Date: 6th August 2011 at 7:56am
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Nasri’s future at Arsenal has taken another twist. It seemed that the Frenchman would be happy to stay at Arsenal this season and not sign a new contract and then reasses where the team stands at the end of the season. Arsene Wenger was also happy with this plan even if it meant he could lose Nasri on a free next summer.

But the latest developments coming out of Ashburton Grove are not good. According to The Mirror, Nasri and Wenger have had a fall out and Nasri will not be travelling with the team to Portugual when we take on Benfica today (Saturday). Apparently Wenger and Nasri clashed on the flight back from the Far East tour and their relationship has never been the same after that and now it has reached levels where Nasri wants to leave Arsenal. This is all still press speculation but where there is smoke there is fire.

The official word from Wenger is, “Nasri has a muscular problem”. And that is why he has not traveled with the team.

I still believe that Arsenal should sell Nasri to Manchester City this summer for £22million rather than having a player who is clearly unhappy at the club and we risk losing him for nothing next summer.


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  1. Nnadozie says:

    With the whole messy situation surrounding the emirate stadium,its obvious our dear manager AW has lost grip with the club,maybe its diminishing returns.i pray that something positive happens,cus we fans have suffer untold heartbreaks……..up gunners

  2. Reagan says:

    It’s better 2 sell Nasri & look 4 another star 4 replacement than lossing him free nxt season.

  3. SAgooner says:

    We officially start our season in a week @ Newcastle 3 days later we play Undinese 3 days later we play Liverpool again 3 days after that Undinese then ManUre. We can’t still be trying to patch together a squad we should be playing our best 11 v Benfica this weekend, but we are still talking bout Cesc & Nasri SMH!

  4. shane says:

    Nnadozie….how in the world is Wenger losing his grip? We only finish in the top 4, 16 times before Wenger and with Wenger we have finished in the top 4 15 times in a row. It is more like Manchester City just have a crazy amount of money they can offer players so how is that Wengers fault that some of the players have their eyes on massive money? Some people just need perspective.

  5. Charlie says:

    If he’s so upset sell him to the new moneybags of French football PSG and say to him “we refuse to sell you to another English club, by the time your contract runs out these clubs won’t want you any more and either you go where we want to sell you or you take your chances.” This stuff about him leaving for free next year is rubbish. United need a replacement for Scholes and if they don’t get Nasri they’ll fill the position with someone else. Same goes for City. He’s not the best in the world in his position and the clubs can’t afford to wait for him for a year. If those two are out of the picture you’d look to Spain but Barca and Real don’t need him. He’ll be left with Arsenal has the best club interested in him.

  6. sk says:

    Sell Nasri to the highest bidder outside UK.
    Bench FabregASS for 4 years
    use the money from all the sales to buy a good defender and a midfielder.

    and thats it…

  7. Charlie says:

    I guess my conclusion is that the decision to hang on to him might be a genius move by Arsene however it may appear. It’d be a shame if they have irreconcilable differences and he needs to be sold.

  8. Charlie says:

    One club that i always suspected might put in a surprise bid for him was Bayern Munich. They also have bags of cash, an underperforming squad and perhaps the reputation to meet his expectations.

  9. Allow nasir to go and he is looking for money not trophy.Replace him with marvin martis,javier matinez,emmanuel riviere,matundi and valbuna etc.sir kbo2 m.shinkafa,bauchi-nigeria.

  10. Mar says:

    He wants to stay at the club just for waiting to leave in 12 months time for sure and get a bumper signing on fee next summer. Just sell him.

  11. Aussie Jack says:

    Twenty two plus thirty five equals fifty five million. This team should be settled by now and ready for the new season yet it`s still a lottery.
    Get rid of them both, pocket the cash and lets get on with the game.

  12. Sell fabregas at £35m and nasir at £25m and use the money to buy two good defenders and one best striker and one best midfielder too and it is ok and promotes the reserves teams alease ten best of them.sir KBO2,BAUCHI-NIGERIA.

  13. ONIYIDE TAIWO says:

    Let them go, if the biders met our club valuation,& get a perfect replacement.

  14. ASNLthruNthru says:

    The writing on the wall concerning Nasri was obvious from the outset.The “silly spat” with Gallas over TH14 seat on the French teambus was only a first shot from this troublemaker.No wonder he is arguing with AW over Citeh’s millions on offer.Ship him off toute de suite and let him roll in the dosh till he ends up with Adebaywhore at Harry’s cafe down the road.

  15. asiwaju says:

    sell dis player u re d manager decide on ur on,dnt let nasri or/fabregas b a problem tu us,we losin our fans 4 god safe my coach,get mata.up guner’s neva say die

  16. Tim says:

    Ossshhh! I hate Fab n Sami……..these lazy dudes were surpos 2 win trophies 4 us, it’s surprising they want 2 go 2 where their will b little work 4 them 2 do. I LOVE u Mr. Henry! Wish u were still young!

  17. Adejumobi T-pie says:

    Fuck nasri!I hate his disloyal Attitude 2wrds d club dat made him…AW should allow fabrigas 2 leave on low key.Gone r d dayz wen arsene used 2 b a disciplinarian and father figure 2 his player in d tym of veira,henry et al.but he’s over-pampered dem.AW don’t make me Sick diz season.

  18. Prof just selling bcos he unhappy at d club used d money to martines or hazard

  19. Rufus innocent says:

    Sell fab & nasri, buy mata sam & car dos 3 players are good, fab & nas ar not biger dan arsenal best club in the world.

  20. menyha francis says:

    It is so ungrateful to hear a player such as Nasri take arsenal for granted,it is true that he has shined from the club.I wish wenger can sell them to the highest bidder and they stop dictating where they should go and clubs taking them should also be careful because they are football prostitutes and hypocrites.

  21. akgooners says:

    I think if we kick AW out, fabs, nasri will stay and no more star players exodus and many stars players wanna come to Arsenal.

  22. biu boytone says:

    Aw,best players have alwys cme to arsenal and passed.Can we compare nasri to hleb,flamini or adams?Sell hm but dont lose hm for free nxt season.He isnt gng to be cmtd anymre coz he wnts to fnsh and go.

  23. Paul says:

    Just sell the fish faced idiot and move on!!!

  24. Bebenlo says:

    My fear is dat out of dis games (newct, livpl, undine, manu) bet it wit me. Arsenal can only see 1 win, and dat is udines bcos d team is nt settle, players ar distractd, dis team cannot secure a draw against man u talkles of a win

  25. Rajabu juma says:

    Mmm acording to the situation itself to our club mmm it ovius will suffer much if the manager will not take good and better signing players for the comming soon season.thanks

  26. misa samirah says:

    aw shld buy an experienced defender and midfielder so as to convince nasri n fab.2 stay.nasri is fearing to b wasted by wenger by playing him on flanks 4 another season.

  27. phill_d_trill says:

    Hmn… not to convinced bout that… Sell Nasri for 22mill and what will Wenger do with it?

    Buy a squillaci / cygan / silvestre type defender??? I rather keep him and offload him for free.

  28. Jirgba Stephen says:

    Wenger sell the 2players and use the cash and replace them with another 2super star, they are not the best in the World of football.

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