Date: 21st August 2011 at 10:50am
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If Arsene Wenger stands any chance of winning over the Arsenal fans and building a team capable of winning anything this season, he has to make one big marquee signing and it could be Real Madrid’d Kaka. This could be the type of signing that brings life back into our club especially following the departure of Fabregas and potentially Nasri.

It is understood that Real Madrid have told Kaka that he is not part of their plans this coming season and they are willing to sell him for £30million but he is demanding wages worth £9million per year which is putting off most clubs across Europe.

But now it has emerged that Madrid are willing to let Kaka leave on loan as long as the club he is joining pay his full wages. That would mean him costing £9million for the season which is not bad at all. This is an opportunity Arsenal should turn down! I for one think that we should even spend the £30million to sign him on a permanent basis and we have the cash to do so after selling Fabregas. Can you imagine the buzz at Arsenal if we sign someone like Kaka! The shirt sales alone would go through the roof! This is the signing we need! What do you think?


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  1. Olorunnishola Lateef Olorunnishola says:

    am tired of rumours, we need three quality signing before this coming friday. Wenger act fast

  2. Tokede says:

    If only Wenger will sign him, it will bring a difference to the team.

  3. suabir says:

    This wil be the best to make our midfield stong and tight

  4. Mark K says:

    I think there’s more chance of me winning the lottery without buying a ticket!!

  5. Okey says:

    Wenger is disving usbicos if he is he would larnt his lesson starting from pre son til now he is just snig quntity instead of qulity player enogh is enough how can he sign so one on at dis condition u see what happen yesterday

  6. yehboi says:

    this is the dumbest article. AW would never sign kaka.. EVER. plus kaka is rubbish now and for 30 mil, u’d have to be a complete idiot. how useless would signing kaka be?

  7. Map says:

    Kaka Will be a good addition along with yan m’villa,eden hazard and scott dann totaling= 70m

  8. Zac says:

    I think we need experience and big names rather than youngsters who need to be nurtured before being sold when they reach peak…. Bring KAKA in….Big names would bring confidence to the team and fans and would improve the moral…

  9. sd says:

    yaaaaa no shit wat kind of fucked up writer r u get a life

  10. Whaaa lol says:

    This sounds a load of kaka to me

  11. lastborn says:

    To me it will be a very good signing if Arsene wenger can sign Kaka because he has the quality Arsenal needs and he is a great player that can shine as a star in Arsenal. We need a play maker like Kaka who can turn things around. We have the money now and I think Wenger has been shouting that he can spend any amount once he found the right player and now we have the right player let him pay and sign Kaka at once to put life into the team again.

  12. fowler says:

    No thanks. Injury prone expensive and way past his pest

  13. Julio says:

    This is a joke. Kaka is finished! A lacklustre Arsenal side, owned a fully fit Liverpool side for 70 minutes. We’re good enough! Everyone seems to have forgotten Wilshere, Song, Rosicky, Gervinho, Gibbs and Traore. We have a hell of a team, we don’t need to spend millions on useless players.

  14. Mansur says:

    Arsene wenger should try and sign this guy for us please. We need a player with his qualities

  15. Mustafa Abba-Isa says:

    The right replacement for Cesc is Arteta, he have years premier league experience and a great passing skills and assist.

  16. tolulope lawrence says:

    it will really help in the midfield if wenger can go for him is good

  17. if only he ll sing him,i think he is de type of pleayer we need in de team to make it,pls wenger sing him.

  18. Michael davies says:

    I think it will be a good signing,and pls help us tell arsene wenger not to miss this opportunity.

  19. bc says:

    First things first, swap Squillaci with Mertesacker then sign Vertonghen Parker and Hazard. Then if Nasri is not signing a new contract sell him but get a player in return
    Inter Milan have Sneijder & Eto
    Chelsea have Drogba & Alex
    Man City have Tevez & Adebayor
    Man United have Berbatov
    Also sell Arshavin & Rosicky and buy Willan & Jadson

  20. webbs says:

    kaka has passed it, never regained his form since the milan days, why would we want him that wouldnt lift me. Get hazard!

  21. Rotimi says:

    Ti is good 4 Arsenal team if u can bring kaka to Arsenal

  22. mac b says:

    the truth is that everyone knows what the basic problem are 1.a youthful squad with no experienced players to draw and learn from. 2.quality on the bench to replace injured payers.

  23. Chris Bayliss says:

    Fact is that he has not been the same since he went to Chelsea. He did not break the english game at all with them and for £30million I think it is too big a risk. Add on the fact that £9million is ridiculous for a yearly wage, I doubt Wenger would see the merit in such a move. Signing Parker on loan for a year would be a far more obvious deal as it leaves West Ham time to rebuild while still owning a quality player who’s wages are paid as well as giving Arsenal a strong midfielder with years of expertise in premiership football. I’d worry about how well he’d stand up in Europe but I think if we’re loaning anyone, that would be the way to go. Kaka would not be that good for the team, especially not for the cost.

  24. Kenny-G says:

    I believe, if arsenal can sign kaka on loan it ll be a great c’os there ll be a protectn for our player c’os kaka is a big player and he can motivate the other. Wenger its time to make a correctn pls.

  25. Georgio says:

    ten days to go, and Arsene and Arsenal Board just try to sign Kaka…ha…ha ..verry funny..fact is we losses to bring Juan Mata and others quality playes. AW and Board said that there are busy to transfer market with nothing.there are still looking around..I am verry disappointed of AW..fuck you

  26. TAR says:

    Kaka is old, injury prone. When will he play? for 2 weeks? 2 months?Wenger knowing Fab was leaving this season should have planned for this a long time ago, but be that as may..we have money to buy, the question is, who would like to come to Arsenal knowing everybody wants to leave?

  27. Naseer Dori says:

    If only Arsen ca agree to sign him, we can say excelent. But we and the woald knew that Arsen Wenger would not put up to £30million, for him, it is extravagance to sign only one player wi this amount. Please consider us Wenger. Do somthing to wipe up our TEARS.

  28. alex yola says:

    FALCAO,JAGIELKA,KAKA CAN BRING THE DIFFERENCE ARSENAL NEEDS NOW is whinger listening?pls someone tell him to stop his whining and star getting the job done.

  29. Chris Bayliss says:

    Excuse my earlier post – I’m going mad 🙂

  30. bobby says:

    ain’t u guys tiered of these rumours?! We have been linked to all sorts of players and still havn’t learnt that arsenal doesn’t want to buy famous players.

  31. Mahamed says:

    Plz do it wingar

  32. AB La CNIOR says:

    Wenger is d problem 2 Arsenal he always bliv in d we kan do it spirit he should stop dat n get new legs into d team atleast hav a good bench in case of emagency.4 kaka d dream is unrealisable

  33. Demeji says:

    I think arsenal should sign kaka

  34. ronald wenger says:

    do you know what does kaka mean in FRENCH,it means SH!T,just google it and u will get the answer

  35. Tawpe says:

    This is comical! What is the source of this story? Players linked with Arsenal are more than all the players signed by all other top 6 clubs put together. The chance is extremely slim. It’s quite difficult if not impossible. Besides, who said Kaka wanted a loan away from Bernabue

  36. georgez georgie says:

    pliz stop writing nonsence n expect us to buy your crap!!!

  37. Princeawah says:

    Leaving AW in Arsnal is nt doing us gd at all bc a man who fail 6 yrs an dnt wnt 2 correct himself will nv learn we need plys like jakieka,cahill,mata,harzard,williams,jadson nd scott parker,wenger shld buy or sack.

  38. rudy abrahams says:

    Let wait,
    We are financialy strong and very stable as a club..
    We can chase the crazy markets during this crazy days.we might get it right without any big spending .Wenger has done well from the boring days of Graham .

  39. BatonRougeGooner says:

    kaka would be great on loan because he could teach our youngsters how to be a great midfielder

  40. wagzo says:

    Is this some sort of joke?….common man, that AW has lost his touch with d reality of building a formidable side does not mean we should be linked with rusty and expensive deflated player like Kaka…in his days a lethal addition and an asset but we need more of an Hazard or Sneidjer than a Kaka….still laughing @ d story though

  41. Nommman says:

    Kaka has the experiance that Arsenal need.

  42. Sidney suarez says:

    That’s is a good idea, it’ll give us some confidence and we would still have a great player, we should buy him permanently. GO GUNNERS

  43. Gunee says:

    If u are still supporting wenger and his failure HOLYGHOST FIRE CONSUME U TOGETHER. WENGER businessman MUST GO! Booooooooo!

  44. keiran says:

    anyone saying that this is a made up rumour is wrong its on sky sports but yeah i doubt wenger will sign him anyway! 🙁

  45. sukar says:

    if wenger didnt quality player this season,arsenal wont smell 8th this season.wenger should go for kaka,and 3 other strong men,not boys.

  46. sukar says:

    if wenger didnt sign quality players and not quantity players this season,arsenal will not smell 8th position in premier league this season,and we wil stil go trophyless.wenger should go for kaka,and 3 other strong men,not boys.

  47. Wahidullah says:

    I think he is the best and one of the stars who could be helpfull for current Arsenal and he deserve a 30M move.

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