Date: 17th October 2011 at 2:38pm
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Robin Van Persie does not want to discuss a new deal with Arsenal as his current one expires at the end of next season. Arsene Wenger does not seem to be too bothered about this as he believes that Van Persie is 100% committed to the club right now.

“The ideal situation is he extends his length of contract,” said Wenger. “But if he doesn’t we have to respect that.

“He knows we’re ready to talk about it. Most important is what you do today and how much you’re committed to the cause as long as you’re at the club.

“What is important is he plays like he plays. We’re here to see special footballers and he is a special footballer.

“For me commitment isn’t how long you’re at the club, it’s as long as you’re there you give 100 per cent until the last day of your contract.

“That is what I call commitment. The rest is different. The length of contract is completely different. You have players with ten-year contracts who aren’t committed.

“Many people questioned his leadership qualities. But he is completely committed for the cause on a daily basis and is even more important on the pitch. He does the job. He scored two goals. That shows how important he is.”

Is there any reason for us to worry about Van Persie not signing a contract extension? I think so. It only makes sense, he has to see how Arsenal finish this season and what direction the club is headed before he commits long term to the club. But then again, in the world of football we live in today, player contracts do not mean much; Van Persie could sign a new deal tomorrow for 5 years and then decide in two years time he wants to leave and there is very little we can do about that.


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  1. Mategyero says:

    let me hope you do not get it wrong AGAIN! Mr AW

  2. Emeke says:

    van has lost confidence n Wenger.He will never extend his contract

  3. ScottyRSA says:

    lets look at the financial side of it. the board is wanting to give him a pay rise up to 90k a week, but they were willing to pay Nasri 110k, anyone else besides me think that is a slap in RVP’s face? for i believe RVP is ten times the player and 100 times more committed to Arsenal than Nasri is and was!! so why not recipricate the commitment by paying him at least 110k if not more!

  4. T2T says:

    @scottyrsa, where did you get those figures? Negotiations are usually not conducted in the newspapers…

  5. Wilco says:

    @Scottyrsa: i don’t believe that Arsenal would offer V. Persie less than what they were offered, they always respected and rated RvP high, he was the vice captain even before, it’s better not to believe the figures we hear in the “anti-Arsenal” media , they don’t have any reliable information about that, it’s pure speculation

  6. Wilco says:

    I meant to say they can’t offer RvP less than what they offered Nasri, it doesn’t make any sense, Nasri was not rated as high as RvP

  7. diabygetshowmuch says:

    we should let the guy go, he should have a couple of years playing for a club with ambition, he’s served us very well, but there is no way we will be competing for trophies in the next few years. he should go to a club that will win things, Man City, Barca etc. i say good luck to the guy, he’s an arsenal legend already.

  8. mids says:

    people saying he`s been offered a 90k per week contract and im pretty sure that he`s already on more than that.there you go

  9. NoWay says:

    Mids, considering Rosicky on £75k was the second highest paid Arsenal player behind Cesc, no he isn’t on £90k+.

  10. nicky says:

    Van Persie has said that he won’t discuss an extension to his contract until the end of the season, preferring to concentrate on his football. I believe him. End of.

  11. wilco says:

    Agree with Nicky,if he said so I believe him, I know I shouldn’t trust people I don’t know, but I follow my instincts here, van Persie loves Arsenal and respect Wenger a lot, Wengere stood by him when van Persie was accused of rape, and he supported him during all those years when he was getting injured all the time, I simply can’t imagine him leaving the team now when they need him the most, he is a man of his word! But yes, if Arsenal don’t finish in the big four he might re-consider, that’s understandable. @Diabygetshowmuch: Barca and Man City are not a guarantee for titles,it’s as difficult for them as it is for EVERY team,Man City have only managed to get one point (at home) in their champions league 2 games, that shows you how difficult it is for everyone.

  12. Nigel says:

    He needs money

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