Date: 26th August 2011 at 8:13am
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If the exclusive The Mirror is reporting on is true then… What are Arsenal thinking? The Mirror is reporting that Arsenal have made a bid for just £6million for Bolton’s centre-back Gary Cahill. Now there is no way Bolton would sell their England international for that much especially since they want £17million for him. What are Arsenal thinking by making such a bid? Are we that poor? Or just trying our luck?

It is thought that Arsenal are trying to cash-in on the fact that Cahill only has one year left on his current Bolton deal and thus Bolton would want to sell him now for a knock-down fee before they lose him for free next summer if he does not sign a new contract.

There is no way Bolton will accept our £6million offer and Wenger should be serious about this now and at least double that offer and maybe Bolton will start to consider it as Cahill will be a damn good signing for us.


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  1. omidiji gentlekid oluwatobby says:

    lets wait and see what will happen next

  2. Naseer Dori says:

    May be Wenger dont want to add quality and experience players to the club. With the money Cesc & Nasri are been sold, what the fucking £17million is? We now under stand that Wenger may be the couse for our trophyless. And is ready to continue.

  3. This offer, if true is ridiculous. It’s bordering on disrespectful. Cahill is probably the best English CB in the country after JT and Rio. 3 years younger than Jagielka and in my opinion a better player. He may be in the last year of his contract but in all honesty if he has a great season this year and goes on a free, we won’t be able to compete next summer if CFC or MCFC become interested! I think BWFC would possibly sell for £12m plus add ons. Get real AW before we miss out on another player!!!!

  4. lanre_lewis says:

    As far as I am concern,I don’t want to belief all these news again.They are just writtings to create scenes! Meanwhile,Arsenal fc and wenger are surely confused! And if a wise one does not emerge to rescue them,they will end acting stupidly! Can you immagine how slow,stingy&greedy they are,and what it has cost them! Even their indecision most times they often paid dearly for and will still do.Now they will rather pay abnormal to sign good players or pay peanut to get weak ones! Sold high,wants to buy cheap!

  5. Jonni says:

    Wenger ,cahil is not of your type rated 5 cents,think positively plz or remain trophless.

  6. the font says:

    Why do you write rubbish anything in the mirror is pure fabrecation if you only take your information from this source makes you a div

  7. mallhintdr says:

    pure shit .

  8. giftnee says:

    wenger need to sign 2 or more central back.we need good defenders to bring the team up.pls wenger we need players no matter how much they cost,they are good players that worth more than £15 million.pls we need new signing.

  9. zdzis says:

    It’s funny. If the papers speak truth, Arsenal has already made 10 different bids for Cahill, all below the price tag. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out there were only preliminary talks 2 months ago and the deal fell through back then.

  10. Like says:

    I like wenger, he is very funny.

  11. Khalil says:

    Wenger is such a beast LOOOL that made me love him again hahaha

  12. barbes says:

    i think the fans are tire with the monkey business behavior by wenger. better still don’t buy, the end will justify the mains………

  13. lucky says:

    why is arsen wenger so selfish? he just sold his own player with one year left for 25 million pounds,i see no reason why he should be pricing 6 million.the guy is worth 12-15 million.he should just come out and tell us that he is ready to buy a new center back rather than this shameful bid or act.wake up AW we are in the 20th century man.

  14. jimi says:

    why is it that wenger always like to destroy his team before leaving them? arsenal has already started losing her fans and supporters just think about what next.

  15. naveen says:

    can all of u guys take a fucking chill pill.. no quotes no statements from either clubs.. just the mirror trying to get a few extra hits thats allthr is to this.. to actually think some of u morons could actuallyreact the way u are right now simply tells what a joke u guys are.. learn to get behind the team andstop finding excuses to slate the team or the manager..

  16. Tegos says:

    Sir wenger,let assumed that the two central back has injury,what next?sign players.

  17. silah says:

    i think your post is alarmist i wonder what you want to achieve????????

  18. vertor says:

    Gooner,pls if u dnt hv any gud news 2 publish,jst write out a 550 word prayer 4 AW an Arsenal FC,and let all d fans say amen 2 it,at least God still answers prayer.

  19. Larry says:

    Wenger sold nas to city big money one contract similar to cahil.wenger is problem 4arsenal & selfish.trophles conti.

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