Date: 4th August 2011 at 4:15pm
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There has been speculation that Marouane Chamakh may be leaving Arsenal this summer following his poor debut season. But the Morocco international insists that he wants to stay at Arsenal and fight for his place. Reports have been suggesting that Roma are interested in the strong but I doubt Wenger will sell him.

Chamakh told “I want to make my name in the Premier League.

“I started well last season and lost my way. However, I want to make a name for myself here.

“I’ve heard a lot of rumours about me leaving the Gunners, but I have a contract here. I want to honour it and make myself No.1 in my position. I am looking forward to that.”

I have no problem with Chamakh staying. He looked good in bits and pieces last term and maybe now he has settled down and gotten used to the Premier League we will start to see the best of him. What are your thoughts on Chamakh?


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  1. nicky says:

    Give the guy a fair chance. He hardly knows his way to the Emirates.

  2. steve says:


  3. Domhuaille says:

    Steve out before its too late!
    Gooneréééyou’re fallin g for the bullshit Tabloid,yellow blogger crap written everywhere on the net. Chamakh’s season was actually pretty good until RVP returned and displaced him. He will improve this year so stop saying crap like ¨ poor debut season¨ which is totally inaccurate you wanker!

  4. woodyd says:

    @ Domhuaille: Thank you. Chamakh did very well for himself and the team early on. Goals scored, great hustle, and unselfish. Needs a bit of work on his first touch and finishing but far from “poor”.

  5. BatonRougeGooner says:

    I have faith that he will do well this season

  6. wengernumb says:

    chamakh is good in the air…but not quick,mobile or accurate on the ground..he isnt a bad squad player…but i doubt he would be any good as an impact striker from the bench. Still wenger got him free so i guess wenger views him as a bargain buy….he will want to make a tidy profit on him…..minus expenses and allowing for depreciation.

  7. Niite Mike says:

    Chamakh is not a good striker.i think he can be a good defender because of his height.

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