Date: 29th August 2011 at 5:10pm
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Sunday’s humiliating loss to Manchester United has taken Arsenal to a new all time low. I never thought I would see the day that we have to compensate the fans who went to watch the game on Sunday.

“Arsenal football club has announced it will be writing to fans who travelled to Old Trafford on Sunday with an offer to cover the cost of a match ticket at a future Barclays Premier League away game,” read a club statement.

“Sunday’s result was obviously disappointing for everyone connected with the club. Our travelling fans were magnificent throughout and we want to recognise their fantastic support. We will be writing to them shortly with the details.”


0 responses to “Have things really gone this bad for Arsenal?”

  1. Ellidinho says:

    BULLSHIT! How much are they going to pay millions of Arsenal fans worldwide for the humiliation and heartache we endured throughout the 90mins at Old Trafford? Arsene Wenger is a motherfucker!!!

  2. kyeyune deo says:

    and fans who did not travel???
    how are they gonna reconcile with our heartaches??
    Wenger is just tooooo old to be our mission holder. He should leave arsenal!!

  3. misa samisah says:

    why cant wenger use that money to buy himself suisidal rope.i hate the old man like shit.nobody wld want to be associated with such a team.wenger is short of ideas n shld leave emirates immedietly.

  4. young_gunnerz says:

    i hope they can fund me for a new LCD TV i threw a rock into the old 1 after seeing my club perform like abolute shit!!!! for 90 mins!!!!!! I am sure going to hell because i cursed the whole 90 mins from start to finish seeing our Carling Cup side being fielded becausewe dont even have a proper squad and seeing the high backline get torn to pieces over and over without Wenger changing tactics.

  5. Ken says:

    Still no signings and less than 48 hours to go

  6. marcus says:

    I think we will make one or two signings before the window closes. But will they be established stars of first team quality? Or will they be team castoffs destined to for bolstering our depth chart? I fear it will be the latter, but we still need those type of signings, so whoever comes in I will be content.

    I think what Arsenal will lose from a performance like Sunday is the respect of the other teams. No longer will we have the fear factor to offer. Arsenal is a laughing stock, a team made of kids and out-of-sorts stars who are probably looking for a way out soon. Arsene talked about belief and how the confidence of the team was high before the mauling. I just find that incredibly sad as the manager had no clue that Arsenal, in its present state, is no match for England’s top 4, and for that matter, I am not even sure if we can beat the Spuds to claim fifth place. Imagine that they have Van de Vaart and Modric still. Who are our experienced creative midfielders? Ramsey?!? The poor kid is not ready yet, and we cannot put all the pressure on Wilshere either, it is not fair. So do we rely on rosicky and Arshavin for the assists now? Seriously?

    My prediction is fifth place. Europa league will be our best chance of winning a trophy next year. The Manchester teams will be 1-2, Chelsea will be third, Liverpool 4th (good for them for righting their ship) and we are next, then spuds.

    Sorry for rambling but just heard about Traore leaving, finally some good news. Knowing Arsene, he will put TV in the backup role there, leaving Johan and Kos to lead out backline this year! Gibbs will cheer from the sidelines as he nurses his 100th injury.

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