Date: 17th August 2011 at 8:00pm
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Now that Cesc Fabregas has left Arsenal, we need to start looking at who we can bring in to replace him. I have been reading today that people are saying Ramsey will step into Fabregas’ shoes but I do not think he is ready for that just yet. In a couple of seasons time, Ramsey will be a very good player. What made Cesc great was that when he was coming through the Arsenal team he had great players around him such as Henry and Vieira, now who does Ramsey have? No one!

Reports coming out of France today are saying that Marseille are willing to sell France international Mathieu Valbuena to Arsenal.

Valbuena is a quality player capable of playing on the winger or in a more central attacking role. He is described by his former coach at Libourne Saint-Seurin Didier Tholot as “an explosive player who is capable of quickly taking two opponents out of the game to create space, above all due to his dribbling skills.” Due to his small stature, Valbuena is nicknamed le petit vélo, which translates to “the small bike”.

Marseille have not received any offers yet for Valbuena but sporting director Jose Anigo said the club were willing to let him.

“Mathieu has been with this club for six years and we’re willing to open talks if Arsenal want to buy him,” he told RMC.

“We are very pleased with his performances, but we’re ready to listen to offers out of respect for the player.

“However, we have not had contact with Arsenal. Not about Mathieu and not about Andre [Ayew] either.”

Now these are the kind of signings Arsenal should be making. we have been invited to come bid for him so I do not see why Wenger has not done so already! Just take a look at the video below to see what the player is all about. Take a look at his goal against Liverpool, pure class!


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  1. chris from Cambridge says:

    He is also about 5 foot nothing !!

  2. George obure says:

    Arsenal has no mildfielders of good quality so we need to sign new players

  3. andy says:

    How tall was Maradonna?

  4. king oche james says:

    fans opinion about this current arsenal is just like you’re wasting ur time. Let’s just allow him to do whatever he want to do afterall he is not goin to be there forever.

  5. Anu says:

    I we need urgent replacement like him

  6. bc says:

    Forget about who is replacing the players that have left or leaving. Who would you drop from the players currently considered to be our first x1 and who would you buy?

    Van Persie

    Then who would you drop from our 2nd x1



  7. skoolaman says:

    5 foot nothing????!!!?!?maradona is 5 foot nothing and he’s taller than Messi!!…fact thanks Rafa ;))

  8. skoolaman says:

    BC, it not about dropping players, it’s about depth.If any one of tv5,rvp,jw,tw14 get injuried then what? you can’t count on them to play 60+ games(cl,epl,fa cup carling and internationals) competition for spots and rotation with drop off wins titles. out of the 2nd 11 who would you replace rvp with if was injuried?

  9. Turhaminu umar says:

    Arsenal no hope wenger is the true defination of failure

  10. bc says:

    Skoolaman, at the moment the replacement for rvp is Chamakh or Bendtner or Campbell or Afobe or Sunu.

    Like you i want better quality, the problem is how many players can one club have? It was only a task for you to look at. We currently have 22 international players, how many more do you think will want to join to sit on the bench.

    We currently have 24 of the maximum 25 players on our A list for the Champions League, so bringing players in will mean us having to sell some of the players on that list, unless of course they fit the requirements for the B List. We already have 4 players waiting to go on the A list as they do not qualify for the B list.

    BTW forgot to put Ramsey in the first X1

  11. Stp blockin samir’s way,it seems his mind is off,arsenal shld concentrate on rebuildn d team rather than criticisin nasri,if they fail to make importnt signin i dnt guarantee them top 6 spot,not 2 take of endin there trophy drought.

  12. Pls tell le prof to buy us quality players in all department to avoid another disastrous trophyless season. Gunners till i answer nature’s call.

  13. Pls tell le prof to buy us quality players in all department to avoid another disastrous trophyless season. Gunners till i answer nature’s call.

  14. BatonRougeGooner says:

    he is better than nothing

  15. Paul says:

    Just imagine how great a midfield including Mata, Valbuena and Wilshere would be? Cant wait for the Pure Arsenal D.N.A to come back!

  16. bc says:

    Paul, it would get outjumped by a team of Mongolian dwarves. With JW being the giant at 5’8

  17. xx says:


  18. skoolaman says:

    bc, don’t get me wrong i’m not saying buy everyone and anyone, but the squad depth still has to be quality. i don’t put campbell, sunu or afobe as “go to” strikers or injury replacements for rvp, not yet. chamakh ok on his day, bendtner meh…i honestly think we need only one more striker and 2 central defenders. rotate kosh, and the 2 new defenders move tv5 to left back with gibbs and have sanga and jenkinson at the right. (what do you think) Our mid is set for years (providing man city or psg don’t come knocking with 180,000 per week wages) 2 defenders went down this past weekend does this mean squillaci plays saturday?? if so start praying now. do you think jenkinson is ready for REAL EPL action??? 3 new players thats it.

  19. Daniyar says:

    Dear diary

    I’m having a rough time.

    The wife has been asking me to get a non-slip bath mat for months. “Arsene, I send you for a bath mat and you return with a shower curtain.”

    I tell her it’s a particularly nice shower curtain and was on special offer, other people have been known to pay a lot more for similar shower curtains.

    “BUT WE DON’T NEED A SHOWER CURTAIN, we already have shower curtains we don’t use, we need a bath mat. What happens if I slip whilst taking a shower?”

    Can’t do right for doing wrong.

    She wanted me to pop out for a latte; I thought I’d use this opportunity to really impress her.

    “ARSENE! What have you done? I ask for a simple coffee and you come back with a coffee machine, coffee beans, a grinder and some milk!”

    What’s her problem? It’s always much more fun when you make these things yourself. Anyone can buy a cup of coffee but surely making it from scratch is the most admirable way.

    Even my daughter has been getting in on the act this week, complaining that I’ve sold the family holiday home.

    “Daddy, you said you weren’t going to sell it.”

    “I know, I’m not selling it.”

    “Daddy, they have put a sold sign outside and moved all your furniture out.”

    “I’m not selling it.”

    “I tried the keys Daddy, they didn’t work, and a Spanish man came to the door and said you’d sold it him for a bargain price.”

    “Maybe I did sell it.”

    “Why say you weren’t going to sell if you were going to sell it all along? You could have bought a new one first.”

    “I didn’t want to upset you. I’ve got my eye on a place in a suburb of Marseille. May be a bit rough at the moment but in a few years it’ll be the best neighbourhood around and then I’ll be able to make an impressive profit.”

    She doesn’t understand how these things work. Being happy is simple, having what you want immediately is a crude symptom of a materialistic society. It’s the struggle to reach happiness which brings most fulfillment. When a man climbs a mountain does he stay there forever? No, he descends and gets ready to climb a larger, more challenging, mountain.

    I have taken it one step further; I no longer reach the summit as this merely provides me with frivolous joy. When I can see the top approaching I turn around and head back down, it gives me more hunger to nearly climb the next one.

    So why buy a bath mat when a cheaper and prettier shower curtain can save you? Why buy instant coffee when you can make it yourself? What’s the point in being content now when that would end the pursuit of happiness? A stronger man recognises the struggle is worth more than the prize.

    Yours, misunderstood as ever,


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