Date: 7th September 2011 at 6:00pm
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Arsenal bought in Park Chu-Young to be the new backup striker for Arsenal or may be even partner Robin Van Persie upfront. Park may not be the striker signing that many Arsenal fans would but he is now one of our players and we must back him.

Park was in fine profile for his country against Lebanon, even thought they are a small team, but the striker managed to grab himself a hat-trick.


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  1. Afolabi habeeb says:

    Arsenal are now better team. And wil shal fight 4 tittle this season.

  2. 49Unbeaten says:

    We’ll fight for it, but alas, we won’t win it. I’m not being a downer – more a realist but that doesn’t mean that I will give any less support and cheer my team on in every match. I’ll revel in the good times, be sorrowful in the bad times, but come rain or shine my colours will remain red & white and if we finnish 3rd I’ll accept that.

  3. Yemi johnson says:

    Let hope that park chu-young wuld be a gr8t signing 4 all arsenal fans.

  4. Sadeeq abdullahi says:

    I hope that park w’ll be the great striker to arsenal.

  5. Semight says:

    Park was great striker he we help arsenal into a stage

  6. ola says:

    I like to met asrenal fans.

  7. Bakare kazeem says:

    I believed park will perform in the EPL

  8. Kabiru muhammed says:

    I believe park will make impack in our team i believe dat is a good player who fight for goals and is good in speed too is a faster dribbler de problem is dat he didn’t have power to hit defender

  9. Kurt Walters says:

    He is the fast tall striker that we have we’ve been waiting for. Van Persie is a great a player, but he is no striker, if you arn’t faster, stronger or taller than the centre backs your playing it makes it very difficult to get past them. Arsene always had pace with Wright, Anelka, Henry, with bergkamps behind them. Thats where we have to play the Vans

  10. ACHI says:


  11. mikhail Abdulakeem says:

    i think we should keep hoop in him.

  12. park wi do a new tin in d striking role coz he’s a gud player

  13. i tink dat park can bring a change in d stricking role, park nd robine should b up frot y gerviho nd theo should operate by d side i wish them best of luck arsenal 4 lyfe.

  14. wengernumb says:

    i like the guys attitude..he will run and run….just hope he can step up to the level of the prem.

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