Date: 10th October 2011 at 8:45am
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Why did Arsenal decide to sign Park Chu-Young this summer for £4million from Monaco if we are only going to have him for two seasons before he has to go back to South Korea to complete national service?

Park must complete 21 months in the military before he reaches the age of 30 or face being jailed or even exiled from his homeland.

“It isn’t really possible to be excused. That can’t and won’t happen, which is another reason I chose to come here,” Park said.

“I’ll have to leave Europe in two years’ time and I thought this would be an incredible place to finish. My national service is inevitable and there is no point in thinking anything else.

“I’ll still be playing games, but for an army club. I think it’ll be difficult to return to Europe after that, although if something interesting comes up, you never know.”

What do you make of all this?


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  1. Aussie Jack says:

    Two years at my age is a long time one in which I hope to enjoy seeing him as a bright star. He along with Ryo and Ox-Chamberlain can light the flame for Arsenal to build on.

  2. chris from Cambridge says:

    He is obviously not a mug player but I think he was bought at least partly to sell T shirts in Korea. Otherwise why amortise £2m pa. for 2 years on him which we would not do on Schwartzer nor on Parker ? Mind you there are a lot of things which are hard to explain the way Arsenal decisions are taken.

  3. Chairma Gallant says:

    And the funny part of the deal is that AW is not even using him at all so far.It is now obvious that those transfer deadline fve signing were just panick buyings to fool the fans.
    So far,apart from Mertesacker and Arteta,the other three are just bench warmers.The question for AW is-why buying players if you wont use them,which invariably means they are not good enough.

  4. wengernumb says:

    its another inamoto situation!..remember him?…another cheap arsenal asian investment deal i think…mind you man utd have done the same.

  5. mystic says:

    What a stupid title ‘Arsenal striker set to quit club’ – if you are being called up for National Service, that isn’t about a decision to ‘quit’.

  6. mystic says:

    @Chairma Gallant. Wenger is buying players because of the fan pressure to spend – quality not quantity is what Wenger claims he is searching for. Whether the new guys turn out to be value for money remains to be seen, or is it Wenger’s way of showing that people need to rein in their demands?

  7. Walejohn says:

    Sack wenger or he shd sign pre contra wit good player we dont want injuri pliayer

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