Date: 24th July 2011 at 3:00pm
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There had been speculation that Robin Van Persie could want to leave Arsenal this summer with Real Madrid being the most likely destination for the Dutchman.

The Daily Star is reporting that Van Persie wants to stay at Arsenal and win trophies with the club.

Van Persie said, “In the second part of last season I scored 18 league goals. I believe this could be a really good year for me.

“I want to win trophies but winning doesn’t come from out of the blue.

“We didn’t have a World Cup or European Championships during the summer, so we can prepare really well this year.”

It was suggested that Jose Mourinho could tempt Van Persie to join him in Spain and help him put an end to his 6 seasons without a trophy at Arsenal. I can not see Van Persie leaving Arsenal right now, even if Nasri and Fabregas leave. And why would he go to Real Madrid of all sides where he will most likely be sitting on the bench and who is to say Real will win trophies this coming season especially with Barcelona looking stronger and stronger.


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  1. TrueWisdom says:


  2. I trust u van persie

  3. gunzblazing says:

    Was this ever even an issue!? Why even post this crap. RVP is a gooner 4 life! On another note, how shit was nasri yesterday? Absolutely no heart. He is not what we need for the future and nothing would make me more happy then to see him leave. If its the bermuda triangle they call citeh, than so be it. Will make it all the more sweet when we beat them come next season.

  4. Alejo says:

    Van persie is our most dedicated player. I trust him. And I love him bcos he always puts and end to any speculation about him. RVP 4 life. Gooner 4 life.

  5. Gb, iberedem says:

    How i wish, all the plays includin the management of arsenal is as dedicated like RVP, wining trophies would’ve been our birth rite 2, both in the pitch he works harder with seriousnes, u are the real gunners.

  6. gyabi moses chihi says:

    for so many years he as had us at heart and he knows trophies will come and he will have what to tell whan they do come trust him

  7. wellingooner says:

    As soon as I saw this rumour I knew it was stupid. I don’t know why you would even feel the need to dispell it… Mourinho said he would want to have Robin on his team but he has about as much chance of getting that as I do becomming the next Pope…

  8. lee says:

    more toilet wall reading, you call yourself a gooner and pen this rubbish. you waste peoples time with this kinda crap. if there is nothing to write about then enjoy the sun shine and stop just writing crap like this. and who the hell believes what is printed in the star! You need to take a step back and think about your reporting mate. only mugs keep penning this kinda rubbish and it seems your one of them!!!

  9. Eddy says:

    RVP is a lyf gooner. So abt such speculation its jst a fuss. Luv ya RVP!

  10. Bufty says:

    RVP is going nowhere.He wil lead our team 2 major trophy dis season.Gunner 4 life

  11. mystic says:

    There was never a rumour that van Persie might leave, just a speculation in a paper that Madrid might want him. Please don’t give credence to the a speculation of a rumour about a possible offer, with any actual desire to move.

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