. Van persie is an injury prone player and as good as he might be, he is still 4 years older than Rooney, so that affects his valuation in terms of Rooney. Every one know that Torres was over priced and Chelsea just happened to have the money to pay.

  21. popoola saliu abiodun(digbon) says:

    v/p is worth more than 95mp, but can arsene wenger can pay him 170 or 200 per week.

  22. mekete says:

    this time he is hero.

  23. collins says:

    RBV. is a mighty for arsenal, so i see no reason why the club can’t keep him. Weger, u’re to blame if vp leave emirate. please persuade him not to leave emirate.

  24. Charlie says:

    I don’t understand why Fabregas was ever captain of Arsenal to be honest, unless he demanded it when he signed his last contract. RvP is ideal as captain and TV5 is obviously a better captain than Cesc. It could be down to their injury records but since when do you pick captains based on whether you think they’ll be injured ? Whatever RvP is golden every game, the iceman returneth, consistency personified.

  25. lucky says:

    RVP is useless jst sell him we shud not only depend on 1 player only

  26. benji says:

    RVP is the best striker in the premiership now.i rather think he should be valued at 115 rather than 95.we need one potent striker to back him now n i think we should be expecting alex-chamberlain to do that..

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