Date: 2nd November 2011 at 12:42pm
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Roberto Mancini has made it clear that he does not want Carlos Tevez back at Manchester City after the striker refused to come on off the bench in the Champions League.

That has left Tevez searching for a new club. Carlos Tevez’s agent Kia Joorabchian has spoken out and said that Tevez would be open to joining another Premier League club if he does leave City.

“His family are now living in England, so he’s quite happy and settled,” said Joorabchian in the Daily Mirror.

“He had some problems about being away from them before, but they are with him now and everything is fine.

“He’d be happy to move to another Premier League club.”

Now we know that Arsenal need another striker to play alongside Van Persie or to fill in when our captain is injured. Would it no be a good idea to make a move for Tevez?

There is no doubt that Tevez is highly talented and he will score you goals and give you 100% when he is on the field. His attitude and mind set off the field may not be the best as that is what has sparked his fallout at City but I think if we are able to get him on loan for the rest of the season, it would be a win-win for both clubs. What do you think?

Should Arsenal sign Carlos Tevez?

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0 responses to “Tevez is open to joining Arsenal”

  1. Ola says:

    Yes i need arsenal 2 sign tevez bcos he is a gud talented striker up gunners

  2. Uthman Olawale Basit says:

    He be a great sign arsenal

  3. LeB says:

    Tevez will be a good signing for us, if he available Arsene Weger sign him.

  4. Arsenal should sign Teves coz arsenal need a sharp striker, if van persie is injured.

  5. haftom says:

    yes, wenger should have to sign Tevez, because if van persi has injured arsenal has not another talent striker so it doesn’t has suspect to sign tevez

  6. Temple says:

    Bring tevez to Arsenal, he will be a great sign

  7. Adetayor says:

    Asene wenger should sign c. Tevez when the transfer window reopen in january.b’couse he has power and he is skillful, and he can score goals.

  8. gunnersism says:

    Possible is 20 % becos he need 100000 up per week wage, but arsenal CEO pay lower.

  9. Majiyagbe Rotimi says:

    We need Tevez to help Rvp wenger should pls sign him up gunerz

  10. i love it if wenger sing teves because we ned sharp striker like, rvp.

  11. Longolekong says:

    Yes tevez is good player who can score many goals as he can but we have many strikers wenger has to sell chamach,bendthner and vela

  12. diablo says:

    if Arsenal signs Tevez then we could play Van Persie with Tevez up front !! it would be an unstoppable striking force

  13. bigahmed says:

    Yes wenger sure sing tevez

  14. sam_atilola says:

    well i think tevez is gonna be a good bye. but my challenge is wenger being able to tame is attitude on and off the pitch. TEVEZ, VERY GOOD BAD GUY!

  15. nneka kynakakate madu says:

    Wenger ps sign Tevez, he is a great player. We need someone to help RVP.

  16. Signing him will be the most greatest signing arsenal will ever made pls wenger try 2 break record u hv never set by signing Tevez is one of the most great forward in world, I b’ lv all arsenal fans will like him %100 up gunners.

  17. Omoo says:

    I huge wenger to bring carlos to emirate to support great job of rvp

  18. Sulaiman says:

    Tevez is a talented player without a shadow of a doubt and it’ll be a addition to arsenal squard but his behaviour off the pitch is something to worried about

  19. Arran says:

    This will never, ever happen ! don’t know where this story has come from but there is about as much chance of me joining Arsenal as Tevez, 1) Man City will not sell him to us 2) we couldn’t afford to buy him, 3) we couldn’t afford his wages 4) We have a lot of strikers on out books already who Wenger rates even if the fans don’t (And don’t forget about Joel Campbell who was bought in the summer….he is a big, big talent !) , 5) Did i mention his wages. ??.. This is a story for the sake of writing a story.. Nothing to see here….move along…

  20. john walcot says:

    yez i wld lik arsenal to tevez coz he iz gd n he iz a fighter

  21. Gbenga Omoni says:

    I wish arsenal 2 sign dis guy in january is d striker we need,bcus he wil cover robin v p when injured.

  22. horlartunjy harbbey says:

    yeah! tevez is 1 of d bst striker in englnd. and its gona b a great signing 4 d gunners. only, if dey ar ready 2 break dare record. pls, smbdy lyk chamak, bentner, vela should b discrded. inorda 2 get d talented striker. i cnt wait 2 c campbel playin 4 ars. teves! u ar welcm 2 d bst club in englnd.

  23. Docbrody says:

    Wow. Even if you pretend for a moment that financing a Tevez deal is a non issue for Arsenal, it is still far too risky a move. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. We are too fragile right now. Bringing in a player like Tevez could demolish the team cohesiveness and spirit that is clearly begining to develop. It only takes one player with a big mouth and a big ego to ‘ruin the fun’ for the rest of the team.

    As a loan for the remainder of the season…. maybe, if a clear understanding is hammered out with Tevez beforehand about appropriate conduct in the locker room, on the training ground and just generally everywhere off the pitch. And he must also understand that he is there to support RVP and Arsenal on the field, not redeem his own reputation as a player whiteout regard for the team. That would mean sitting the bench at times (to allow up and comers to get game time when Wenger thinks its not to risky). It would mean adapting his style of play to Arsenal, not the other way around (after all, he’s an aging player and given his track record wouldn’t be at Arsenal for long). The more I think about it, as great of a player as he is, the whole thing seems like a bad move.

  24. don habib says:

    it will be great to have a player like tevez….i think arsenal have to sign him at any cost

  25. Mone Motse says:

    Arsene Wenger we need Tevez

  26. panggauboyz says:

    love to see tevez on gunner shirt but by logic we cannot effort him…maybe we can buy him but we r not effort to pay his wages more than 100,000 per week, only if he want a pay cut like arteta do….its good and a must to have him on arsenal team but by logic it will not happen….hmmm

  27. Weslee says:

    Anyone who thinks this is a good idea must understand that the system will have to be adjusted to suit Tevez. Tevez will not be a good influence in the dressing room. Right now with the mix of experience and youngsters, you need experienced players who are in their right frame of mind. His agent now says that Tevez is alright because his family is in London. If he knew that he had applied for his family to come to England they what was his problem with playing for Man City ? He did not want to be there, just like he did not want to play for Man Utd. He needs to move to spain or italy. I certainly do not want him at Arsenal. He is too disruptive to an already disrupted team.

  28. vickingz says:

    Like this site is nigerian’s site, cos almost all the comments being made so far are from clueless nigerians arsenal fan. Well, i do not know where the writer got this outdated piece from, cos at of yesterday, mancini came out to say that he is ready to pardon tevez should he apologize. Contrary to the obsolete piece of info which the writter has put in here. Some are saying we should sign him to fill in the gap should vp get injured, ask yourself what brought out the monster in tevez at manutd and at man city? Is he a player like arteta who seems ready to cut down his wages in order to play for arsenal? Wake up and stop dreaming cos it ain’t happen.

  29. aku says:

    yes,i agree if we sign tevez..but his price must be aroun 20m…n we must cut his crazy wage,myb same as v.persie wage`s…
    if this thing juz happen…tevez will be our key player n hi will deliver the best under wenger..

  30. Honest Pete says:

    Take away RVP and who is left to score goals for us? Tevez? yes please but would kick him up the arse if he misbehaves again, the little quasimodo brat!

  31. ibrahim owino otieno says:

    pliz!wenger sign him.

  32. BRGooner says:

    If Arsenal is goin after Podolski…we dont need him

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