Date: 14th August 2011 at 6:08pm
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What would we do without Twitter? The social networking site has given footballers a platform to air their views and some have gotten in trouble with it. Newcastle’s Joey Barton loves Twitter as he uses it all the time and now our very own Jack Wilshere who is also a heavy Twitter user had a go yesterday at Barton following the whole drama in the match with Song and Gervinho.

Wilshere tweeted, “I think @joey7barton was in the wrong today. He should not have got involved and assaulted Gervinho like that.”

“Maybe Gervinho should not have reacted like he did as two wrongs don’t make a right but Barton was unprofessional.”

Barton then responded with his view saying, “@JackWilshere Nah, what about Song? Did you miss that?”

Wilshere in turn said: “@joey7barton that is a form of assault my friend it should not happen on a football pitch!”

Then Barton concluded by tweeting, “@JackWilshere hardly assault??”


0 responses to “Wilshere battles with Barton on Twitter”

  1. rock gunner says:

    J.barton is idiot !!! should not be stay on the pitch for the bad boy!

  2. moses says:

    un proffesional Barton, u should retire u nt belong to this sports u better go and plys darts, u such bad influent into the modern football to our new generation, u make sick with ur behavior

  3. Davi says:

    I love how diving (including the one by barton that got them the fk before the final goal) got them his side their famous 4-4 draw, but when someone “dives” against newcastle, barton loses it.

  4. Niite Mike says:

    Barton,i wish you were in kenya.u cld have rgrtd.Gor mahia fans cld have teached you a lesson as in they never joke with pple with bad behavior like tried it again to an arsenal player.we will follow you to the latter!

  5. kc says:

    Barton is a shity footballer. Causing drama is really all he has. If the Premier league didn’t show ridiculous biast for British players he wouldn’t be allowed back in this league. Dirty as hell the Premier League is. Perhaps foreign refs could level the playing field.

  6. Adedayo says:

    I think Arsenal football club should do something about dis stupid referres.blc dis cheating is too much

  7. I agree dat Barton is a stupid guy but geviho sud have behave normaly.

  8. Dan AKA The Truth says:

    This is shameful, my fellow Gooners, shameful! The real disgrace yesterday was our performance and yet Joey Barton has provided Wenger with a convenient smokescreen. Alex Song’s stamp was cowardly and disgusting and should have seen him sent off. While Barton shouldn’t have hit the deck, Gervinho (who looks average by the way) shouldn’t have raised his arm to him.

    Stop blaming Barton for our cowardly result and look at the main culprit… Wenger!


  9. bc says:

    I think barton was simply using his experience to try and get under the skin of our players and for the 2nd season running he was the winner. wenger has said we will learn from this. well we learnt nothing from last season different players same reaction on our part same player same shit on their part but the shit won.

  10. Oluwaseun says:

    I think this man is out of game the guy is stuid doing like @t ,i wish arsenal best of luck,2day game is not 2 ok but wil nd jidson

  11. jojo says:

    It wasn’t even a dive he caught him, if he didn’t go down everyone would be saying why didn’t he go down he was clipped!! he can’t win. Also Barton does it time and time again just does enough within the laws to get get someone to react and when they do he goes down like a sack of shite, same against Diaby last season. absolute belge piece.

  12. Aliyu samaila kwanguami says:

    Dat stupit presoner called barton must b an idiot, i sugest he nd d refree should be sanctioned.

  13. Jake says:

    AKA the Truth……how about you OUT and Wenger stays! If you don’t like The Arsenal stop preteding to be a supporter. Who would suggest we put in his place? I thought so…..really, please quit being a Fake Arsenal supporter and move on.
    Wenger has made Arsenal what it is today. It is not his fault that when we are on the cusp of winning teams like Man City Shit come along and temp stupid kids away with double wages that are in truth against the fair wage rules. Or immature kid a from Spain can’t stand on their on two feet like a MAN and have to run home so they can play for their mommy and family leave the people and team who made them the players they are.
    Have some fucking respect. Chelsea tied….same as us…no one is saying crises there. Our defense played perfect…..half the team came back from internationals two days before kick off and were a bit lethargic. Wenger is considered one of the best managers in history yet, you want him to be fired for some unproven manager. Stupid…..stupid….stupid!

  14. Olorunnishola Lateef Olorunnishola says:

    joel. Is not a human being because his character shows that is an aminal covered with human being skin, white monkey, useless footballer

  15. fela says:

    I wnt wenger to sign a Mf, Cd and a sharp striker 2 assist VP, gud performanc, bt i mis wilshere

  16. Wayne says:

    Barton is a bully with a big gob who is a disgrace to football and should be banned from it. What he did to his own player years ago and the prison sentence has made not a blind bit of difference. He will come a cropper one day and someone is going to kick the s**t out of the twat. Sooner the better. I think he caused the trouble and Gervinho had every right to be angry the way he grabbed him up. He got a flick and went down like he was smacked in the face for real. Maybe he should had gone into acting. Mind you they wouldn’t want him either. Total disgrace Barton leave football.

  17. fela says:

    i gv kudos 2 d players bt Barton behav unsportish, i really mis Wilshere in d attack, Rosicky is a bomb i luv is play wen is injury free, wenger pls strengthen our club wit mature player who av my great ARSENAL in mind and forget Fabregas. Let him ask Hleb au is doing now!

  18. Dan AKA The Truth says:

    Jake, don’t pretend you know me. I’ve followed Arsenal across Europe and since the Highbury days into the Emirates. You brand me stupid, yet you ask me a question and assume an answer to it before I have a chance to respond. Who should our manager be? I’d like Jurgen Klopp to come in, but I honestly think that someone with half a brain could do a better job than our senile manager at the moment… maybe you should apply!!!

  19. Dan AKA The Truth says:

    By the way, WENGER (AND HIS AKBs) OUT!

  20. David K. says:

    Barton’s career will be short lived because of his foolish temper, that ref has the same blood group as Barton’s, they both react without sense. Arsenal should address those ref issues because its getting out of hand now.

  21. mendo says:

    barton is such an arogan a proffersional player dos’t behave dat way

  22. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    Nemessis will always follow England to the world stage! Terry,gerrad,lampard,rooney,A.cole etc r untouchable,but wat happens in d world cup? Were is barton & shawcross in euro? Litle wonder y no one becomes world ftballer of the yr in Eng.P/ship these day? Xepc C7 dat was xtra odinarily outstandin @ d time. STOP INDRECT RACISM!!!

  23. igwe14 says:

    jake, don’t feed the troll……..the person that terms is opinion as the truth won’t see the actual truth even if you put it in front of is nose.

  24. Ormbo says:

    I tink d guy called barton is stupid footballer dat shld be banished 4rm d game.

  25. Dan AKA The Truth says:

    I’m more of an ogre than a troll. Igwe!

    Look, what I’m giving is an honest assessment of Arsenal. The truth is, as I have been saying for four years, that our club is stagnating and unless Wenger changes his ways, we are doomed to mediocrity. I’m sorry if the truth hurts, I want Wenger to go back to his ways from eight years ago or so, but he won’t.


  26. jimmex9ja says:

    barton is a bastard….he is unprofessioner, he did d same last season, if i were to be in gervinho’s shoes….i will punch him on d face…i wouldn’t mind d red card….

  27. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Barton is the Terrell Owens or Ochocinco of English Football

  28. Oneniltothearsenal says:

    @Dan the problem with fans like you is you think your opinion is fact and you know better than everyone else including a professional manager, who is not only the manager of the decade but also the most successful arsenal manager. Your not open to any other opinions and just look for ways to slate the manager and other fans who actually want to have faith. Your just a thorn in arsenals backside, feel free to think whatever the f*** you want, but respect other peoples opinions as well

  29. bhanu says:

    come to emirates ….. then v ll show u ….. gervinho will kick ur ass coz he is far far bttr then u cud evr imagine to be ….. u cheap loser

  30. SEGZEE GUNERS says:

    J barton is an eletrate footballer am not sure u are educated u this son of a bitch manaless!!!!!!!! Player

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