Date: 25th July 2011 at 5:32pm
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The whole footballing world has been talking about Manchester City’s striker, Mario Balotelli’s attempted bakheel miss against LA Galaxy in a pre-season friendly.

Balotelli was clear on goal. Instead of the obvious pass to his team mate who could have easily scored, Balotelli decided to spin over the ball and try to back heel the ball into the net. He missed the goal with this effort and was immediately subbed by Man City manager Mancini.

Can you imagine how Arsene Wenger would have lost it if any Arsenal player had done that!


0 responses to “[Video] Why Mario Balotelli is not an Arsenal player”

  1. TrueWisdom says:

    What an idiot

  2. Waleed says:

    Mancini is the idiot for immediately subbing him. It’s a friendly, for god’s sake. Let him entertain, let him have fun. He may have effed that chance up but there is nothing wrong with trying to add a bit of flair. Arsene Wenger would not have lost it at all, he would’ve appreciated the attempt.

  3. lil jackie says:

    wenger “would not have seen it” haha

  4. Tee money says:

    Balloteli is a gud player, he needs a coach lyk morinho who does nt tak nonsence 4 him to perform normaly on pitch

  5. Mark says:

    What a stupid act.

  6. respect says:

    @Waleed. Its a matter of respect. That shows utter disrespect and arrogance. That will be his down fall as a player.

  7. bewk24 says:

    Do u think triger sign new playes. In my opinio no one after Gerv b/c driger. I’ve no word to stan weger.

  8. Dave Highbury says:

    I loved it. Made me laugh. Big up the Arsenal lol

  9. droog says:

    He’s just an attention seeking little boy who saw that UAE penalty and thought it’ll be fun to copy. Either that or this match is rigged by bookies. For Arsenal’s case, remember Henry n Pires’s circus act penalty attempt.

  10. simms21 says:

    Whatever atleast he knows where the goal is Chamakh just lays the damn ball off half the time.

  11. ak47 says:

    bloody hell this world has become insanely sensitive. i agree with waleed, it was a pre season match, he was having a bit o fun, say it came off? we’d all be raving about how skilled he is. at least he has the confidence to attempt something like that. simms is right first half of last season chamz was ok then he forgot where the goal is. mancini needs to chill. out

  12. Dan T says:

    Tee Money – He played under Mourinho at Inter and fell out with him and got dropped – Then he wore an AC shirt on TV and fell out with the fans aswell.

  13. Dan T says:

    @ Simms – What part of that goal attempt gave you the idea that he knew where the goal was?

  14. Sam says:

    I love Balotelli, i wish he should be gunner, he’s a player nigga what i like it ..

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