Date: 17th October 2011 at 5:15pm
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When Sunderland’s Sebastian Larsson curled in the free-kick on Sunday against us, midfielder Tomas Rosicky was seen ‘laughing’ as the ball sailed into the net. At that moment, many Arsenal fans and the commentators were asking, “why on earth would he be laughing if we have just had a goal scored against us?”

Rosicky has come out and explained himself, he said, “I was laughing? That’s not laughter because, to be honest, when he took the ball immediately I was thinking about the situation when Rooney scored at Old Trafford.

“That wasn’t a laugh – it was a desperate laugh that such a screamer would be scored again. I don’t have to turn around. When I see his face and he is celebrating, why should I turn around? I have been here six years and anyone who thinks I would laugh at that . . . for people to take it that way is frankly unbelievable.”


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  1. Teniola says:

    Why shouldn’t he laugh? Isn’t it funny? Wayne Roney scoring freekicks just like scoring penalty kicks, same also to Larson’s goal. Thomas should laugh cos it so funny.

  2. Francis Angrey says:

    Our boys are very fragile when it comes to defending set pieces. This, perhaps,explains TR’s laughter.

  3. Olalekan says:

    Thomos i beg no body go hold u my bro is it nt funny free kick lick free post.

  4. Abalaka Ezekiel says:…wot can 1 rily say…oda tins bin eqaul he’s nt supoz laugh…Haba rosicky why!

  5. Agent says:

    I was d first person dat saw Rosicky laughing wen d freekick was curled in by Larsson. I believed dat he laugh bcz he did look back at d net bt he saw Larsson celebrating on d base dat d same place is wea Rooney scored his own free kick against Arsenal. So, dn’t blame Thomas or query him cos evrybdy has d right 2 laugh.

  6. Bright says:

    No need to laugh abt d goal but d cause of d fr kick. Arteta had a bad game

  7. joel goleha says:

    good Rosick 4 being hornesty. Anyway th kick was fantastic

  8. mk333mk says:

    are there no forum rules to keep posts in english? last time i was in school half the words in previous posts did not exist…

  9. Davi says:

    Sometimes you have to laugh. Results have been bad, we’ve had very little luck, and the pressure is piling on. We started the game well, should have been several goals up, but even then our opponents score an amazing, unstoppable goal to equalise. It was just one of those moments when you ask “when is this going to end!?”. Oh well, Rosicky played well, and we won, so who cares anyway?

  10. Sagir mohammed says:

    Rosisky was despondent with the way our goal keeper is brazingly conceding such free kicks. I also laffed in disgust.



  12. olaitan says:

    He should not do that again because it can discourage others

  13. Akhine says:

    Me too laugh. And I still dey laugh ooh! Cos we are not only too cheap but too predictable. I go laugh oooooooooooooh!!!

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