Date: 8th August 2011 at 9:26am
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I would hate to be in Wilshere’s shoes right now! The country versus club debate has sprung up again. Firstly, I do not even understand why there are international friendlies this week, a few days before the season starts! But be that as it may, the games are going to be played and if in any way we can have as fewer Arsenal players as possible playing this week for the country, the better.

Jack Wilshere has been included by Capello in the England squad to play Netherlands on Wednesday but Wenger insists that Wilshere can not play in that game as he is not fit and even missed the pre-season game for Arsenal against Benfica.

”They can include him as much as they want, he will not play [because of injury],” Wenger said on

But the fact that Capello has included him in the squad in any case means that the England boss may just decide to play Wilshere.

“Possibly some players will not be completely fit,” Capello said. “They might have a little pain. The manager says, ‘why are you playing in a friendly game? We need you for an important game on Saturday in the Premier League”.

“I know how they think. I remember this problem. But if the player decides he wants to go to the national team, it is impossible to stop him.

“He might say he thinks he is okay or the pain is not so strong. This is what some players have done during my career as a club manager. They just said they wanted to go.”

So this means if Wilshere thinks he is fit enough to play for England then he will play but you can imagine how upset Wenger will be with the England star if he decides to.


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  1. BatonRougeGooner says:

    I understand why Wenger is upset but playing on the international level is a chance to improve your game so its a long term effect we are looking at and so I’m indifferent

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