Date: 29th August 2011 at 8:00pm
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As if the news could not get any worse for Arsenal, news from the transfer front is not good! We only have a few more days until the window closes on Wednesday and we are busy scrambling now to make some signings. One player that we wanted so badly, Lille’s Eden Hazard has come out and said that he will not be joining Arsenal or anyone else this summer.

Hazard said, “We have recruited well and we have some quality players here.

“I hope we will have an even better season than last year. Anyway, I enjoy it here. The rumours must stop. I am here.”

Michel Seydoux, the Lille president, added: “Our team is built around Eden so we will not lose him now.”

I hope our loss to Manchester United on Sunday does not scare potential new signings away!!


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  1. josh says:

    he would have fought for is release if it was barcelona,he doesn’t believe we are doing better than lille that is why he is not leaving.

  2. Arsenal says:

    Yup they have already been scared who would want to play for this team which has so many issues top players want to play with big players not youngsters…its the end of arsenal how the mighty have fallen wenger is a victim of his own sucess and to hear hazard not coming its too much gloom

  3. Wisdom says:

    Why will any experience player com to a club dt d team wil be on his shulder,so evry1 is scared cux wenger bliv in beta futbal rathr thn winning

  4. Stubby. says:

    Hmm. lets see. I am a professional footballer and I want to win things. Arsenal have just put in an offer for me.lets weigh the pros and cons up

    cons: they just sold their best two players, they havent replaced them and they just got humiliated by one of the serious contenders for the premier league proving that they havent got any strength in depth and the manager has no tactical awareness.

    Pros: erm… I’ll stay at Lille after all I have about as much chance of winning a premier league title staying there as I do at Arsenal by the look of it!!

  5. Agiboy says:

    Rudich clud who likes us

  6. Agiboy says:

    Rubich clud who likes us

  7. OCD says:

    While I am a bit disappointed I realize Hazard is not quite what we need – he is hardly prolific as a midfielder.

    He is a great prospect for the future but that’s all he is at the moment. I believe a seasoned CAM is what we urgently need as well as defenders. I think Gourcuff is a better choice and he is half the price of Hazard. Better passing and commanding presence in the midfield, he is what we lack at the moment.

  8. Klittle55 says:

    Wenger should get quality stars that can push the team front and stop depending on kids because i wish there are starlet in arsenal harzard would have been arsenal player long ago so i advice wenger to sign or what happen in manu will happen 10 bloodytimes

  9. marcus says:

    I now here that Yossi may be signing. I think what Arsene needs, from a footballing and PR standpoint, is to sign an established star. Splash the cash and take a risk. Signal some ambition. A star signing will go some ways to ease the crisis mood at the Emirates. If it does not work out, fine, we can live with it. But it is hard to be a fan nowadays and watch all our rivals, who are in good shape, continue to strengthen with players like Mata, Snejder, Nasri etc. while we spin our wheels and hope for bargain purchases. Come to think of it, with our middling ambition and quality of performance, the Yossi signing actually makes good sense now.

    Alot of you have commented that the ManU loss was due to injuries and suspensions. Make no mistake, the ManU loss is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. We have been putting up SHIT performances and results since the Carling Cup capitulation last year.

    We may still have the quality to compete when everyone is healthy, but with our history of injuries, Wenger should have planned for depth, and even if we sign three players by Wednesday, we will still be short of quality in terms of first team and backup areas.

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