Date: 11th October 2011 at 11:40am
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Dennis Bergkamp has come out and said that Arsene Wenger made a mistake by not going all out and doing everything he could do to get Patrick Vieira to return to Arsenal in the summer as a coach. Instead Vieira opted to stay at Manchester City and be a coach there rather than return to a club where he is a legend.

Bergkamp told the Daily Mail, “There was talk of Patrick going to Arsenal during the summer.

“I would’ve done everything possible to get him there. Just to get him in and around the dressing room. It would have brought so much to the team.”

I agree with the Ice Man, having someone like Vieira as part of our backroom staff is just what we need right now to add some steel to the squad. Surely if Wenger really wanted Patrick to return, he would have agreed.


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  1. Robert says:

    The problem is not just that we lost out on the mental boost that Vieira would have meant.

    We also know that Vieira played a crucial role in luring Nasri to City. The effect of that loss is
    greater than the loss of a mere player – it shows that it’s difficult for Arsenal to keep hold of
    their best players. Nasri’s case may well prove to be an example for Van Persie, Walcott, and
    others to follow.

    (With Fabregas the story was different: he wanted to move back home to a large extent, but
    Nasri only wanted a better club.)

  2. Davi says:

    Is Bergkamp making his case to be next arsenal manager? Would be a popular appointment were Wenger to step down. Not saying I want that to happen in the near future, but maybe at some point.

  3. outramseyandiaby says:

    simply fu*k nasri and fu*k fabregas.

  4. Davi says:

    I think Vieira is lost to us. I’m not convinced he’s an arsenal fan. His playing style was endearing, but now he is a City man. Not putting him down, but that’s just the way it seems. I think Wenger did try to get him.

  5. I will like wenga 2 sign more players 2 the team.

  6. chris from Cambridge says:

    Ye but Wenger wants the reins all to himself.

  7. Crow says:

    I think it would be brilliant if we could have Bergkamp as part of the coaching staff at Arsenal. I agree with Davi, Vieira is not an Arsenal fan so why don’t we instead try everything to get Bergkamp and maybe one or two other Arsenal legends. Another former player I am sure most of us would love to see back at our club once he retires from playing is Thierry Henry. He could easily have as much influence in and around the dressing room as Vieira if not more. Personally I’d opt for Henry over Vieira as the former has shown he is a true Arsenal fan and does have the respect of everyone at Arsenal.

  8. Okey Onwuagha says:

    Wenger’s arrogance would never have allowed him to hire Viera.
    The truth is that he Wenger does not want anybody that would bring disparate views to the table. He will definitely crash from his olympian height.

  9. Dusty says:

    Wenger wants to do almost everything by himself.He even went on to say that arsenal are better off without a defencive coach which l disagree at some point

  10. Mani says:


    Couldnt agree more.

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