Date: 14th August 2011 at 2:38pm
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The season did not start well for Arsenal at all at Newcastle on Saturday. It is going to be a long season fro Arsenal in my opinion. As ever in games with us and Newcastle there was a lot of controversy. It is no surprise that Joey Barton was at the centre of it again just like he was last season when Diaby got sent off.

This time round it was Alex Song, who in my opinion was very luck not to see red when he stamped on Joey Barton. It is likely that the FA are going to take action on that silly stamp by Song on Barton which means Song could miss a few games for us and Gervinho who also saw red in that game.

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Should Alex Song have been sent off against Newcastle?

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0 responses to “[Video] Should Alex Song have been sent off against Newcastle?”

  1. roger says:

    and peopel complainign about Barton lol. personally i think eevryone has just gone mad at Arsenal, the players, manager,coaching,direcotrs everyone they have all lost the plot. Time for big big changes at the club, alas it wont happen, ebcause Peter hill wood is happy with his gay gentlemeans club.

  2. stephen Ochieng says:

    Burton was so intimidating against Gervinhio and should have been sent off immediately rather than sending off the later.

  3. young_gunnerz says:

    barton deserves it tho xD

  4. Samuel says:

    Nevermind should,etc. Alex Song wasn,t sent off but why no mention of Joey Ba
    rton and the FA cannot take action aga
    inst Song now just like it can,t take action against Barton now,the match is
    long over ,too late ?

  5. Chris Bayliss says:

    Song will miss 3 games. Fact. What he did was disgraceful and he should by all rights be coming out with an apology saying as much. This kind of action does not have a place in football and needs to be rooted out.

    That said, why is Barton not booked for a scissors tackle from behind? Clearly went in with intent and aggression that could have injured the player. Leaving the floor is deemed an instant red card but the scissors tackle is often left unpunished. As a player I had my leg injured ALOT by scissors tackles and I even saw one player have his footballing days end over such a tackle. The fact is, you have to outlaw the scissors tackle because its dangerous and with this kind of aggression it deserves to be punished!

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