Date: 25th August 2011 at 9:53am
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The next 7 days are going to be critical for Arsenal as we need to bring in some new quality players before the transfer window closes on 31 August. With Fabregas and Nasri having left the club we need to bring in some new midfielders and it is being reported that Arsene Wenger has increased his bid for Rennes defensive midfielder Yann M’Vila to £22million.

Wenger needs to start spending such large amounts so we can start bringing in quality players. Gone are the days when we are buying £5million players and hoping they perform.

Wenger has already had a £15million bid rejected for the 21-year-old and his latest offer would shatter Arsenal’s transfer record for an incoming player.

We currently have Song and Frimpong playing as our defensive midfielders and we saw how well they did last night against Udinese. Now if we can have Song and M’Villa holding our midfielder, we will be a force to be reckoned with and not be bullied in the middle of the park.

My worry is that such transfers to bring in new players should have been done right at the start of the transfer window because now we are panic buying and clubs are going to inflate the prices of their players. Nasri said he told Wenger that he wanted to leave Arsenal at the start of the summer, why did Wenger not just sell him then and thus he would have had time to bring in a new player rather than holding onto a player who does not want to play for us and had already made up his mind to join City.


0 responses to “Thursday Rumour: Arsenal increase bid to £22million for midfielder”

  1. Alloye blaze says:

    Wenger like delaying tins i dot knw y.

  2. zagga says:

    my frnd wenger go get him already.

  3. Abu zainab says:

    Pls Arsene we are waiting 4 our big sinning include M’villa,hazard and any more one young middlefilder

  4. I keep on advising you wenger you bette sign box midfielder and defensive

  5. Kayode tosin says:

    Arsene let us see nice signings

  6. Aussie Jack says:

    Why the last minute panic? Good question. The club had the money to buy quality weeks ago now they will have to pay a premium. Doesn`t make sense.

  7. Dazgeezzy says:

    EARNED IT…….

    BANK IT…….


    SPEND IT…..

  8. Scott says:

    Jack,I would like to think players held off until we qualified for CL. Now,no excuses.

  9. Oluwaseyi Olotu says:

    Beautiful game played by arsenal,but still mr wenger need to buy.’please arsene buy’

  10. goonerforever says:

    The seems to be no-one at the club who can cut a deal. Bring back DD.


  12. Wiz101 says:

    We need kaka at the midfield with m’vila and harzard. We want a striker to help Rvp in de attack and a center half (cahil) at the back .

  13. Barbes says:

    like other summer wenger hasn’t been so truthful to the fans, he promised without fulfilling. he has contradicted himself on several occasion, now how can we hold him by his words. till we see before we will believe. gunnerz for life!!!!!!

  14. Adeleke azeez says:

    It was lyk winning world cup’s tym 4 arsenomic 2 open his purse nd spend on xperienced players.

  15. edwin says:

    Becoz we won and 4 da CL he won’t buy coz now AW tink our squad is good enough..PLEASE dis guy just full of shit..screw dis..all da clubz r buying,why does wenger wana b different…He’s a fool..I’ve waited2long4nothing..very angry fan..Wenger u fool

  16. the font says:

    we just demolished the team who finished 4th in seria a with only half the first choice team give it a rest you plank and let arsen do his job

  17. Ugoiyke says:

    Hazard,Cahill and Samba.What a 1daful combination! Wenger pls act fast. Gunner 4 eva!!

  18. we’ll be much excited u bring in new faces

  19. ben says:

    arsenal should buy some players soon

  20. ben says:

    buy players soon

  21. ben says:

    buy players very soon

  22. Ugoiyke says:

    Hazard,Cahill and Samba.What a 1daful combination! Wenger pls act fast. Gunner 4 eva!! Hope 2 see these faces sooner dan expected…

  23. Uby Essien says:

    Wenger pls dont let us down, were will we go to, it will be a shame should Arsenal win nothing this season. Please Prof. Wenger, bring on mvilla, Hazard and Cahil and see if we wont rule the world. Thanks

  24. vincent says:

    cahill, martesacker, m’vila, hazard & zarate/kaka.

  25. Kareem tajudeen says:

    Mr.wenger pls kip our faith ahead,act very fast!!!

  26. right_mr says:

    Wenger holding onto both Fabregas and Nasri has done wonders to ensure the opposition teams did not get a chance to integrate the players during their preseason. Obviously this was great for us. WHat isnt so great is we will have the same problems integrating new players, however, I think we are merely missing 2 midfielders and 1 fullback and as a bonus 1 centre back.

  27. igeto says:

    i feel pity 4 all of u, it seems u dont know ur manager dat is how he always deceive dont mind him he wud not bring new faces i read his comment dis morning he said’we have so many in player injured if dey come back they are like new signing such as diaby,squilaci,wilshere,gibbs,can all dis mentioned players win trophies 4 us?

  28. abdirahman says:

    we need no new signings.wenger plz give chances to some of this young players.frimpng needs some 10 domestic league appearances to be better than viera.jack is just brilliant.ramsey also needs sme games to large hmself up.jetkinsn,its a matter of tym.if signing players cud hve made a team champions then real madrid could have won everythng,so do man city…lets giv thnx for wht we hav.

  29. A wenger i am expecting hazard,m’villa and scott dann in d next 24hours.

  30. Congratulations arsene…now is d right time u prove us critics wrong…in arsene we trust.

  31. Emmanuel says:

    Wenger is the most folish man i had not see. 7 days to go, buy now.

  32. enos k says:

    pls pls,,,, arsene we nid quality players,, we want arsenal win smthing at the end,,,,

  33. Asi says:

    Arsene 2 compete in 4 competitions ur need a larpe squad, that is lacking in Arsenal bcos of departed players & injuries, so u need 2 sign players to be able 2 compete effectively in this 4 competions..

  34. richard laizer says:

    pls pls wenger make sure for MIDFIELDER and 2 defenders like GARY CAHILL CHRIS SAMBA.WE LOVE ARSENAL PLS.

  35. folajimi says:

    go get him, no wasting of time, window closes on wednesday, we still a striker, top rated, a defender too maybe a playmaker, we should have signed mata b4 chelsee did

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