Date: 7th October 2011 at 9:22am
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We seem to cry a lot about injuries at Arsenal but the latest revelation has left me shocked! How could Arsenal sign Mikel Arteta without giving him a medical? No wonder we have injury problems, what is to say that we have not given players medicals in the past before we signed them?

To Arteta’s defence, there was not enough time to have the medical as the transfer window was about to close and the player himself has now said that and injury problems he faces at Arsenal will be on his account. But still… We know that Arteta has been plagued by injuries during his time at Everton and we go ahead and sign him by taking his word that his is fit and not giving him a full and proper medical.

Arteta said, “It was very stressful. At 6pm, they said everything had broken down. Then, at 8.30pm, everything started again.

“But there wasn’t time to have a medical. I went to the offices of the club [Everton] and from there I told Arsenal to trust me and that if some medical problem was found it would be my responsibility.”


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  1. AKEEM says:

    This is serious….!!!

  2. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    There is no reason to make a mountain out of this mole hill. You have said already that the situation and especially timing of the transfer was the reason why he did not go through a medical. There is no record of any other player that did not have a medical. Arsenal has made the best of it when Arteta took responsibility for any health issue detected. There is therefore absolutely no reason for this article.

  3. Omotaryor says:

    How could a whole Arsenal accept such a trust frow Arteta, in the past, their is no player that have ever do that in the history of arsenal. Solution shld be provide on time

  4. Remie Masvore says:

    weather they was medical or not. Up 2 nw Arteta has been a fantastic signing so far. he’s also one of the gunner players to play more minutes this season…hes fit l believe…thats why he says he wil tek full responsblty

  5. Maia says:

    Just when I thought Wenger couldn’t have acted any more stupidly than he did in the transfer window! The man is becoming unravelled.

    Funny how people see things differently. I don’t think Arteta has brought anything to Arsenal. Would have much preferred Scott Parker and for a hell of a lot less too.

  6. Kunle says:

    Pls read the first comment, meanwhile remember that Thierry Henry failed his medical at Arsenal b4 Wenger signed him, he has a back problem.

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