Date: 31st July 2011 at 12:44pm
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The Daily Mail are reporting today (Sunday) that Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas walked out of the Emirates Stadium at half-time during his team’s friendly against Boca Juniors, giving the clearest indication yet that his heart is no longer at the club.

Now can someone please explain to me that if Fabregas left the stadium at half-time how is that an indication that he is not happy at Arsenal?

After the match Wenger said, “Cesc was at the game today. Nothing has moved either one way or the other since Friday, and there is no specific deadline before August 31, it is not like shooting a shuttle into space.

“Cesc loves this club deeply and he loves Barcelona deeply, too. An honest player can love two clubs. But he cares deeply about this club and that is why I hope we can keep him.”

Too many times, the press are responsible for unsettling players and publishing such reports at this. How do they know that Fabregas could not have left because he had another commitment at that time?

Do you think there is much to look into with Cesc leaving the game against Boca Juniors at half-time yesterday?


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  1. Ruemu okpe says:

    Leave fabrigas alone i knw he ll come back to his sences! U dis stingy arsen wenger buy players to kill d presure but u ll not listen. Stingy old fool does fabrigas ask u not to hard player to team? I wonder whr u ar draging this club too, may be inside the pit or to hell.

  2. Gunstop says:

    Fabregas is NOT fed up with Arsenal BUT he is fed up with ARsene Wenger. With the kind of leaking defense year after year, who wont be fed up?? Hardly able to win even the carling cup – which once wenger despised. Even stupid denilson who contribute to the defense problem is fed up; that’s the type of moron players at arsenal, who wont fabregas be fed up?

  3. Bolaji says:

    Why is everybody crucifying wenger for fabregas’ behaviour? Did wenger tel him nt to come out and stake a claim to his future and create all this nonsense as regarding his future. I doubt it.

  4. Emeke says:

    When ll arsenal eyes open! Lets be honest, No ambitious player will ever want to play under Wenger. Fabregas will never win truophies as Arsenal play except they change the policy of buy cheap half talent players. If Arsenal big players could have their way,no one will want to extend their cotract.

  5. Arsene-al says:

    THANK YOU, it makes me happy to see fellow gooners that are smarter than media tricks

  6. mic says:

    Some arsenal fans re worst than these media who publish crap stories. These pathetic fans always find a way to blame wenger for anything wrong about arsenal. How in your fool’s world can you say ambitious players don’t want to play under wenger? We had henry,pires,veira,bergkamp,edu,campbell, play under wenger or did you start supporting arsenal from the last 6 years?

  7. hills says:

    if osaze rejected arsenal,is it fab dat wud stay?incase u dnt knw,2000 fans didnt renew dia annual tickets.more dan 2million fans hav quit watchin arsenal matches.wenga nids 2 go

  8. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    Some of you calling Wenger names now and saying he is stingy because he does not want to send astronomical amounts on players think that football money is like monopoly money. You call the £1m spent on Carl Jenkinson cheap when that amount is above what most people will spend in their lifetime from cradle to the grave. These monies are real monies and in most cases are borrowed. They will be paid back some day and some really big clubs will go into oblivion bcos of debts.
    An exemplary manager who wants to keep expenses within income is vilified. A day will come when you all will realise that Wenger is the unsung hero of football.

  9. Deshola says:

    You people should stop calling Wenger names. He deserve respect from arsenal fans…If u are tired of this club please you have every right to walk away.He is a winner, he has done it before and can still do it again. He has contract with arsenal fc, if arsenal board is tired of wenger service they know what to do…gonner 4 life

  10. baros says:

    @Hills, mind u 40,000 fans are still on waiting list for seasonal tickets, so don’t think arsenal can fail to have fans to watch games BUT THE FACT IS OUR DEFENCE s*cks!

  11. Daramola ayo says:

    If wenger failed 2buy player: why can’t these players call their selves arsenal best eleven influence d fancy wit a beta performance, or are they nt up to eleven in field lets forget about wenger let us delibrate on our first eleven.

  12. Davepain says:

    Please barcelona, come up with the £40mil and take him

  13. taiwo says:

    my nigerian brothers, your spelling is apalling. I was at the game yesterday, fabregas was shown on the stadium screen applauding rambo’s goal in the 47th minute. That was in the second half so i dont know what the hell the mail are saying. My guys, Osaze no dey arsenal level until he does it two seasons in a row

  14. dare says:

    pls all arsenal fans blame d board dont blame any player or wenger.

  15. Chukwudi says:

    @Hills: I think u are the worst fan and I don’t even think I should call you that. What is the source of your info about Osaze rejecting a move to Arsenal? That is just rumour. Do u know how many players have been linked to arsenal in the last 2 months? More than 50, does that mean we will sign all? Nope. Don’t believe all u read. Arsene shouldn’t buy just for buying sake.
    The spelling of my Naija brothers- really appalling

  16. BatonRougeGooner says:

    I hate how journos do this when Fabregas was prolly leaving because it’s a pre-season game and Arsenal was playing well

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