Date: 10th November 2011 at 7:54am
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Arsenal’s Russian star Andrey Arshavin has hinted that he could leave Arsenal if he does not get more game time. Arshavin has mainly been coming off the bench this season as Gervinho and Walcott have been Wenger’s preferred wide players.

Speaking in Russia, Arshavin said, “Right now I don’t think about changing clubs. If I will be benched for a very long time, then such an issue might be relevant.

“I still want to play for 90 minutes, but now I am glued to the bench. I wouldn’t like to play for a Russian club other than Zenit.”

What do you make of this? Should Arshavin be starting more games this season or should we sell him?


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  1. jossy says:

    Don’t really know what to make of this, the thing is that the russian is a quality player and I respect him a lot bt, can’t he read b/w the lines?, was’nt he the one who confessed that the fans were right in condeming him. Who does he want to start ahead of b/w these two, maybe he needs to brush-up his act to make the pole stats………………………

  2. charles says:

    I do agree with Andrew. He is a great player who makes a difference every time in on the pitch. He should always start a head of Ramsey and for that matter he should be used behind the strikers because he has a unique finish given chance.He always looks dangerous in front of the goal.

  3. Tesleem olajide says:

    I don’t support Ashavin because is turn by turn i think he should wait for his turn.

  4. topemagnus says:

    as much as i fancy him less of late, arshavin is still the only player with gut to take on an opponent despite is little stature even though gervinho is making an hit and miss lately. He should please stay around cos if he leaves we need to replace him and it would have been difficult for arsenal to turn the corner if elements like him are not in the dressing room cos he always speaks the truth no matter what, even when he is at fault or walcott shouting at

  5. Sejo kia says:

    Pls my gona frnd i really wanted him to stay. He’s an exeprence player pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee.

  6. victor agida says:

    arshavin is a gud player but he has neva been serious so when he is on the bench let him learn his lesson so when next time is given opportunity he wil be much serious but we should not sale him

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