Date: 7th August 2011 at 2:00pm
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Arsenal need to sign a new centre-back this summer. we have been shipping in goals this summer and we let in two more yesterday against Benfica. We have been linked with moves for Everton’s Phil Jagielka and Blackburn’s Chris Samba this summer but we have not been able to meet their clubs valuations. Let alone Bolton’s Gary Cahill who will only be sold for £17million.

But Arsenal may not need to worry about those three for much longer as Werder Bremen have announced that they are willing to listen to offers for captain Per Mertesacker. It is believed that they are willing to sell the German international centre-back for as low as £6million as he is in the final year of his contract.

Bremen general manager Klaus Allofs is quoted as saying in The People: “We are willing to discuss a transfer for Per.

“We have promised him we will listen to serious offers.”

Wenger should not waste any time on this one and he should make this deal happen!


0 responses to “Forget Jagielka and Samba, this is the £6million centre-back Arsenal should sign”

  1. ofuje says:

    we shud b serious wt our self what we need is an English defenda

  2. Segzygun says:

    Finaly God has bless us with the greatest option to our problem..perfectly right CB age wise,captain,Asene prise…better than any other DF linked…but am afrade of AW…. stuborness

  3. Oliseh Prince says:

    Wenger shld sign him immediately. Concernin yterday’s match i was highly disapointed, n we hav 5 tough 4 dis month. For me we shld sign 4players. 2 defenders n 2 midfielders. I rest my case.

  4. FASUSI TOSIN says:

    arsene wenge is not serios,he deserved to b flogged and taken to bar beach for spiritual birth,he shud start spendin bcos fans had vow not to buy ticket

  5. FASUSI TOSIN says:

    may be he shud sign me for 5000pounds

  6. Jago says:

    We HAVE to sign him this week if the injury rumours are true we cannot start with squilaci and dejourou. Please Arsene spend some money NOW

  7. Wenger,dont waste time on this defender per matesaker,is too cheap.TRY to buy him now dont waste time,please.SIR KBO2 M.SHINKAFA,BAUCHI-NIGERIA.

  8. I can spell says:

    He’ll never buy him and I hope not either becuase he is way to slow for our highline. He will get found out just as much as Squillaci does if not more.

  9. hills says: 4get it wenger has lost hs touch wit modern futball.until arsenal is humbled n disgraced,wenger wnt change

  10. sunmairulz21 says:

    this is a deflated team witout fab,nasri rvp,verm,diaby,gibbs,kosc,wilshere,walcott,deni.who’s left then.arsenal is finished nd wenger is sleepin not buying players 2 replace dem.17th is best 4 wenger dis season.stingy board nd stingy wenger.sack wenger orelse arsenal is going bck to the 2nd divisn

  11. Subomi says:

    I just dont know the kind of advicer wenger has,his children and wife should be able to make him think,
    i dont think wenger deserve to be arsenal coach again,i would be surprise if a blind person or a kid does not know arsenal problem(defence)no communication,technique,team sprit,i just dont see arsenal finishing in their usual place.

  12. joseph onyechefule says:

    i dont really know,what mr wenger problem is?cos i can not imagine us shipping in goals like dat.nd av neva seen such a stingy man b4.he should jst go 2 hell.

  13. kaka says:

    Arsenal really need that player because must of the mistake that is leading to their losing is from the central back so there should not mis this wonderful opportunity

  14. Donnie says:

    his to slow ?

    the problem is that we get cought out for pace when we let in goles

    we need someone tall to just stand there and head the ball away when playing the likes of stoke blackburn and bolten

    play him in just those games.

    koscielny and vilmilen are great diffrenders fast and are both good tackles agains footbal teams like man united barca koscielny was great man of the match,

    vermilen is a new signjng this season

  15. Donnie says:

    and how many goals have vermilen and kooscienly let in playing together so fat …..?

  16. sirloko says:

    buy him pls ibeg.

  17. kaka says:

    Arsenal really need that player because must of the mistake that is leading to their losing is from the central back so there should not mis this wonderful opportunity.I would ve been very greatful if that player is sign

  18. Vanditha says:

    This guy look very good.and yes common hurry up Wenger !DO NOT WASTE ANY MORE TIMES.countdown we have only 24 days left.

  19. chris from Cambridge says:

    This is a no brainer and let’s hope Wenger didn’t bid for Mertesacker
    .. until the Germans came to us. Different class to say Jagielka.

    He is 6ft. 5in aged 26 has played 70 times for Germany whose team does know how to defend. Germans – like English – do not fold up easily. [Also I admire him for refusing to leave his club (last January) when they were fighting relegation.]

    If Wenger does not go for him it can only be because he rates keepy uppy on the training field higher than stopping goals in a match !!

  20. Usman says:

    ha ha ha.keep on dreaming.Per is too slow.he wil get murdered on counter attacks!

  21. armagharsenal says:

    Mertesacker is far to slow and he was caught out loads against spurs in the CL last year!! Sign 2 out of Cahill Dann Jagielka Samba!! Common Sense!!

  22. Adam says:

    I was one Arsene’s staunchest fans but I fear stubborness and the refusal to spend is getting the better of him. He point blank refuses to spend on proven quality rather choosing for maybe maybe players .. Last year was our best chance in many years to win and we bottled it. Now the like of Manchester citeh and Liverpool are investing like it’s going out of fashion ultimately for that all important 4th Spot .. I fear we will not be In contention next year at this rate … Nice stadium for europa league !!!!! Come on Wenger pull your finger out

  23. Olayemi says:

    Wenger just need to buy a central back, a mid fielder in replacement of fab and nasri and also and a striker dat have vision for goal

  24. Fabio conte says:

    Please wenger buy a defender !! I can’t watch my belovered arsenal be destroyed by your stubborn money saving crap!! We all know the club has got money and it’s not so hard to bring in players like you have been saying! We are a top team and you are making us an embarrassment!

  25. OLUJIDE RIDWAN. Lagos Nigeria says:

    please mr wenger sign per quickly before he would be hijack by manchester city.

  26. Myk says:

    As a gunner i alwaez feel ashmd wen we r discusin futbal issues. AW is sturbon jx lyk his french mate dominique…we nid 2 super quality CD nd a gud strika nd nt chamack nd nt dat thn ‘squi’…let sell fab nd nasri cuz dey wnt 2 play 4 winnin teams… 4 my london gunners cnt u beat AW cuz he cnt do dat shit in Africa

  27. Martarazy says:

    Wenger is a stupid let him go 2 hel if he cannot sign frm england here!

  28. Martarazy says:

    Wenger is a stupid man let him go 2 hel if he cannot sign frm england here!

  29. Nonso says:

    wait a minute wot d hell is wrng wit AW.i support Myk i pasonaly wuld go nd slap him,dis man is givin me so much hatbreak,i cant tk dis any more.pls……..AW buy now.

  30. bradster says:

    Ha ha, you guys are funny. The best back 4 that won us trophies were slow as pig shit but had footballing brains. They weren’t scrambling after strikers, they knew their positioning and the line.
    I think he’ll be great for us and if they have to TV is not slow at the scramble.

  31. Matt says:

    ManCity has just lost to ManU. Having led 2:0 at half time they collapsed Arsenal way in the second half. With all the money in the world and all the best players money can buy. The last goal was the most comical as it involved our very own Gael Clinchy. He hesitated and had mixed communication with Kompany. Ladies and gentlemen it looks like Citey got more than they bargained fo r in Clichy.

  32. Cesc says:

    Boy costa hazard and dann

  33. I tink wengar don’t know what is doing somtim pls can sombd wake wengar up.wat we really need now is defender and dis guy is been offer 2 us at cheap price so sombd ask me wat wengar is wating 4.hey wengar wake up go and buy dis guy he av top flight esprence as he as been in world cup,uefa and other he is ahead of d rest defender dat we av been bid 4 in time of esprence so wengar should wise up now as he av seen our poor defence in al d preseason we av play so now wengar.

  34. wengernumb says:

    6million !!!!….gets wenger out of a hole….he will gladly take him because he fits the bill…….hes cheap, hes an international and he is tall. Whether he is prem class in an arsenal shirt is yet to be proven….but it doesnt matter…when arsenal collapse he will say..i bought a quality international defender but it was unlucky. In other words that signing would get the fans off his back and give him any excuse he wanted for his inept management.HE IS A F++++++ idiot and he is fooling everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. olabajo says:

    wenger need to sign a new defender and striker bcos if he did not sign anybody arsenal is goin to be @18 position in premier table.

  36. chambala says:

    spud wenger i dont like his policy! we need 4 player otherwiz no troph this season again! buy cahill, samba,two midfiders and one serious striker.pooor managment in arsenal

  37. bc says:

    All an sundry keep moaning how slow this fella is. how fast was adams and bould then? from memory pat rice once beat them both in training during sprint sessions. per has won 75 international caps for the best team in europe and we are turning our nose up. well i say we but i am certainly not this fella is as quick as cahill and samba i just wonder how many people have actually watched him. i dont care what anyone says if you can waste 6m on squiddly diddly then u can certainly take a punt on per.

  38. akin says:

    sir wenger pls go n get d man even samba or cahill b4 next week but i tink u should sign great player dis season duty 2 last season disapointed but stil yet u deside nt 2 sign,as 4 me our defence n midfield is nt ok add more player 2dat squad pls.if u dont disapoint we fan are disapointed,u are disgrace 2us as 4me truly.

  39. BatonRougeGooner says:

    This will be a step forward for our defence

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