Date: 9th August 2011 at 9:14pm
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The Samir Nasri saga continues on today and French coach Laurent Blanc has spoken out and said that Nasri will not be signing a new contract with Arsenal.

“As far as I know he’s still an Arsenal player [at the moment]. I know he’s in talks with his club, not about signing a new contract, but to find a new club as he told me he won’t be signing a new contract”, Blanc said.

This is one of the clearest hints we have had so far that Nasri wants to leave Arsenal this summer and we must let him go to Manchester City now so we have time to bring in a new player.

There were suggestions that Nasri could stay at Arsenal this season and we would risk losing him for free next summer as he only has one year left on his current deal and he is refusing to sign a new one. It will be interesting to hear what Nasri says following this announcement by his national team coach.


0 responses to “Laurent Blanc: Nasri will not be signing a new Arsenal contract”

  1. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Why should we even care about what Laurent Blanc says…no shit sherlock that Nasri is gonna leave on a free after this season if he doesnt sign a new contract

  2. 49Unbeaten says:

    GET-HIM-OUT!!!! Little prick treats this club with complete disdain and contempt. Why should we A, keep him on and pay his wages and B, let him go for nothing or half his value in January. Get hima and Fabregas out get Mata and Schweinsteiger in.

  3. Muhd Nasir says:

    Leave those want leave and bring in and bring those want come.

  4. Nickerless Bender says:

    Good f###ING riddance. Take me with you?

  5. 49Unbeaten says:

    Knowing Wenger though he’ll probably just promote Ryo and Ramsey and spend nothing. My beloved club are giving me anger issues!!! I’ve never felt so annoyed or let down in a long long time….

  6. Steve says:

    I think arsene should buy experience defenders b/4 d start of d nw season,atleast 2 defenders.

  7. Mike Hogan says:

    Just please send Nasri and Fabregas out the door. If we can keep them show we still have pride and boot the two of them out the door. Let them train on their own. Its gone on toooooooooooo long and it is just getting annoying. Sir Alex of Red Nose wouldn’t take this, no matter how good a players they were. Nasri hasn’t had a good full season, so no loss and Fabregas is missing longer and longer periods of the season. So good business let them go.

  8. I think Arsene should let Samir (£20m) and Cesc (£35m) go to the desired destination.
    Or else, they’d under-perform for the coming season.
    Then, the money realised should be used to sign Samba (£15m) and Mertesacker (£10m). Also, Almunia should be ejected so as to make room for a fresh leg in that position.
    Arsene needs to act quick.

  9. sunkydavid says:

    wenger….please let dis guy go for God sake @ least his not d best player arsenal need to win trophy……he only shine for half season, WE DONT NEED HIM

  10. Subomi says:

    Just let them go and lets know what is next on the agenda,the defence is a big issue that need a serious attention

  11. Ignorantgoonerfans says:

    ? all ignorants ??? fools….just put yourself in Nasri’s shoes ??? let’s hear what ? feel.

  12. Steve says:

    Nasri can suck my balls while blanc tickles my ass! Wankers!

  13. nuradeen y. says:

    stupid little boy! Let him go, arsenal fc is bigger dan any player, out of d three yrs he spent he manage 2 perfmd 4 only six month, he wasted 2.5 yrs 4 nthng. Go nasri i’ll 4gv u and arsene if u evr remain a gunner. Fuck u!

  14. j says:

    something tell me nasri will sign a new contract those who cnt see cesc is our highest earner untill he goes nasri cnt sign bcus it wld make him highest paid which is against cesc contrct conditions

  15. Walenium says:

    No player is bigger than AFC. He’s an ungrateful little twurp! I saw boot him out of the club for £22M..his heart is obviously else where & as sad as it makes me, El Capitan should follow as well. Players will come & go but AFC & her passionate fans will remain..

  16. mystic says:

    1st half an outstanding season, 2nd half a total flunk. Nasri was as responsible as the rest for the end of season implosion. My fear if we don’t ship him to the blue mancs quickly, is that Citeh might wise-up to our ploy of selling them over-priced, over-rated duds.

  17. Sadam inuwa ali says:

    Pls wenger arsenal need players like nasri pls try and bring somes to arsenal

  18. Charlie says:

    Laurent Blanc shut the hell up. This is the second time you’ve talked about this when it’s none of your business. The bloke is always looking for attention like a prancing little cock(erel). If a French player was to come out and say that the national manager wanted to leave the job that player would be dropped and this is the same in reverse.

  19. Pat says:

    The thing that makes no sense to me at all, is the fact that Wenger is willing to consider losing £20m by letting Nasri run down his contract, but he wasn’t willing to offer Nasri and extra £50,000 a week (£2.5m a year) to get him to sign a contract extension!

    Can anyone explain that one?

  20. Jason says:

    Laurent Blanc used to play for United so obviously he’s trying to get him to go there! The curse of the Arsenal will strike Nasri as it did Hleb, he’ll be crying in 6 months time to come back!

  21. Osim Chidi says:

    This is a very simply matter but i keep wondering why Arsene will not just do something for the fans.Nasri is not bigger than Henry,nor is he bigger than Begkamp and so many other great Gunners who still show Loyalty and respect to this great club.
    I feel the best thing we should do is to Let Fabregas and Nasri go because their continued stay will create a whole lot of Acrimonies in our team.If Fabregas goes for 35million and Nasri goes for 22 million that will give us 57 million with which we can buy Metasaka for and Carhil for a total of 25 million and Juan Matta for 20 million leaving us with a gain of 12 million pounds and our team will be set for any title.
    God bless you Gunners.

  22. First of all, Wenger said the will not sell a player to a big english side, like man city…I count on that…and secondly I am not wondering that nasri shows not the right attitude at the moment, because it’s obvious that arsenal needs to strengthen his squad, above all in the defensive area, and open the check book…to sum it up I’m with nasri putting arsenal under pressure, as someone has to before it’s too late…ta-ta

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