Date: 25th August 2011 at 5:29pm
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It is thought that Wenger will really only start his transfer spending now as he was waiting to see if Arsenal qualify for the Champions League. By simply qualifying for the group stages we have earned £25million and couple that to the £50million we got from selling Fabregas and Nasri, we have quite a bit of cash to spend!

I want Arsene Wenger to go out and buy some big name players with all this money but whilst he is at it, I ask myself the question, “Why is Wenger not wanting to buy West Ham’s Scott Parker?” I find this to be very strange. Parker is just the kind of player we need: he has Premier League experience, he himself is experienced and just what we need to blend in with our youth and his battling ability is what we need in our team.

Parker will not cost a fortune, at most I think we will spend £8million on him and West Ham will be happy with this fee as they find themselves in the Championship. For Parker’s own good, he needs to be back in the Premier League if he wants to remain in the England setup.


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  1. Perhaps the reason that Wenger does not buy Scott Parker is because in his judgement Parker is not what is needed. Your judgement differs, obviously. However, the Club employ Wenger to manage, not you. Simple, really.

  2. peter says:

    because he is sh*t and overrated.

  3. Oriyomi alabi says:

    Mr wenger give us somegood playar pls mrster.

  4. Arsenal1Again says:

    Parker looks better than he is because he’s in a team full of worse players who make him look good.

    I saw two women playing pool for the first time against each other. Obviously there was an eventual winner, but does this make that winner a good pool player?

    I personlly rate Scott Parker, he would have done a job as as good as Flamini. He has an extremely high work-rate which is what you want in midfield. He’s also a team captain which would mean he leads by example at least.

    Saying that, Rosicky and Arshavin are or have been International Captains. Nope, forget that bit about Parker being a captain, it’s irrelevant.

  5. menace says:

    Simply because he will not add anymore quality than we already have.

    I like the player but our squad is just awesome – even the Ladies !!! lol

  6. menace says:

    ooops forgot to mention the big name players like Englebert Humperdink & Gianniopolous Kyriakos Haddjiannou Are also poor quality!!! lol

  7. WOLF says:

    Harry Redknapp already gave the perfect reasons why teams want but don’t want Parker. Teams want him cause he is a very good player and seems to be at his peak. However, teams don’t want him cause of the pricetag. First of all, it will not cost just £8 million for him, you also got to take into account his wages. Lety’s assume he’ll get paid between £60000-£80000 p/w and he wants a 3-year deal. Adding that to the £8 million transfer fee, Parker will cost a total of around £20 million. I’m sorry but that much for a player with little to no resale value is just not worth it. And even if was good enough, then why did his club get relegated.

  8. mzeey says:

    if he agrees to drop his salary a littele bet he would sarve as a good bunch becuse we need a strong bench we do why do you pepole think we lost all these years injuris and a weak bench last years carling cup is the best example and the PLE

  9. jazbo says:

    You want Scott Parker? when we have Frimpong????

  10. Chris Bayliss says:

    The question is why we don’t LOAN Scott Parker. West Ham can keep the player, we pay his wages to keep him at a Top Premiership Standard. He has no resale value but has a value to strengthening the squad. I doubt Wenger would go for it, but its not a bad idea. I mean – we’re pretty much the only club that could loan him and not make him move house or anything – just a thought.

  11. Maia says:

    Because he’s always in France and has no idea of who’s talented in England. I said at the time of Jagielka leaving Sheffield United that he’d be a good buy for us at 3 million. Certainly better than Cygan & Senderdross. Now it’s right under Wenger’s nose in the Premiership, he’s finally twigged that Jagielka is a good player and maybe worth 12 million! But if Jagielka was playing in Caen or Rennes he’d have spotted him in no time. Now he’s loaded with 70 million every one who he’s reportedly interested is based in France. France France France bloody France.

  12. Stuart says:

    Because they can’t get planning permission to extend the medical room!

  13. bc says:

    I just want someone in place by sunday. i am that desperate i was thinking about barton on a free in time for sunday he owes us seeing as it was him who put us in this shit. we could always release him on a free after before the window closes. also voeira owes us one for stealing nasri we should bring him in for one match as well. imagine that vieira and barton in the middle!!

  14. Cleff says:

    Sometimes the economics in life does not go with your plans but I feel we should sign scott Parker. You know what you goonna get and we need this guy to partner jack wilshire. This signing transform our midfield to a dynamic pose to match the likes of top opposition. This is a player any team needs to have in his squad.
    We also need to go out no-nonsense and sign Scot Dann Birmingham, a well trained defender standing at 6ft 4. We need a proper striker, for me is Papiss Demba Cisse Spitfire, a great name at SC Freiburg and a playmaker in the mould of Eden Hazzard of Lille but I think he is out of bounds.Jack wiltshire will have to grow in that spot.Its down to the board of Arsenal.

  15. WC says:

    Nobody is buying Scott Parker, so clearly he’s the best and every manager and club are fools, right?

    Parker doesn’t demand a huge transfer fee but just about nobody in the EPL has even made a low bid for him. Granted his wages might be a bit much for some clubs but nobody in the top half of the table wants him – says something more about him than them doesn’t it?

  16. Exo says:

    Not fit to wear the shirt, we’ve just let a world cup winner go on the cheap and the Prof has said he wants better than we had before so I’d like Barton, Sneijder and Benzema and Samba

  17. Benzino odhiambo says:

    What i cn say is that. if we dnt sign some players it wil nt be good on our side,so Wenger please use the cush

  18. Benzino odhiambo says:

    We need players in our team be4 the window is closed.please please wenger we are watching

  19. chris from Cambridge says:

    Wenger is convinced by Song and Frimpong in deep midfield. Ramsey could also play there too. He has more need of creativity in midfield – with no Cesc and no Nasri.

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