Date: 14th August 2011 at 2:48pm
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Gervinho had one of the worst Premier League debuts. Having watched Gervinho playing for Ivory Coast during the week against Israel, he had a very good game and I was looking forward to seeing him play for Arsenal against Newcastle.

It went well for a while for Gervinho until he got sent off. A lot has already been said today about that incident. Firstly, did Gervinho dive or was he fouled? There was contact on him but he went down a bit too easily in my opinion. But Joey Barton was not right to do what he did and lift Gervinho up and start a scuffle with him which led to Gervinho pushing Barton in the face and receiving a red card.

Now Gervinho will miss 3 games for Arsenal which is not a good way to start your career. What is your take on this whole incident?

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  1. bc says:

    Excellent work by joey he is like a robbie savage only better with the ball. my first reavtion was much different but when you look at it he is exactly what we need in our midfield or at least on the bench to bring on a nd rattle some cages. a free transfer we must give him the opportunity to play for us he will obviously have to shake a few hands first. JB4 has got a look about it.

  2. Kay1gunners says:

    In England,there,s a problem

  3. rock gunner says:

    one thing only !! refs; like stupid. 4th official too….always they trying to do idiot decision!!! so they can’t change their lack decision…10th refs; on one game also nothing for game!!!

  4. rock gunner says:

    everybody can seen…ref also don’t know what happen and then he easy to decided S.Talyor saying…after decision he call line man!!! haha…idiot!!

  5. Splurgghh says:

    He was at fault for lashing out as he did, when there were other players coming to break it up. However, I think anyone would have done the same in that situation. When the most notoriously aggressive player in English football manhandles you and invades your space like that you don’t have much choice other than to fight back. Joey Barton is an insidious little cheat. He went in with one intention and that was to get Gervinho sent off. He should have walked aswell. As should Alex Song for reacting to his quite awful challenge from behind earlier in the game which should also have received at least a booking. Appalling refereeing is the bane of modern football as appropriate retrospective punishment cannot be enforced once a decision has been made, even if it’s not the right one. This rule must be changed, surely.

  6. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Both players should have been sent off at the least

  7. arsene-al says:

    How does he miss 3 games? A red makes him miss one. And gervinho was fouled, I’ve watched it again and again and there was contact. Whether he fell down a bit too easily or not he was tripped up a bit. We shouldv had a penalty, barton shouldv gotten a red, gervinho also a red for slapping him, nuff said

  8. Dan owiye says:

    Barton u can’t xpect 2 rattle a snake without being bitten by it. If I were Gerv I wuld have broken ua dental formular. On the other hand EPL refrees aren’t consistence which makes them perform dismaly more so during Arsenal games. U guys do u hate Arsenal and Le pro?

  9. Samuel says:

    Just as there was minimal but still contact with Luis Suarez ,Liverpool vs S
    underland and a penalty given,so too was there minimal contact on Gervinho but no penalty given ,nevermind the farce that followed and a red card for
    Gervinho,so why the glaring similari
    ties but two different results,only in
    the Barclays Premier League does one
    get such inconsistencies in refereee
    ing ?

  10. MickTheGunner says:

    Wot a disgraceful decision!!! That thug barton attacks a fellow professional and gets away with it scot free, the ref should be ashamed of himself. There must be an unwritten rule in the refs book that all arsenal players r allowed 2 be used as punching bags by their opponents

  11. Chris Bayliss says:

    Fact of the matter is Gervinho was an idiot for slapping Barton. I think anyone would do that because of the way Barton acted and Taylor didn’t help shoving his elbow in Gervinho’s face. The real question is what has the ref based his decision on and the answer is Barton’s reaction. This is wholeheartedly wrong and disgraceful because lets be honest – it means the ref didn’t see anything. By booking Barton he no longer can be done in retrospect on violent conduct as the ref deemed it a bookable offence. Now anyone who knows the rules knows that ANY violent conduct is actually a red card but, hey, referees can’t decide what is more aggressive – a gentle slap or ripping someone up from the floor and shaking them with your fist in their face.

    Two other points on the same incident though. Ignoring the fact it could have been a penalty (I think it was light but you see them given) the fact is Barton manhandled the player with THE BALL IN PLAY. The referee’s decision was to give a freekick to Newcastle after the event meaning he did not see the event as Barton actually did enough to warrant a penalty against him. Any referee out there will tell you that the officials made a HUGE hash of that situation (unless they are being recorded, when they can’t say it for sake of backing up a fellow ref).

    Secondly – Vermaelen was slapped and hit MORE then Gervinho did to Barton. The problem is that Vermaelen does not drop to the floor clutching his face like an ass. Under scrutiny Arsenal should be able to offer up the evidence of the further facial slaps to show that if Gervinho receives his ban, a further 2 newcastle players have to receive them. Of course this is ridiculous and also totally useless as the match is over but you can’t have it one way or the other. Either ALL offences are dealt with in the same way, or you have to allow a degree of physical aggression like rugby does. The problem is that there is a larger emphasis on spectacle then on fair play. A raised arm is instantly a red card but cheating to insight violence is a yellow.

    This is identical to the incidents of last years match where the referee made decisions based on crowd reactions and player reactions rather then on actual events. Nolan and Barton BOTH pushed Sczesny I believe last match and he received a yellow for retrieving the ball (an act which is legal) but Diaby got sent off. The unbalance is unfair because Arsenal who are useless cheaters (although we do it too much for my liking – i.e. Song’s disgraceful stamp) actually wind up worse off then teams who do it regularly week in week out as part of their game plan. Football needs to outlaw the cheating aspects to encourage the game to be played, instead of encouraging this atmosphere of cheating by playing around the rules.

  12. Obyno arsene nwankwo says:

    Racism with whistle. Russia is even beter as they will do theirs without cowardise.

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