Date: 26th July 2011 at 12:00pm
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With the Premier League season fast approaching, Arsene Wenger is fine tuning his side and using these pre-season friendlies to his full advantage. It does not help our preparations not knowing if Fabregas and Nasri will be with us when the season starts. But be that as it may, it is good to see that our central midfield is looking strong already even without these two. Ramsey, Wilshere and Song have been the prefered midfield trio this summer and going into the start of the season, I see these three playing keys roles for us this term.

Ramsey agrees with this and he is looking forward to playing alongside Wilshere and Song.

“Me, Jack and Alex are starting to build a relationship and are doing well together,” Ramsey told Arsenal Player.

“We’ve shown that we are more than capable of playing together and are connecting together. It is an interesting combination and one that I hope I can be apart of.

“In the middle, we did well [against Cologne] and it was a good work-out.”

Is there anyone else you would rather have in that midfield trio, currently present at the club or someone we should buy this summer to come in and fill in that role?


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  1. Allen says:

    Total rubish all how can you use Ramsey.Jack and Song? Rubish talk go into the market and buy players we need two (2) midfielders nd 2 defenders Clichy replacement and Kosciny replacement if u can compete with any of the top four or to win trophies foolish talk you are

  2. Amrut says:

    But the issue is we need back up . Both Aaron and Jack are WIP not finished products yet . They would need some one like Cesc for guidance , because this year we need a trophy. So an experienced mid fielder is required if Cesc and Samir go. I guess Barca will not be able to cough up 40 mil and Cesc may stay for one more year. Just wishful thinking !

  3. max says:

    Jack n rambo ar nt yet good nough 2 b our nmb 1 option in d mid cos both ar stil young nd may nt b fit 2 play 90 mins week in nd wek out. we need extra central midfileder an experience 1 to help enforce d midfild

  4. Carl says:

    If/when Cesc goes and if no replacement brought in Jack/Ramsey and Song is the best midfield we can have. I would love to see a midfield of Jack/ Ramsey and Cesc in front of them especially in the CL that Midfield would dominate.

  5. Kai says:

    Seel Cesc, move Nasri in the middle, rotate both Ramsey and Wilshere. I’d say at the moment Wilshere is just edging it over Ramsey but your leg snapping like a twig will slow your progress ever so slightly. The issue of CB’s has not been dealt with in any way but Wenger seems confident he will sign one before the window shuts. Of course that could a powerful premiership proven CB, possible the last piece of the Arsenal jigsaw, or it could be one of his notorious ‘bargains’ like last year.

  6. Juma lukalia says:

    Ramsey,wilshier r still young to cope up to an experienced midfilder is needed!plz?

  7. tosin says:

    i’ll like to welcome the signing of juan mata.

  8. mac b says:

    Allen not rubish! ramsey and wilshere beat manutd.

  9. ken says:

    Good midfield but still doubt ramsey’s ability.

  10. Chetan says:

    I like this combination. We just need Scott Parker, cause he can replace any one of these midfielders when their injured plus he has brilliant experience in the prem legue, and can be a kind of roll model for these guys.

  11. chris from jamaica says:

    Ramsey,Wilshere are young need some one who is fully experience in the middle with them,get rid of Cesc buy Mata, Enrique and Samba with the Cash”””’

  12. josh says:

    reminds me of xavi/iniesta pairing.all mfs are free to do their own things rotationally.but with fab in mf,you could see wilshire being less adventurous with the whole game played almost solely through cesc.

  13. wolex says:

    i would like to see rosicky among them probably be a sub or starter in some matches so that we can triumph next season.

  14. ddd says:

    sanga djourou koscielny/vermaelen vermaelen/jenkinson
    nasri/ramsey wilshere
    theo/nasri vanpersie gervinho
    in my humble opinion is da best we have if and when fab leaves….
    the problem with us now is the bench …..hence sinings
    cause the team that beat chelsea ,manu and barca is the best but the problem comes when one of em is injured and i mean even one of em !!

  15. Gman says:

    Best midfield combo song fabregas and nasri.. Wit wilshere and Ramsey rotating to give these three a break..

  16. eric says:

    jack,Alex,Ramsey may do well but if two of them get injuries we may end up depending rosicky and other babies remember we need to raise another kid like jack so has to frustrate nasri from his least get 2 mid fielders and 2 centers and two strong left back for clichy number.

  17. frquen says:

    Juan mata is the only answer for this midfield.. We need another centre back

  18. Haykay says:

    I think the combination is okay,we can see jack play better than both nas n fab last only worried is when the get injured,we dont av better replacement 4 them.

  19. take 9 says:

    Ken, you doubt Ramsey’s ability? like really? Ramsey and Wilshire are great, not too sure if they would cope with the physicality of the EPL for 90 minutes, week in and week out, that said, i certainly don’t doubt their abilities. am i the only one who was impressed but Frimpong so far? his passing is good, his strong and surprisingly quicker that Alex Song. its gonna be a great 2011/2012 season.

  20. ddd says:

    not worried about wilshere last 90 mins every week the problem is ramsey (who would have been ready if not for his injury)
    frimpong is badass but im woried with frimpong ,wilshere and ramsey running the midfield even if its due to injuries (they are just too young)i no its if ur good enough u play but comon 19 19 20 too young !

  21. taiwo jamiu says:

    up guners.jack song nd enough 4 d midfield bt dey just need replacement incase of injure

  22. Solo says:

    We all know how good is cesc but he does not want to play for us any more.

    Melo.haZard.vertonhen Cahill

    Came on arsenal

  23. Solo says:

    When AW bought .Henry ,pires,veira,, nasri and cesc .no one knew them.expect more unknown players

    We should trust AW.

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