Date: 4th October 2011 at 4:56pm
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If this were a boxing match and Arsenal were in the ring, Arsene Wenger would throw in the towel and get his team out of the ring and concede defeat. That is exactly what our boss has done by coming out and admitting that there is no way Arsenal can win the title this season.

Wenger said: “We are 12 points behind Manchester United and Manchester City – so it’s not realistic to say that we will win the league.

“We have to fight to come back into a much better position, that’s the reality.”

He added: “Obviously we are not where we want to be in the Premier League table and I think at the moment we have to set ourselves a realistic target and stay in touch with the teams who are fighting for the Champions League positions.”

Yes, 12 points is a lot to be behind the leaders but it is still very much early days and if our very own manager does not have the belief then what is he doing managing us? I am very upset with these statements from Wenger! What is your reaction?


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  1. ojong odo says:

    better to be honest dan delusional, wenger knows dat though de squard is bigger dan previous years, de quality is certainli no as good as chelsea, man utd, man city and even spurs. Arsenal has onli three quality players dat can work into de starting eleven of the top three; van pierse, sagna and song. The other two, vermalean and wilshere are out for months. So it doesnt sound or look like a championship winning quard. Our best hope is to catch up wit liverpool n spurs for 4th spot n have a go at the carling cup or FA cup for silverwares.

  2. viniel deredza says:

    Surely he’ been far from convincing.. first he tried to mek us beliv he cud do wtout buying, then goes panick buying, saves money and now it’s backfiring…What Wenger shud do is, stand up there n apologise fo being deaf n blind… Then tell the fans what he is doing to save usfrom this self-inflicted disaster. Then and only then can we start rallying back… Wher’s ths Ancelotti tok coming from? I wonder if he can ever come close to Le prof”, espec wen he bases his credentials on managing a Chelski side assembled by Jose…Pure trash…

  3. Gunner4life says:

    dont care bout his honesty at the moment the only thing i want know is whether he truely thought this squad even with no injuries all the way thru the season could win the premier league. All Arsenal fans knew we couldnt win the league, this team has nothing on the 2004 team and thats the team thats needed to win the league.

  4. Gooner S says:

    He’s being realistic. We’re not good enough to win the league. We’re better than our league position suggests but we don’t look like scoring goals. We need to solve that problem and not let them in at the other end!

  5. Dattijo Aliyu says:

    I think by now wenger should know that one need to plan to get result, you don’t buy players at the tail end of the season when you know very well you are loosing almost the heart of the team. Wenger is about to destroy everything he build in the past years due to his stubborness. If now he sound hopeless, then there is no need for him to continue as the coach of the team, we should look for a coach who will restored the already battered image of the team. A coach that can buy players who are capable not going for teenage players who after maturing they leave the club. I’m really disappointed with wenger’s statement

  6. Foxy says:

    being realistic is good to pacify the media at this rate…Bloody hell we are up against the media boys!

    Gotta know where this distraction gonna cost us added with injuries piling-up..maybe if we work our way quietly up until Christmas/January…we shall know who is being realistic or cunning…

    Buy in January a must…or its just not sustainable. I hope Wenger’s got something under his sleeves…

    Keep the faith…we are NOT in a Crisis or we need the papers to tell us that…So F*** them off pls…

  7. Onyi Fabregas says:

    he his been realistic here it is better to tell us the truth than to be given us hope that arsenal can still win the will me and you could not see any good result. he needs to improve his training technics and tactics during the field of play and also improve his own behavior in the pitch. i cant imagine seen arsen wenger sitting quietly on his sit while his boys are been trashed by opponent, he need to get up cheer the boy up at least that will give the boys some confidence to fight back even if they are loosing. cant you see the likes of gudiolar. mouhrinho, AVB and sir fergunson have you ever see them in the mood wenger use to be in the field of play.

  8. jehi says:

    chelsea lost form for most part of last season…….even were thirteen points behind us at a time.but the season ended with them ahead of us.wenger has truly lost excuses.

  9. fortune says:

    i dont c what wenger is still doing as d coach of arsenal since he could b so bold to mak such a statemnt on air no matter how much wenger makes 4 arsenal i think its time 4 a real change nd dat time now b4 it gets too late.

  10. frank says:

    May God arsenal football i don’t know what to say because i know that when still one of the best in the world.May God help our manager IDIOT ASENE WENGER

  11. frank says:

    May God help arsenal football i don’t know what to say because i know that we are still one of the best in the world.May God help our manager IDIOT ARSENE WENGER

  12. Nelson says:

    the law of diminishing return has really set in, even Wenger himself knows dat, we need a change so dat our team wil be revertilized, wenger gamblelin has fail dis time arround.

  13. Pissofffan says:

    In the begining of the season the way arsene n board handle the transfers. Quite a number of us n I already warned Arsenal will not be a contender n can only fight at best 4th place or even 5th to 6th place. If arsene n board has bought 2 to 3 key players in the past splashing the cash when necessary, it will not come to this state. Only when things got worst then people will realize arsenal is quite an average team this season

  14. ayoola tope says:

    he dat is often rebuked but stiff-necked will perish without remedy…Arsene & the board caused it all,but Arsene share the larger portion of the blame.They’ve been doing this their economising of a thing for the past 4yrs & they’ve been getting away with it all this while,now nemesis is catching up with them.I just felt sorry for millions of “True Arsenal Fans”worldwide,of which I am one of them.We’ve been going about with shame.We can’t even open our mouth when chelsea & Man Utd fans are talking,it’s a big shame.
    I kept wondering the kind of magic Arsene tend to perform when he bring in Arteta to replace Cesc,Gervinho for Nasri,Jekinson 4 Eboue,Santos for Clichy & Park for Bendtner….It’s absurd.I cannot but ask the question; are we trying to improve the squad or staying trophiless the way were all this while?…The entire squad is just like what the scientists refer to as a Vector quantity,..No magnitude,No direction at all.
    Since Wenger knows what he is doing as he has been claiming all this while,then he should carry the whole blame on his head.
    What a shameful statement from a sinking manager who many Arsenal Fans honoured with L’Professor…It is a Pity.

  15. ayoola tope says:

    wenger’s attitude on the bench is some times disheartning.When a coach sitting on d bench look downcasted & often frustrated,what does he expect the players on the pitch to do?….And what reaction does he expect from the fans worldwide? of which he’s the sole cause of the problems the team is facing.
    I still wonder the kind of training or medicare this players are receiving….injuries here and there…Diaby,Wilshere,Djorou,Squillachi,Kolshieny,Vaemelen & Sagna…The most annoying thing is that these injuries take longer than projected time to heal.
    It seems Arsene has really lost ideas on which direction to take d squad for survival.His countenance said it all.

  16. Jennyfloxy says:

    I rubbish every talk dat wenger should quit as a coach wenger still have d winning metality only d boards is kill d club also players re not rational ones after all is not wenger’s intention 2 sell nasir rather he(nasir) forced himself out. So i think we stop cursing wenger.

  17. nici says:

    David Dein was solely responsible for appointing Mr Wengar as Manager.He was also solely responsible for the great players whom joined Arsenal at that time.Bergkamp Viera Overmars etc.Bring David back and see the changes,OR Keep him away and watch the clubs shareholders become among the richest people in Englands Capital and ARSENAL F.C become the laughing stock of the Premier League..Were not far off that Now..Just ask that lot down the Road.

  18. atika says:

    much has been said about him. and he never seems to improve from what critics say. look at the defence problem, it has been the leaking point in arsenals’ defeat to weaker teams and strong alike. wenger has been talking the same but doing nothing about it. he sold hleb, toure, clitchy, and gallas to rivals and preferred to manage the likes of per and santos. in him I see the ones football giant falling down after shooting his foot. he is the problem he is trying to look for the solution.

  19. Gooner heart says:

    wenger is rubish u JENNYFLOXY nasri didn’t force him self out but wenger’s min mind of paying pinoff salaries forced him out “hope u know what i mean here see how much is he earning at city now” u’re manager’s poor reasoning to da extent of selling da three tearm heart).

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