Date: 14th August 2011 at 3:01pm
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The Samir Nasri transfer saga has taken a new twist. Reports in The Sun are now suggesting that Nasri can join Manchester City if City let Arsenal have Carlos Tevez! When I first heard this, I was in shock and started to wonder to myself if this would be a good move for Arsenal if it were to happen.

At first thought, I do not think this deal would happen, Nasri may go to City but I can not see Tevez coming to Arsenal. Tevez wants to leave City so he can be closer to his family in Argentina so why would he move to Arsenal for that reason?

Arsenal need fire power upfront and it does not come any better than Tevez as he is one of the best forwards in the game today. But I question his attitude and commitment at times. He left Manchester United and now wants to leave City, what would stop him from wanting to leave Arsenal after one season if we do sign him?

What are your thoughts?


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  1. tedros says:

    barton is not aplayer he would amodel for kids in any reason being he is abullsheet player ,reason in any game i have never seen him as proffesional player

  2. Kay1gunners says:

    Teves! Funny

  3. anon1 says:

    ‘Not a good idea’

    Said as if it was ever a viable option

  4. Sanusi says:

    Carlos tevez moving to arsenal that was a big joke of the year we can’t afford the salary he get from city.

  5. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Not just the salary but the fact that he will probably be another drama queen

  6. jadson says:

    @sanusi,who the heck told you we can’t afford his salary?the club isn’t poor its the management that’s gotten so bad we can’t even think of the possibilities of top class players for arsenal.SMH

  7. DEO says:

    Good buy if we can afford his wages. He is a fighter and that is what Arsenal needs now, not sentiments.

  8. anon1 says:

    We cannot afford his salary!

    Look at it like this:

    We have a wage structure – if we started paying tevez 100+++ million a week how long before van persie’ agent gets on the phone and says its not on that van p is not on the same sort of wage packet

    Following that – wilshere might just call up and say i should be on what cesc was on if everyone else is getting a pay rise, im that valuable to the club

    Ramsey then thinks, hang on im equal to jack, he should not be on double what i get

    Ros then says if i go how does the squad look – we have a wage structure so give me a rise

    You get the point

  9. Alejo says:

    Tevez, would never come to a team that has no ambition. No trophy in almost 7 years. Wenger won’t even think of the purchase of tevez. Let’s just face the fact that we will never have any big name purchases at arsenal as long as we have Wenger and Gazidis. Bring back David Dein.

  10. Onaolapo sulaiman says:

    Tevez comin 2 arsenal is a joke of the year

  11. bc says:

    what tosh of course one of the best strikers in the world would be a.good idea for arsenal. rvp could play the no.10 role the number he actually wears. of course we could afford his wages we would just do a deal similar to what we currently do with cesc and what we done with campbell in the past. 2 weeks ago we were prepared to write of 30m on nasri 25 fee and another 5 in wages. so why not pay 10m plus nasri for tevez. he is only unhappy in manchester he loved it in london and so did his family. pay him a 5m signing on fee plus 100k a week then give.him another 5m every season he stays. the extra 10m does not even have to come out of the cesc cash it can come from selling bendtner. leaving us all the cesc cash to sort out the defensive situation. samba mertesacker and vertonghen – job done.

  12. jude says:

    its possible if only wenger wil live out of his cheap & ammateur mentality of player.

  13. vertor says:

    som times wonder wat arsenal fans want,u want big name signings,u hear a rumor of 1 and u start complainin again. I tink both d playas and fans shld do away wit mixed feelings and mak choice of positive tinkin and achievemnts,grow up guys fotbal is a game of entatainment and not emotions! Up gunners

  14. Alejo says:

    Please, we all know its impossible. Let’s get out of this dream world. We are definitely not getting Tevez. I could bet my life on it. And @BC, where the hell did u get all ur figures from. 5m every season he stays. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, u dreamer.

  15. moses says:

    Barton is one of unproffesional player tht world ever produce, is nt a good at all at any football level, he is jst waster influency with our generation. he should go and play hockey or american football if stil want to be part of the sports………… any way whts joke article Teve to Arsenal, whts April foul.

  16. anon1 says:

    My point was that signing tevez would have a domino effect on the wage structure…. what might be 5 million a year or 100 thousand a week might not look massive for one player at our club – but it would destroy the wage barrier and we would end up raising the entire squads pay packet …. the deal would cripple us, as we are already spending something like 50% or higher of our annual budget on wages. That would rise significantly.

    And yes arsenal fans want some big name players …. but no one has ever asked for a ronaldo or aguero – we are not being unreasonable here we just want some decent top quality players… spurs got van der vart for less then 10 million so you cannot say theres no value out there.

  17. Yes “this idea of geting tavez z what we r looking all over” and he z the best power,speedy and skillful striker in the world. so let us get him if we can .

  18. Alejo says:

    There is a lot of emotion, in football mate, ur probably a half hearted fan. When we lose, it burns my soul. So if its just entertainment for u, ur in the wrong place. Arsenal is in my heart.

  19. dayor says:

    nothing is impossible, bcos we need a good striker like him to sopport v.persie

  20. Gooner4life says:

    I would live tevez at arsenal. He’s the best player in the league. If we had a tevez playing for us yesterday we’d have won the match. He attacks the goal. Big up our back four and gk. Solid performance! AFC forever

  21. WC says:

    Technically he didn’t leave Man United, his 2 year loan was up and Fergie did not want to renew or buy him. That resulted in bitterness between them because he gave alot for them and was expecting the same from Fergie but SAF spent 30M on Berba instead of the 25M for Tevez.

    Tevez is a winner, he can change a game and yes he’s a bit of a mercenary but I wouldn’t mind a one year mercenary if they can teach our players to win.

  22. lex says:

    wel tevez or no tevez we avnt stil yet got a replacement 4d guyz leavin….am rily tired of al dz rumors flyin around like a rocket lunchã:'( d oda day it was ribery ** we were told dey’ve reach an agreement but @ d end notin came outta of it, not talk of mata of valencia…just fed up;-(

  23. Dan AKA The Truth says:

    Absolutely ridiculous headline! Even if Tevez were at Arsenal for a season, it would help us immeasurably. Honestly, some Arsenal fans bewilder me. I suppose you’d prefer us to sign some kid from Costa Rica… too late!

  24. Miklo says:

    Tevez is just what Arsenal needs. Powerfull no nonsense attacker. Van Persie can play the #10 role and Arsenal can start putting some muscle in their game. Would be the best pickup for Arsenal by far in a long while.

  25. Miklo says:

    If you want a big name signing, it wouldnt get any better than this for Arsenal. If not, stop crying about it year after year. Im actually shocked at the prospect of this, it would be such a great move, very un-Arsenal like.

  26. Papi says:

    It is not possible 4 Tevez to be in Arsenal but if it’s happen then it is gr8 news and de best for Arsenal,So stand Arsenal fans in UK let this happen.

  27. Tevez cannot come to arsenal.That is a joke ever seen.can we affording his salary?

  28. Gooner4life says:

    A close source has just told me that cahill deal will hopefully be finalised by Wednesday worth 17.5m after scouts went to see Cahill yesterday and have told wenger he is the man they need. Afc forever

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