Date: 19th August 2011 at 2:47pm
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Despite what everyone may be saying and that Nasri will be a Manchester City player this weekend, the fact remains that he is still an Arsenal play and is likely to play against Liverpool on Saturday.

Arsene Wenger said today, “The only thing I can say is that Nasri is in the squad tomorrow and available to be picked and play. One thing I don’t question is the commitment of Samir Nasri to this club.

“Transfers can happen, but every day since he has arrived here, and every day in pre-season, he has worked with fantastic spirit in training.”

No whether it is a good idea for him to play against Liverpool is another story. We are very thin right now in our squad as we have Gervinho and Song out suspended and then we have Wilshere, Diaby, Djourou, Traore and Gibbs also missing due to injury, so we need all the players we can get right now.

“At the moment I feel we are a bit short in midfield number-wise with Wilshere and [Abou] Diaby out. We are a bit short as well at the back, maybe.” said Wenger.

Should Nasri play against Liverpool on Saturday?

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0 responses to “Nasri will play for Arsenal against Liverpool”

  1. fred says:

    if nasri’s not interested to play for Arsenal, wenger should not play him and give players like lansbury to prove their worth to the club

  2. Matt says:

    Yes he definitely should play. Defensively we have improved a lot, but lately we have severly lacked creativity. If he plays we have a much better chance of winning. And that Is the main thing

  3. jago says:

    League rules state that if fit and available teams have to field their strongest 11 well Nasri certainly fits that bill lets just hope he don’t break his leg scores four goals and assists four more!!!!!

  4. Edub says:

    If he is still an arsenal player we have to play him

  5. Way says:

    If this is the last game for Samir… Let him play and leave the club with dignity…! People will know if he’is worthed for MC big value or not!!

  6. Okiror says:

    I believe he is a professional player and should be able to play for purposes of respect for his current employers in Arsenal since he hasn’t signed for city yet.

  7. wally forbes says:

    Am i the only sane Gooner left on the Planet.This ridiclious idea of Nasty playing for us against the ‘Pool is a classic example of people taking a’Wind Up’ seriously.Think it through, suppose he gets injured,and the Transfer is called off,we lose 20 odd million,he stays goes on a next season free.As well,does anybody with a brain bigger than a Peanut think he would do his best,look at his insipid performances in the second half of last season,get real Gooners,he has as much chance of playing,as Alumina has of any Club paying money to buy him

  8. Jewson says:

    I think everyone should just give him a chance. Everyone is making him out to be a villain. Leave the kid alone and maybe he might want to stay with us. If you just extradite him and alienate him then why should we complain about him looking at Man city?

    If I was in his position, then I would. I wouldnt want to stay at a club where Im not wanted.

  9. Abdul says:

    Yes he should play as long as he is still arsenal play for now.

  10. Smoothpet says:

    Let nass play.

  11. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    Let him play and have the opportunity of redeming a fractured image,show the world dat he is worth 200 a wk,and @least win back some souls in de fans forum.

  12. peter says:


    let him play! and hopefully he wins us the game, Arsenal are already in deep trouble, we need every point we can get, hopefully he helps us win 🙂

    Also, anyone who is doubting him playing 100%… he will obviously play at his best, because he will only help man city by beating liverpool.

  13. fowler says:

    why would you play a player that clearly does not want to play for the team. hes just goin to stroll around the pitch doin nothing like in pre season

  14. Mahammed says:

    Because of lack of activity in the transfer market by Arsene wenger, we don’t have any choice rathen than use him to help our depleted squad.

  15. arabkingx says:

    c wia wenger’s stingines cud b landing us, may b very soon we wil b asking clubs 4 help,2 borow us dia playerz 2 play 4 us,wenger dat money is nt urs comon spend it n redeem our pride!

  16. anon1 says:

    Having a laugh now…. i thought our squad was to big – does wenger still consider nasri apart of it ?

    Clearly he does … but why is he putting us in this position? The fans will chant the same ‘disrespectful’ chants and boo when ever he gets on the ball … or at least once or twice, i can honestly see him being taken off because he gets to much abuse.

    As soon as he goes will arsene then panic and say the squad is too short… why are we relying on a player who has agreed terms with another club 2 weeks into the season

    This is a farce! We are so bloomin light in the middle, or everywhere, that we are now holding onto a player who is set to leave for a game just so we might be able to survive it

  17. Alex says:

    No need for nasri to play against lvpl,u know wat arsenal had great players than he is,they left but arsnal is stil big club.let him leave,coz gervihno is there to fil the gap.

  18. jambox says:

    Nasri has been a blesin 2 arsenal. I want him 2 play against liverpool.

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