Date: 29th August 2011 at 3:22pm
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Dear Mr Wenger,

I have been an Arsenal supporter for as long as I can remember in my 35 years on this earth so far.

I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but spent a long time working in the UK between 2002 and 2008 before moving out to New Zealand in late 2008 and where I am still residing at the present time.

I have been a great supporter and admirer of you and the work that you have put in at Arsenal for over 10 years now and have loved every minute of watching the team that I support and that you manage, play some of the most breathtaking and exhilarating football I have ever witnessed whilst under your tutelage.

Unfortunately after 6 years without winning a single thing, me and other Arsenal supporter friends of mine as well as the majority of the intellectual football world, are of the opinion that you may have become so damn stubborn and set in your ways that you have become completely blind to what is actually happening around you and more to the point, completely blind to what should have already been done and if it hasn’t happened by now to what needs to happen immediately? Are you so bloody stubborn and proud in your beliefs that you can’t see that your refusal to spend any decent money on current or prospective world class players now, is only going to harm Arsenal in the long run? Are you so blind that you think by not giving in to the transfer fees of today’s world and saving some money on the front end that you are completely jeopardising the Arsenal’s chances of playing deep into the Champions league competition or God forbid, not even playing in the competition at all next year and therefore lose Millions of pounds in lost revenue!!! Are you so completely blind to the fact that you will eventually lose a hell of a lot more money than you think you are saving at the moment by not making the signings that everyone else in the football world clearly knows that you need to make in order for the Arsenal to remain a top four club let alone challenge for trophies? Why is it that everyone else in the whole footballing fraternity around the world can see this obvious situation unfolding in front of our eyes except for you? Are you so blind and incredibly stubborn to the fact that this situation that YOU have created is only going to get worse because of the fact that the top world class players that are currently playing around the world all want to play Champions League football at a top club and that the way things are going, YOU WON’T even be able to offer them that opportunity anymore!!!! So why would any of them want to come and play for the Arsenal if you are unable to offer them this opportunity?? It’s not like you are even willing to offer the world class players the top wages that they command now when Arsenal is in the Champions League, so it’s pretty bloody obvious and I’ll bet my last dollar that you wont be doing it when Arsenal aren’t even in the Champions League to compensate any player/s for this then!!

It is so bloody clear to everyone in the football world except for you it would seem that the situation that YOU have created at the Arsenal this year has been a significant contributing factor to the exodus of players from the club this year and that your sheer bloody stubbornness to act quickly and strengthen the team has resulted in what can only be described as the dissolving of the team spirit and belief before our very eyes! Who in their right mind can even blame them for this when they have a manager that is seemingly content to let players walk out of the club and not even replace them as well as being so completely stubborn and unwilling to spend any money on proven and experienced world class players and all the while appearing to be so downright arrogant and proud in your belief’s about how things should be and that YOU know better than everyone else!! All of this going on around the Arsenal players is enough to start them privately questioning YOU and not believing in your team plan, not to mention the fact that they are seeing rival clubs bringing in new world class players to add strength, depth and quality to what are already strong player lists and therefore beginning the breeding of doubt amongst themselves that they are unable to compete against the very top clubs in the Premier League and around the world which will unravel the very fabric of the club that YOU have spent so long in creating!!

Wake up Mr Wenger, the facts are that things aren’t the way YOU seem to think they should or would like them to be and it is such a massive shame that for someone who is as intelligent as you are appears to be so completely blind to the situation developing around them and is either unable or unwilling to accept these facts and to see where your past and current policies regarding the transfer of players to the club will ultimately take the Arsenal to in the future! Mid-table and scrapping for Europa League places with no real chance of winning any meaningful silverware!

Are you so blind that you can’t see that your sheer bloody stubbornness in this regard in recent years and refusal to buy in any world class players to help the almost great side that you had put together to become a truly great side that actually wins some silverware is the very reason why the likes of Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy and others are either wanting to leave, have already left or are in the process of leaving the club that I so dearly love and support and is the same bloody reason that the Arsenal struggle to even attract the desire and attention of current and or potential future world class players to want to come and play for you and the Arsenal. It really is very simple Mr Wenger, football players want to be the very best they can be and if that means they are good enough to play for a top flight club, coming in a very close second would be the desire to win some silverware and see some reward for their efforts on the pitch. If you are unable to provide your players with the evidence that this is achievable then they will not believe in you or your ultimate plans for the Arsenal’s success on the pitch. This evidence that the Arsenal players, members,staff, fans and everyone connected to the Arsenal FC are crying out to see and hear about would be for the almost great team that you have put together to be complemented by the addition of a few top drawer world class players that are needed to make this almost great team that hasn’t won a thing for 6 years now finally emerge and cement themselves as a truly great team that has actually won some significant silverware to go along with and support the claims that are needed to be not only recognised, considered and accepted as a great team but to be remembered that way as well.

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0 responses to “Open Letter to Arsene Wenger”

  1. boyo says:

    I would love to see Wenger’s response without these usual fall backs.

    1) Injuries(every1 has them + Wenger choose to pick players like Gibbs, who even a retard knows is constantly injured)

    2) Mental strenght (8-2 enough said)

    3) Super quality ( its fair to say we lack even plain quality and pretty much any1 he signs is a better quality)

  2. roshi16 says:

    If it was the 27th of August 2011, I wouldn’t agree with this, but today I do. Three points do not really matter at the start of season, but I’ve lost all the hopes that I’ve had for this season. I am no expert and probably will never be, but some things are seen by everyone.

    Almost all clubs in UK are better this year, except Arsenal, which is clear to everyone. I would be happy if we get an Europa League spot this season.

  3. Dimexos says:

    ARSENE WENGER & The Board re bunch of Traitors.The Maradonna of our time.Stop canjollin us nd forge ahead to splash d money for replacement.

  4. Karl Karma Marx. says:

    The Wenger I know is a hopeless sturborn bastard that only listen to his own shadow. I wonder why Wenger is so untouchable that the club can’t get rid of him.

  5. Kiran says:

    Hi All Gonner, Any boady tell me why wenger not spending.

  6. harry says:

    why are we all condemning wenger alone, what about the useless board and the so called kronke and usmanov that were meant to put fire under wenger’s ass to fucking sign players for us? and all he could tell us was sorry? sorry for yourself, mr he goat

  7. Teslim olajide says:

    Fuck off wenger u are so selfirph that u cant’t buy cahil fuck you öece again

  8. Peter Kenny says:

    One major reason why Wenger is stubborn is he pockets some of the profit the club makes as the club is left to rot!!! Some people call it ‘betrayal’ of the club. Lol

  9. ofuje says:

    what we need right now is to sack wenger and play without a coach

  10. vertor says:

    AW forgets 2 undastand dat jst a single decision is enough 2 destroy his so claimd record over d years,it jst happend ystday.whether he likes it or he ll 1 day leave d emirates either wit full cash in d bank or in debt,but dis record will never b erasd 4rm his life and history.cheer up fans dnt wast words ova a failed man.

  11. antarchile says:

    Wenger have shat upon millions of arsenal fans around the world.You will end up having to see it .You are like a delusional dictator living a believing in your own lies and nonsense.
    Bring Mourinho to Arsenal to restore the pride

  12. viniel deredza says:

    Ever imagined if Wenger was a president???Surely he would be the most stubborn and unyielding dictator of ol tyms…We don need no apology Prof…Now I have decided to put u in the same bracket wth yo fellow French traitors,,Nas’, Flamingo, Viera/Vera, Onry/Henry,, n lately Fabourgasss”..U don’t love this club like we fans do…u are making money,,,but soon u shall realise,,we cannot bo fooled forever..Let’s just boycott the next two games…Save Arsenal Campaign…Thank u gooners…This will be our longest week in football.

  13. l2paragraph says:




  14. dolly says:

    Why do people refuse to read between the lines? are they so blinded by passion that the obvious seems so illusive? Wenger has very little fault in all of this..that is so obvious..cause the club has share holders and they can kick him out any time..So where is the problem? Simple..The policy of arsenal football club..If you understand that then you will know that Sir Alex Fergusson will struggle under such policies. The highest transfer fee EVER paid by arsenal was 15 Million Pounds… Man u Has 30 million pounds Berbatov on the bench and they are not even planning to sell him..but raise more Money for Ashley Young This is the difference. As long as the board of Arsenal football club focuses more on the balance sheet than the events on the field, this problem will will be satisfactorily managed but it will continue

  15. Adewunmi Aderopo says:

    He’s just damn sturbborn.
    I cant wait to see him quiting as Arsenal coach.

  16. Gooner S says:

    Why would anybody that this is intended for read it for more than 30 seconds? The way to get people to see a certain point a view is to reason and explain not be rude. This is a waste of time.

    Dolly (in the comments) on the other hand has it spot on.

  17. vertor says:

    AW forgets dat a single decision is enouf 2 destroy his so claimd record ova d yrs,it jst happnd ystday.dis is 1 record dat ll neva b erasd 4rm his life or history.whether he likes it or nt he will surely leave d emirates 1 day either wit full cash in d bank or in debt.cheer up fans,dnt waste words ova a faild man.

  18. WillyG says:

    56 hours till the window closes, Wenger still behaves like a stubborn ass.

  19. bhanu says:

    so totally agree with DOLLY ….. he takes all the blame ….. who would not like to spend tell me ….. i dont think any1 would agree to that ….

    let me state that … who will not like to spend ….

    send this letter to STAN

  20. Chris says:

    its appetty that some selfish minds have penetrated the team/game we so much loved, and instead turned it into a business basket to feed them and after dump it. please consider the football world around the globe that will continue support arsenal even after the current board and their marksman (Wenger ) have left.
    so annoying….!!!

  21. ?dawn ho says:

    wenger must go. but the board esp gazidis is suspisciously quiet without a word which means they are also guilty of not helping the cause. wage structure is one big question.
    how many of u are like me, who feels that come wednesday, no one will be signed? even if cahill is, the problem is too huge to solve. confidence which is always a huge issue to overcome for the young boys of afc.
    i think o’neil or ancelloti should come in this season to stop the rot. in arsene we sink.

  22. Darma says:

    I kinda agree with dolly’s comments, but we have to look at wenger’s philosophy too! He refuses to replace his players before they leave. He should have identified and signed replacements for nasri and fab4 before they were sold. Now which club do you expect to sell their best players in the next 50 hours without anyone to replace them with? Wenger is just going to sign second-rate players for us again; so don’t get your hopes up!

  23. Emeke says:

    Wenger is tactically very very poor. If Players like Fab,Nasri, Clichy, could lose faith in Wenger i don’t see how buying players can help Arsenal. Wenger is incompetent to manage big profile players,he could have moved to Madrid,but he choose to stay where he could give all the excuss in the world. Well,it is obvious Arsenal will remain ordinary as long he is the manager. Mark my word, Van Persie is living Arsenal next year.

  24. olajide brand says:

    arsene wenger his one of the useless man i know in the world. The club that won trophies like manchester united had sign good and quality player this useless and bastard man will not sign good players. no replacement for clichy nasri fabregas. I know he dont want arsenal to win any trophy any more we better sack him and look for good coach

  25. Domhuaille says:

    Half of you wankers can’t spell to save your lives, the other half can’t see their noses but are experts on what Wenger is and should do. The author is another whiner and while justified in his distress, he has confused himself with someone who AFc actually listen to.
    Dolly has it right; the financial and management policies of the Board don’t permit extravagant spending nor do they support wages exceeding their self-imposed ceiling. this was necessitated by the deficit spending on the Emirates as well as the Highbury Square developments. Financially speaking it worked well but it has limited Wenger’scope in the transfer windows since 2005. Despite this, he has managed to keep the Club not only profitable but in the CL asnd the top 4 year after year for 14 years. Blaming Wenger is like blaming the wind for blowing, he simply does what is possible rather than what you whiny bunch want or ¨feel¨ is needed. Get used to this as it isn’t going to change soon…he works with what he has and can afford….unlike City,United,Chelski and Liverpool. If you want to see what a marginally run club is like, look at our WHL neighbours…no transfers of any merit, no money to transfer unless they sell, top heavy with marginal players, their chairman cheap as sin, their coach desperately looking for the England job and their players very discontented. They also have terrible injury problems but that is, like us, one part of the total picture.
    Gooner Kiwi, you’d be better off saving your breath to cool your porridge than writing vitriol like this crap article!

  26. Stuart says:

    You’re an idiot, why are you having a pop at wenger when it’s the board restricting things. Anyone would think he could turn water into wine or something.

  27. Digger says:

    I can sum this up in one simple statement.
    My missus who knows absolutely nothing about football walked into the room at the end of the game, looked at the scoreline and simply said “I think they need some new players”. that’s from a 40 yr old housewife I think that says it all Mr Kronke,Gazidis and Wenger.

  28. Abuaya says:

    Stupid Wenger and his board

  29. dolly says:

    Thanks Domhuaille…Nice reading your thoughts

  30. mr creosote says:

    Nice story bro.

  31. dolly says:

    Darma ..Arsenal has two trump cards to play..1, Clubs who are broke and need money and 2, good players who would like to play in champions league. He will buy players he is just waiting for sales and the best bargain…dont forget..arsenal only shops after man u, Chelsea, man city, Liverpool, spurs and even Newcastle have left the supermarket.. I am a gooner for over 3 decades.. so I am not being insultive ..its just how it has been for sometimes now

  32. jo says:

    stop being silly and wake up! What quality player will join us if we act like this! Like it or not wenger is our manager and with 2 days to go a change would be pointless because this is wengers squad. Yesterday was a disgrace but this season we need to get behind the team like our away fans yesterday and maybe we can save our season

  33. dolly says:

    Emeke…the biggest of them all was henry… and wenger made him, managed him and turned him into a legend …You missed it by a mile

  34. John mburu says:

    Wenge should surely read your letter which if full of naked truth n advise to reinstate his hope n faith to us fun across the world. If he may be wise enough there is still time n our weekend game could be asteping stone to acertain glory n to show fun he mean his words

  35. alphonso sharpe says:

    Will you guys except the fact that had it not been for arsenal allowing youth into their fold the likes of Cesc and Theo plus others will not be here??? Why the defeat hurts live goes on Barca also beat Real 5/0. What the big deal. No one is more arsenal the the other pic up the pieces and move on

  36. robert rotich says:

    wenger you have done it your way and failed now do it for the fans.don,t enjoy frustrating us.

  37. Busch says:

    For all those blaming the board and Kroenke…

    was Kroenke the majority owner 6+ years ago when all this started?
    Was Kroenke the majority owner 2 years ago?

    Kroenke is a passenger and a businessman.
    If Wenger told him spending money would make more money, he’d listen.

    Wenger has a philosophy he won’t deviate from… and it is now killing the club.

  38. john says:

    for a club on the verge of being dept free and money is not as short as the real world why is wenger and the board acting like fucking paupers but expecting the fans to shell out a large sum from there wages to see a stupid experiment thats not working we will never win anything with inexperience

  39. michael amuakwa says:

    Nice one mate! I guess you were equally gutted to the stomach as i was yesterday.
    The bloke Wenger has become so arrogant, he cares less of what the supporters are being put through. Like you, i lived in England in the mid- eighties and that is when my romance with Arsenal began. There is virtually no day that i do not check up on the Arsenal. My instinct tells me Wenger is punishing the supporters with the tacit approval of the balding bloody Gazidis and Peter Hill Wood. The two dodgy blokes knew what they were up to, when they pushed out the dependable David Dein from the club, so that they can fleece the club to near extinction. You should have seen the state of my 10yr old son. He was totally dejected to say the least, all because of Wenger and his rogue board members.

  40. Bally4arsenal says:

    wenger,if i say u are an ll b a wast of tym.bu stil i ll say it just 2 make sure is of out my mine.U ARE D BIGGEST IDIOT ON EARTH. 1 LUV 2 ALL FANS

  41. Fadeyi oluseun says:

    It sadden my heart when wenger feels he’s all knwn,i can’t blame hm much bt d useles board.when other coaches mess up they sack them useles wenger wud say i wont quit

  42. Fadeyi oluseun says:

    I lost my pressure last season because this season we have no team but training grand for serious club to come and buy,so i will watch our games with a relax wind,whatever happens,so be it.

  43. Ayodeji says:

    Am fucking fed up wit d so cald wenger. So selfish and greedy. He wil apply rubbish and once he is lucky to win a game he wil cm out to say dat we are in a strong position. And later saying d team misd a couple of players. Wat nonsense! Pls stupid board destroy d reputation of d club til u r satisfied.

  44. ed says:

    wenger must go some where else

  45. Gbolahan Bunmi says:

    Am in support of what all have said. Wenger makes us feel like its a course being an arsenal fan, the stubborn bastard is not even learning from the present humiliation, news even had it that the bastard kronke or whatever they call him had to travel to england to enhance the sale of nasri meaning he was eager to sell for his pocket and not willing to buy. I believe arsenal fate now lies in the hands of we fans, Let’s stop buying their ticket as a means of protest, this will force them to go against their blind policy. I keep saying this but we all won’t listen we rather purchase their over price ticket and we get humiliated for it. Its time to take a change

  46. Arsenal4Life says:

    Listen all, in a funny way you are all right. Especially about the Board not taking blame and the bit about the spelling! Here is a fact for you: NO WAY EVER WOULD MAN U OR CHELSEA TURN UP WITH A SUBS BENCH LIKE WE DID. FACT. Seriously, the Board and Wenger have got so used to scrapping through and being nearly boys, that they have ignored the other clubs building new teams. I fear for us being able to win anything for many years to come unless something changes. What ever we did win, we won with a blend of old and new. The question is why are we not doing that now? Why are we settling for unknown players that should be going to clubs like Bolton? We can’t someone of our stature buy a top class player? The fact is we can. So who is stopping us? We are not Frikin West Ham in Championship we are the mighty well respected Arsenal. The messages we are sending out to the world and new players is we are tight penny pinchers. It doesn’t wash with me i’m affriad, because Wenger has been saying we dont need players in for many years. Now it is obvious we do, we have got 2 frign days left. Busy in the transfer window? Yea players frign leaving maybe. GET IN SOME PEOPLE THAT HAVE WON SOMETHING WITH OTHER CLUBS AND BRING IN WINNING MENTALITY TO HELP THE YOUNG PLAYERS. Theo being the 2nd senior player on the pitch is beyond words for a team that used to have ppl like Tony Adams as a leader. Buy now or leave. We will not be fobbed off any longer.

  47. Arsenal4Life says:


  48. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Long season with a depleted squad…well this international break at the least came at a good time

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