Date: 15th August 2011 at 5:40pm
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Arsene Wenger has called upon us to be proud of supporting Arsenal.

“I have been in football for a long, long time and I don’t think just spending money is a target that is defendable,” said Wenger. “To spend the money on a top player is defendable. But just to spend the money is like you are worried.?

“Our fans can be proud of the way we run this club, of the quality of player we have and of the financial situation that is existing at the Club. Rather than convicting this club, they have more reason to be proud of the whole situation here.?

“We have built a team and a stadium in such a short space of time, and have a strong financial situation – and we always survived at the top level. There are more reasons to be positive than the negatives ones being sold by everybody.”

We may have an excellent financial model at the club but why is it no bringing in silverware. I am sick and tired of being told that we are in a very good financial situation but if we can not win anything then what is the point. Wenger talks about only spending money on quality players and I agree with that but why are we not buying these quality players? Why are they going to Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City before us? Why are quality players wanting to leave Arsenal.

Let us take the blinders off now and not fall for this “we are in a good financial position bull****”!

Am I proud of being an Arsenal fan? Yes, I am a Gooner til I die but I am not happy with the way things are going right now at the club. Even on Saturday against Newcastle, you can see that there is still a lot of work to be done on the training ground and we need more players to come in and make the side better or else we may find ourselves outside the top four this season.

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0 responses to “Are you proud to be an Arsenal fan?”

  1. Really proud as an Arsenal fan but would be more proud if what you said will goes straight to Wenger – “Wenger talks about only spending money on quality players and I agree with that but why are we not buying these quality players? Why are they going to Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City before us? Why are quality players wanting to leave Arsenal.”

  2. NomaaN says:

    Am proud Arsenal supporter..sometimes we criticise our transfer or management policies doesn’t mean we not proud supporter..

  3. Subomi says:

    Am proud to be an arsenal fan,am not also happy with the way things are going currently especially loosing our most priced asset and quality players to our rivals all in the sake of money,the board should just wake up and do something,losing fabregas today is another blow to arsenal and its fans bt to be honest i dont think arsenal would make it this season because its all written all over the walls even a blind man can read it,i think its time for wenger to move on to other challengeshe really know aw to notice talents but he cant keep them until when they are required to deliver examples are fabregas.nasri,ibrahimovic,he also let go of other quality player when he should have bought them eg c ronaldo,valencia,cech,and other top qualities now may be if he had done this then we might not be in this position,until things are sorted out arsenal may not be what they are again,but i still remain a gunner,arsenal for life

  4. Gooner Sam says:

    Arsene Wenger as usual trying to confuse two completely different things. We are proud to be Arsenal fans because we love the club, what we are not proud of is our manager and the board. His statements have an undercurrent of arrogance and stuuborness (as usual). I as I am sure many other fans are starting to lose my faith and respect for him. He will always go down in history for what he has doen for the club but I don’t think that he can any longer offer us what we need.

  5. Arsenal says:

    I don’t care if we get relegated to the Npower League 2 and play with teams like Accrington. I am, and always will be, A GOONER

  6. zulu gooner says:

    simply the best club and manager in the world.

  7. SirTokesAlot says:


    People will be fickle. Nothing to do about that. You can’t always polish a turd.

  8. michael amuakwa says:

    I have been a loyal supporter, since my days in England as a foreign student, but events within our dear club lately are getting me worried. Yes i support the clubs position to let Fabregas go back to Barcelona, but the management needs to find a new play maker now. On the evidence of our maiden outing against Newcastle, we will struggle this term if we do not find a creative midfielder soon.

  9. habib says:

    the best club in the world. if u sick and tired of Arsenal go support a new club.

  10. Vishnu says:

    whatever happens to the team I am always an Arsenal Fan…GOONER4EVER!!!

  11. Oz says:

    I have been a proud ARSENAL fan for the last 34 years (I’m 38), love the CLUB, the history and 99% of the players. The mistake often made is that the manager and the board are NOT the same as the CLUB. They are a key part of it but not the same as it. A key part of the CLUB, but often ignored by the manager and the board, is the millions of fans. You can replace the board and the manager but not the fans. What I and many fans are sick of is the lies we get told by the board: one minute ‘we have a £100 million spending pot’ then next minute ‘we’re skint’. I’m also tired of a blind and arrogant manager who fails to see or fix the problems that are clear to everyone else. Saturday’s performance showed that we have not learned or fixed anything over the summer: despite the fancy football, we still can’t score in a brothel. Wenger has until the end of August to fix this: why does it only appear that he can only spend seriously once Cesc and Samir have gone? Do we really not have any othere financial reserves? If he still chooses not to fix the problem and does not bring in any new EXPERIENCED older talent, Wenger should go. The club is more important than one blind man who was great six years ago…

  12. Dejimania says:

    No matter what is happening i will still strongly remain as arsenal fans forever but we want you to add more experience player to the team and get the result basic…GUNNERS TILL I DIE……..

  13. Alejo says:

    Anybody that said they r proud to be an Arsenal fan rite now, they seriously lack ambition. I’m ashamed of my team, I’m ashamed of wenger. I will always be a loyal gooner but, I’m definitely not proud to be a gooner. Well, at the moment I’m not.

  14. fraidtso says:

    im a VERY proud gooner.. always will be.. the facts are that there is a handlefull of top top quality clubs in the league and these clubs have an chance to win [granted some more tnan others] the league. but i will never fear or complain where arsenal sit on the table at the end of the campain. manu will always b the team to beat, and im honored that we have been in the mix fighting thm year after year. chelski should be ashamed they havent won more with all the money they have spent. city will be a laughing stock if they dont win the dble this season in my eyes given all theyve spent, and even if they do they have decades of catching up to do. im happy to see pool getting back to where they should b. as for the great arsenal, we have gone far with the squad we have. sometimes fans let their emotions get the best of them[just like our team]! we did so well with the players we have up intil last of season. cesc missed a bunch of games, as did vp, as did ramsey,as did verm, as others in key moments. if each were to play 5 or 6 more games im confident we wouldve won the league. all that that team needed was better training regiment or physio, and a viera type role model in the coaching staff to keep the mentality high in the dieing moments. all this talk of negetivity from fans will take a toll on this young squad and make their job harder to do.scream loud and make our team proud to represent us not the other way around because whoever is on pitch[or manager] i will always b proud of them….

  15. jonnygunner says:

    you are no Gooner with remarks like that,and I suspect that from your spelling you’re still a kid.Trouble is you’ve been supporting Arsenal since they’ve been winning things,and now they’re not you aren’t happy.You’re spoilt mate……you should’ve been around before when we went years and years without anything.You,and many like you don’t know how good we have it.
    Alternatively ,maybe you’re just another glory hunting foreigner supporting our Club……..if so,find another club,leave our Arsenal to us.

  16. Oz says:

    Jonnygunner… your racist comments are bang out of order. If he is, so what if he is from abroad? We’ve plenty of ‘glory hunting fans’ here too – where’s your comment about them? As for his age – so what – you were young once and there’s plenty of Gooners older than you – does that make you any less of a supporter? And why do you set the threshold so low? (“you should’ve been around before when we went years and years without anything.You,and many like you don’t know how good we have it”) I’ve supported the club for over 30 years and yes, remember the barren years (despite a great team in the late ’80’s) but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aiming to win all the time…

  17. Chris Bayliss says:

    Lets be honest here, Wenger has made mistakes. Sometimes he gambles on a player and it goes wrong, sometimes he doesn’t gamble and they turn out to be huge. The truth of the matter is though, WENGER DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME FINANCIAL BACKING. We have not come below Tottenham and they are the closest team to us in terms of money, to be honest. Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City all have unlimited funds virtually. Yet we have still challenged them. Last season we could have won if we’d had some depth (which is why this season is worrying!).

    Now ask yourself who you want to spend money on this summer. The names I hear are Mata, Cahill, Samba, Benzema etc. week in week out. Now I as any arsenal fan would, believe we need a centre back. But the truth of the matter is that teams hold on to centre backs. Its very hard to get a quality centre back – much harder then a quality striker or midfielder because often they are invaluable. How long has Rio been at Man Utd? Terry has been Chelsea’s strongest player season after season. Kompany is Man City’s stalwart. Now I’m not saying you can’t buy defenders, just that its hard. Wenger has missed some tricks for sure but Jagielka is a perfect example of a defender not wanting to come to the club. Even Samba has been suggested to have said he doesn’t want to come. Bolton won’t release Cahill. SO the option I hear alot about is Mertesacker and Wenger is probably trying to secure him. BUT if that falls through, no signing. Without the HUGE sums that a super club has, you cannot force a player from a club.

    Now that brings us to our team. We can’t hold together players for long enough because of super clubs. Fabregas made the choice to leave, much like Nasri will. But every time we let a huge player go, we get further from establishing super club status and sit in this void between a normal club and those elite. If we hold onto Ramsey, Jack and Walcott as well as bring in some new blood for a couple seasons we’ll have a great shout of starting to really challenge but for this season we need some depth and if that means lots of cheaper signings, so be it.

    We were poor on Saturday, but nowhere near as bad as Chelsea were and even Man Utd nearly had a slip up. We did not have our first team out there due to the lack of Jack and we certainly are suffering for the situation with Cesc and Nasri. We need two strong midfielders (NOT WINGERS) to come in, but not necessarily huge name signings. Jack and Ramsey are quality and we need the support for them. I think Scott Parker would have been excellent to take on loan for the season while West Ham are in the Championship and I think its a given we need a defender of quality to partner Vermaelan (Koscielny is good, but not ready yet). Then Wenger can have his Joel Campbells and Oxlade-Chamberlains to bring through for a year or two. We did not look awful against newcastle though. We failed to score and were immature. Bring in a Scott Parker and he will not let players be immature.

    The main thing I am trying to get across is that everyone keeps just yelling abuse at the club for change. Wenger may not be a perfect manager, but none are. We do not have the financial status of a super club, so we have to be realistic. We can still challenge though, and thats because Wenger is a better manager then people realise. Depth and maturity is our problem and has been for 6 years – a problem caused by lack of funds and failure to hold onto the maturing players such as Flamini and Toure. If Wenger can bring in a little maturity and a little depth we have a genuine chance of an upset this season. None of that will happen if the players feel any mistake is a crime though and thats how the fans are making them feel. We need to go back to seeing the positives of the team and not being angry about the negatives every second of every game. It is not productive.

  18. Shafii says:

    As far as i am concern there’ s only 2 clubs in this world ARSENAL and others. GOONERS 4 LIFE

  19. jonnygunner says:

    since when is calling someone a foreigner ‘racist’ ?
    What do you mean by that?
    If he’s from abroad from where I am ,then by definition he’s a foreigner,so don’t wave the fucking racist card at me.
    If he’s not proud to be a Gunner,then he clearly is no fan.No fan at all,you can’t cherry pick .
    By the by,how can I be a racist if I support Arsenal football club?
    Think about that.
    And before you lay into me,I’ve supported my team for over 40 years,it doesn’t make me bigger,better ,or any more of a supporter than anyone else,but,and this is the important part,I always support my team,and I’m always proud of them.
    Supporters support.Fans come and go .
    The previous idiot is a fan…..big difference.

  20. BatonRougeGooner says:

    I am a proud fan of Arsenal

  21. noble says:

    of course am very proud to be an arsenal fan. Up gunners!!!

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