Date: 19th September 2011 at 5:26pm
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If Arsenal continue to play like they are playing and the results do not start to come, it will not be a surprise if the few big name players we have left decide to leave the club just like Fabregas and Nasri. In my opinion, I can not see Robin van Persie staying at Arsenal for a long time if we do not do something meaningful this season.

The new Arsenal captain aired his frustrations following the defeat to Blackburn. Van Persie said, “It just frustrates me, and it is happening too often. Every time we start positively we just keep making the same mistakes and that is surprising.

“It’s very important [to get back on track]. Even before the game on Saturday I said to the boys, ‘today is a big, big day’. We have to get back-to-back wins, and we just cannot do that at the moment. That is our aim for the next couple of games, we have to win them after each other.

“We just need a couple of good weeks in the Premier League where we get a lot of points, and hopefully we can start next week against Bolton.”

Does that not sound like a man really frustrated?


0 responses to “Frustrated Arsenal striker could leave if team continues to lose”

  1. kareem says:

    i don’t think so,he really love Arsenal mate

  2. siphiwe says:

    I don’t think RVP will leave Arsenal because love the team.

  3. Arsenal says:

    Actually i would want him to leave cause a player of his calibre deserves to win something

  4. Oneniltothearsenal says:

    Vp is the most loyal arsenal player and the one that loves arsenal the most. Dont you dare try to put words in his mouth. What point does this article have? Do you want to spread more chaos trying to convince people more of our players are leaving. Sure vp must be frustrated but there’s no indication of him leaving

  5. antarchile says:

    He is so loyal…He is the greatest player..I will not blame him at all if he goes.We could only blame Wenger.The old fart cannot create a decent defence…He cannot either seek help so that someone else gets a top team’s defence.His ego , his stubborness is beyong what is good for Arsenal.If he loves Arsenal , he has to move up or leave.Someone which is capable ,of at least, defending, has to come in.

  6. no says:

    he may leave, its another henry and cesc situation…

  7. Omotaryor says:

    As for me, rvp should endure to the end of the season, then AW should go out and bring in Cahill and Harzard before Barca hijack them from their clubs

  8. de maboy says:

    he never said he may leave. he loves the club. but come to think of it, he is also a major contributor to the frustrations. penalty miss at United and point blank miss at blackburn

  9. Bendt says:

    I don’t want to see him go. Let’s Wenger go instead for V.Persie he is our own heart and support. We love him.

  10. Vandaman says:

    Van Persie is more loyal to arsenal than most of the fans, especially the one who wrote this article(if he is a fan).

    P.s. C#nt

  11. What a load of BS says:

    Who wrote this pile of stinking yellow shit?

    Your a cunt mate I wont be visiting this crappy page ever again.


  12. Do you enjoy sucking cock? says:

    What the FUCK are you waffling on about, just making shit up for the sake of it, your a prick mate, fuck off back to shite heart lane you WANKER

  13. TrueWisdom says:

    Van Persie is a key Arsenal player, if he leaves, it’ll be the end of Arsenal. But I’m sure he wont

  14. Quin says:

    Wow I really hope Arsenal wins next time,other wise I don’t know what will happen to arsenal if Van Persie left!!!

  15. fortune says:

    dis is nt worth contributing 2 as far as i’m concerned

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