Date: 8th August 2011 at 8:03am
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There are still some Arsenal fans who want us to get rid of Arsene Wenger. Former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein insists that Wenger should remain incharge of Arsenal.

Dein told the BBC: ‘Arsene Wenger will admit he has had the most difficult couple of years of his career, for two reasons. One is the fact the game is getting more competitive, we have seen more money coming in so the competition is more intense.

‘Secondly, he has had to contend with the fact he hasn’t achieved what he would have hoped to achieve, albeit he has done remarkably well in the quality and style of play. But he and the fans want to win trophies.

‘Arsene is focused and determined. I see him regularly, I see a man who still has as much fire in the belly today as when he started. He wants to win.

‘I believe in his ability and I know for a fact he is trying hard to improve the squad.

‘People have got to remember what he has achieved. It is easy in life to get rid of people. Then what?’


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  1. Timinadi debetimi says:

    We cant afford to loose wenger at dis time.he has started the job let him finish it.remember in arsene we trust…

  2. boyo says:

    Sadly this is Wenger’s last season. On the balance of what I have seen pre-season we dont stand a snow balls chance in hell of winning silverware.

    That is not the problem for me though, i have become concerned by Wengers attitude- there have been numerous promises of signings and so far 12 mill spent and not one big name player currently even linked. on friday he made the excuse that there was a bottleneck, chelsea, Man U, Liverpool have all found away around that but I suppose when we are competing with Wolves and Blackburn for signings on the cheap it may be different

  3. Nick says:

    Wernger is a great manager. He has brought Arsenal so far. He has also brang alot of fans. He invested in the Emirites Stadium which will help the gunners alot with money. He has also brought heaps of yound players to the club helping us for the future. It will be hard to find a replacement.

  4. Aussie Jack says:

    Wenger is an intrinsic part of the Arsenal mechanism not just the football manager. I can`t see him leaving unless he decides to retire or for health reasons.

  5. manvee says:

    Arsene will not survive next season.he should b sacked,he has brought disgrace to arsenal.

  6. chris from Cambridge says:

    This is a huge problem. As The Arsenal Supporters Trust stated … ” They don’t want Arsene to go – we want him to change ” … but he can’t or won’t change.

    When he does go there is the whole enormous empire of organisation he will leave behind. Every boy, lad, man …. every team and every training squad ALL play the Wenger tippy tappy way. The disruption will be terrible.

  7. paul coker says:

    Wenger is just a stupid manager who has lost his senses.he has forgotten the fact that he achieved all he ever could with players of high quality.he has now turned arsenal to a youth development centre just because his memory has eluded him.

  8. j says:

    Then what?? oh you are joking! do you think wenger is the best coach in the or he is unsackable! oh shut up….. Pelegrini sacked by madrid,was he bad? no but not a winner….. Ancelotti sacked so why cant wenger?? david moyes is a very good option.. Or many like vicente,mar-jyk, why not hiddink???

  9. Abdul@degooner's says:

    Asene winger is a grate manage who has broght light into footaball,we fan never know what we have ontill we loose him and never find anyone like him,take cheasea for example,has there be anyone like morinho 2 them,then why dont we hate faith and pray for a better future instead of coursing the Asene i trust,keep the love

  10. David says:

    Who was Wenger before he came to Arsenal, either bring in a strong No 2 to question his stubborn decisions or it is time to go.

  11. j says:

    @abdul…. What chelsea had won a pl title after mourinho departed and finished in 2nd…. And we can win the title if wenger had bought a cb but no he is bloody over confident manager… And we finished 4th., then he said they will busy in transfer window… Yes, they are busy but not for buying just to link with players….. I hate wenger most in the world sack him!!

  12. Philbet says:

    Dont suppose it would matter to all the doom and gloomers but maybe AW has to do what the board tell him !!!! It does after all happen in nearly every other business in the world,even owners dont get to decide the business direction some times, (ask Hicks & Gillette)What would be your answer if AW went and the new man had to work under the same financial restraints ???

  13. Edub says:

    Exactly Philbet! He has to work under the board, a lot of people think a new manager would be able to come in and up wages and automatically bring us success. Someone suggested David Moyes!? Erm, he has a job and is not in the same league as Wenger. There aren’t many who could step into his shoes, Mourinho and Fergie. Who else? Wenger is the best thing that happened to Arsenal and I hope he will show this in the next few years. You lot need to recognise!

  14. Mundo says:

    It’s gotten to the point where I’m willin t take the risk t see what happens if we get rid of arsene. Ofcorse I’d love to see him do well, bt more than anything his attitude worries me, il reserve judgement until transfer window is closed, bt it’s bt lookin good at all. Man utd PL winner/champions league runners up hav spent 50 possibly 80mill wit sniejder on the horizon and we’ve spent 12.that’s says it all really, I’m not sayin we shud spend retarded amounts bt he HAS to know we more than any of the top four need top quality n if that means payin abit more t push a transfer thru, THEN JUSt DOIT!!!! I’d love t give someone like Martin o Neil a shot, ALOT more direct, demands respect and I can assure u if he was manager we wudnt still be talkin bout finding the right defender.

  15. Dan AKA The Truth says:

    ‘There are still some Arsenal fans who want us to get rid of Arsene Wenger.’ Interesting use of the word ‘still’ there. I’ve wanted the dictator gone for the last three seasons and I’m so very pleased to see that more and more Gooners are waking up and seeing the truth: Wenger is no longer a good football manager.

    I have a feeling in my bones that the coward will be forced out of the club by the end of the season at the latest and I cannot wait for that beautiful day when he leaves. I have the champagne on ice!

    Then what? Jurgen Klopp is my favored manager, but I reckon a random person plucked from the street would do a better job than Arsene Wanker!!!

    WENGER OUT!!! 😀

  16. BatonRougeGooner says:

    Wenger was able to bring us enough to move into a much bigger stadium to make more revenue…now we need a manager that isn’t afraid of using it

  17. George_D says:

    Thierry Henry…

  18. sammy oras says:

    if LE PROF is sacked the next manager of arsenal will find it difficult to implement his own policy which will lead to another 6 trophyless seasons

  19. Evin i,i had bin waiting 4 so long 2 win de cup. Iet dem go wenger. says:

    Let wenger go

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