Date: 28th July 2011 at 10:41am
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We are waking up to some good transfer speculation this morning for a change! We had gotten so used to reading up Fabregas and Nasri every morning. The Mirror is reporting that Juan Mata’s representatives are in London discussing a potential deal to take the Spanish star from Valencia to Arsenal.

We may be losing Fabregas to Barcelona but I feel the blow could be slightly softened by the arrival of Mata especially if it is true that we will only be signing him for £15million. Liverpool must be feeling really silly now as they spent £20million on Downing and we could get Mata for £5million less and there is no doubt that Mata is a better player than Downing.

The beauty with Mata is that he can play on either flanks and even behind the main striker, thus making him much more versatile than Fabregas.

Hopefully this deal can be sealed soon if the reports in the Mirror are accurate.


0 responses to “Juan Mata set to sign for Arsenal for £15million”

  1. Peter jorams says:

    Let fab go,we need mata

  2. Adebayor says:

    Wenger. I want u to finalize it quickly nd 2 defenders

  3. Ekeugbo chiwueze says:

    What are we waiting for? Sell fabregas,buy MATA,SAMBA We have enough strickers. I pray Theo recovers soon. Meanwhile,what about cahill’s deal,dead or still alive?

  4. Nii says:

    dont sell cese just get mata and next year u can sell cese i thing by then ramsy is there and will prepare get cahill and benzema and we are then

  5. zagga says:

    old news bring him here already i like the boy.

  6. arsenal4eva says:

    Bring in Mata…sell Nasri!…show him dat we don’t need him anymore!

  7. frquen says:

    Hated everything around.. Sell cesc, sell nasri, sell diaby, sell eboue, alumunia en bendtner shd find clubs very quickly.. Had forgetten, sell squillaci too,
    Now bring in our dear Mata, buy samba slow though, jagielka/ cahil are other good options.. If possible bring in enrique… En we’r there

  8. NDonald says:

    Sell dat fucking fabregas 2 anywre i d’nt care but pls bring in mata,benzema,cahil nd samba.

  9. NDonald says:

    Sell dat fucking fabregas 2 anywre i d’nt care but pls bring in mata,benzema,cahil nd samba,lukaku

  10. godwill says:

    common arsenal we can make it by signing kingsly whiteman 4rm swiss police he’s better than fabregas!

  11. Adeyemi segun says:

    Sell fabregas, hold nasri, sell diaby, sell bendtner, squilasy and eboue. Bring in mata and d argentine national player.

  12. Abeeb says:

    Sign mata,samba and sell cesc and nasri

  13. Prince Amaegbe says:

    am stil confused… Until i c it on

  14. Abeeb says:

    Sign mata,samba and retain cesc for ramsey to gain experience and nasri.

  15. owolabi sunday says:

    sell cese bring in mata samba and cahill

  16. jonny gunner says:

    stop using ‘gotten’……’s an Americanism,it doesn’t exist in the English language.
    ‘Got’ is the word.

  17. Tosco says:

    Welcom to the goonerners world matalion +benzema+jagielka

  18. evans ovie says:

    tired of all this speculations let deals be strick and player like fab should be sold to barca like hleb and sit on the bench all his life and later be sold or loan to malaga then he wil regret leaving the emirate stadium. Good news on mata but we seriously need some or two commanding defenders.

  19. Tosco says:

    Welcom to the goonerners world matalion +benzema+jagielka aaaamen

  20. Daniyar says:

    pinch me, tell me that i’m not dreaming. Thanks God sth’s happening.
    We need Enrique, as Song and Gervinho will be out up to 1 month during the Cup of Africa in the midst of PL we will need Hazard and Parker, Jagielka, Samba and Cahill, almost forgot, and for sure BENZEMA!!! Get rid of Bendtner, Squillaci and Almunia

  21. ade lambert says:

    pls prof sell fabrigas,diaby amunia,squillahy,bedtner and buy mata,samba,cahill u will now see that nasri will sign a new contrat do that and u will see that we will win trophy.

  22. The analyst says:

    I’m liking the progress made by arsenal for MATA.
    what arsenal needs now is a non african player to suppport Song in DMF. Eden Hazard if possible and either or both samba and cahill.
    After this, he can sell fabregas and nasri to non-english clubs!

  23. ddd says:

    keepers- szczesny is set ,i would have preferred stekelenburg and szczesny to compete for the no 1 spot but fabianski is cool based on his last years performance only.
    vito is awesome for 3rd choice

    Defence-sanga and jenkinson are perfect .vermalen,koscielny,and djourou are good but we require one more signing as squillaci is crap.
    (bartley out on loan and compete next year and not this year).
    our defence seems strong with a good center back coming in.
    this year out biggest problem is goin to be left back ,hope gibbs and traore do well (traore seems better coming from an unbiased non english fan).i would love an enrique ,inzagurre or my personal fav vertonghen(who can play 2 other positions)but i dont see it happening.
    last year it was defence,before that it was keepers this year is goin to be left back as our weakness.

    for all the stick our center backs are getting ill say this vermaelen in the premiere league at da moment comes only after vidic ,kompany and maybe terry else no ones better.
    koscielny and djourou are better than almost all 2nd choice center backs in the permier league except chelsea.

    Defence mid-song/frimpong/(diaby/wilshere/(other center back )seem good.
    vertonghen would fit in perfectly to coverthrow song and act as cover.
    (i really feel frimpong could do with a season on loan, the guy needs games not the bench)

    Midfielders- wilshere,ramsey,nasri,fabregas,diaby,frimpong,rosicky,song(lansbury on loan coming in next season for rosicky and maybe diaby if still has not proven himself)

    wingers-(both sides)
    walcott,gervinho,nasri,arshavin,(rosciky,vanpersie)we are set

    strikers-vanpersie/gervinho/chamakh/afobe(one position) .would love to have benzema here.

    for all the arsenal fans worried ,calm down cause our team is stronger atlest compared to liverpool and tottenham(top 4 guaranteed)ad we could still chalange for top honors

    fabregas and nasri should stay (i dont see both leaviing and even if they do all is well)
    but is fab leaves i would love to have benzema from real with rvp playin just behind and with the wingers and wilshere and song guidiing him)

    p.s :ryo lansbury and bartley need to go on loan this season if they are not gonna get playing time.afobe is still a so so on loan .

  24. Elujoba eluwole ebun says:

    Let fab go then bring mata and stop complaining.

  25. chris says:

    Good. Buy Mata let Cesc go for the £35m The poor sod is going to be plagued by injuries anyway.

    When we have the right players … tell Nasri to xxxx off and take the £20m plus for him.

  26. chris says:

    Thank goodness we didn’t buy Downing for £20m. That’s one thing we have got right.

  27. Foots says:

    You guys need to learn some English and how to spell before you start trying to be a Manager

  28. taiwo johnson says:

    please let fabregas and nasri go since this is what they want. sign marta, samba/cahil and benzema we are going to win trophies. in wenger we trust.

  29. edreez says:

    let mata put on d jersey first cos i think it’s still a speculation

  30. washie gc says:

    get mata, benzema, samba and baines plz we need to win smthn this season!!!

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