Date: 22nd July 2011 at 12:54pm
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You have to love Arsene Wenger’s business talk. You can see he knows a thing or two about business even though he is a football manager. I think Arsene would feel at home as the CEO of an LSE listed company. During the Asia tour, Wenger answered some questions sent his way and he responded very well in business terms. One question which stood out for me was when he was asked what he does when he feels a player needs to released by the club.

I could feel that they were referring to what Wenger would do if Fabregas and / or Nasri leave this summer and how they would be replaced.

The question he was asked is, “When do you say, ‘I have to let him go’?

Wenger’s answer was:
“When he starts to disturb the efficiency of the company and only you as a boss will know that. Sometimes it’s difficult to know, because when a guy is very important at a company, the natural run of that company goes through him. That has a disadvantage too, because it keeps other employees with qualities quiet. Then if this guy goes, sometimes you see others step up and take responsibility and you didn’t even know they had it. Sometimes you have to take these decisions without really knowing what will happen afterwards. It’s always better to get rid of someone who is too disturbing rather than keep him because he has the quality.”

You can see this answer had ‘Fabregas’ written all over it. The last sentence: “It’s always better to get rid of someone who is too disturbing rather than keep him because he has the quality.”

As much as we may hate to say it, Fabregas is disturbing Arsenal right now. All this talk about his future is taking all the attention and focus away from the club. And no matter how good a player is, if he is disturbing the club then best to get rid of him and maybe that will even give other players a chance to step up.


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  1. Franco says:

    Fabregas is disturbing Arsenal right now.This is for sure, it is making us sick and vomit him. Can you do away with him and concentrate on better things than FaB and his Bacerlona/XAvi

  2. Aloysius Kipkemei says:

    No activity yet 4 arsenal

  3. ifeanyi klinsmann says:

    sale him off at ones he is distracting d club.he is too injury prone,pls wenger buy mata immediately b4 money bags snap him up pls also sale nasri if he continues to stall over contract extension wenger what is holding cahil’s deal?i hope is not money issue cuz d money is there to spend.

  4. Wasiu A.Lawal says:

    I like d way Wenger answer d question ,if Fabregas is disturbing let him go and allow Nasri to step to his shoe.I know Nasri will do better than him . who is Fabregas in three years back but he should remember that all d players that left d way he wanted to leave, where are they now.

  5. Adewumi says:

    Let him go and buy us mikel artetar 4rm Everton

  6. E.ride says:

    I think arsenal is better off without fabregas and nasri,think a gud replacement 4 nasri mata & as 4 fabregas think iz hazard 4rom lille come on wenger go get them and make sure u sign samba & gary cahill at all cost,wenger plz jst buy them even if there expensive they’ll strengthen our team

  7. Tosin ayodele says:

    Kudos to u all? Wenger pls let fab go and pls use d money to buy juan mata or arteta like my order fanz say. Pls wenger do it fast fast b4 it late prof pls up gunners thankz.

  8. Sams lover says:

    Pls wenger wipe away our shame by buying quality players lke mata,samba,cahil etc. And allow who soever want 2 leave 2 go.

  9. barbes says:

    wenger is 100% right, i experience da same situation wit my club in Liberia, my captain was a quality player but was overshadowing other players. when i finally sold him, i was able to reach the play-off and finish second on the table. now i foresee Nasri and Ramsey becoming the stars of arsenal this upcoming season provided Nasri stay at Arsenal……….

  10. Nkanyezi says:

    my opinion is to sell Fabregas as well as Nasri and get Mata, Cahill or Samba and a an experienced goalie. other players will step up and do the business for us this term… from South Africa.

  11. AMAR ISA says:


  12. Busasco says:

    Mr wenger let fab to go where ever he want to go and keep the play manker at the Emirate, I mean Samri Nasri. Will need a Mata for that matter and will fans, will are anger of trophy down. If will want make it in this 2011/2012 will need quality players like Cahill, Benzeman, Lukaku etc. Please will needs them.

  13. ddd says:

    i agree we need a center back (cahill) striker(benzema) and left back (vertonghen)to look badass on paper but not evenrthings looking so bad .
    vermaelen and van persie keeping fit the hole season .
    top ranked player according to castrol gervinho joined us.
    cesc and nasri may not necessarily leave and even if then do there is lots of money coming in (and wenger is under pressure this time to ve patience all)
    walcott can impress this season .
    szczesny,ramsey ,frimpog,gibbs,traore,jenkinson can do a WILSHERE this season .

    wenger can go for benzema and ozil with the money for fabregas :D(just saying )
    and most importantly alumunia ,bendtner and denilson are leaving !!!:D

  14. Nuren felix says:

    Pls wenger quickly sell fab,kindly keep nasri,pls for the shake of we the fans buy samba,ribery and lukaku then we are sure of trophy,this fab issue is killing the whole team bcos he feel he is better than the other players pls get rid of him fab now.

  15. mbukino friday says:

    i thk fab should be sold while mata,cahill,samba and jose enrique are bought.

  16. Mr X says:

    I think he was refering to Adebayor rather than Cesc. Dont assume as you know what they say.

  17. snazzybay says:

    the best thing to do pertaining to fab case is to release him and let him go to any club he wills,wenger you are a respected prof,and for this i wouldnt like you to jeopardise the signing of these players namely 1juan mata2gary cahill 3samba 4kareem need them stop being parsimonious.

  18. Jamilu nasco says:

    Pleasad just leaved fabrigas to go any where,replace mature player dat mach wit samir.

  19. Bunmy says:

    My fellow gunner, u dont knw dis AW, wher is d money 4 d sales of Viera, Henry, Hleb, Adebayo and Toure. Evry thing end up in d hand of hungry board member. I trust dis man wil not buy replacement

  20. Mas,ud says:

    Plz wnger sel fab nd kindly kip samir 4 us,bring mata,benzima &cahill in d team. Up gunerz

  21. baya10 says:

    easy…fabregas out, nasri to replace him from the left to centre, ryo/gervinho on the left side

  22. Ikoro darl says:

    I think is hightime we sold febregas. He has been a torn on our flesh for some season now.,,,if we can’t replace him with another quality midfielder then we should promote ramsay to dat position and tighten our defence with an uncompromising central defender in d mould of samba and an xperience left back instead of promoting gibbs. Cus the departure of cesc will definitely weaken our midfield which has been our strong force…

  23. TrueWisdom says:

    Fabregas isn’t gonna leave. Barcelona have signed Alexis Sanvhez for 33million. They won’t have any funds available for Fabregas to transfer. Show your true Arsenal loyalty and be glad Fabregas is staying

  24. Eddy says:

    Prof. It’s high tym u stopped breakin d hrtz of d gunner faithfulz. Cesc is a big distractn nw.Pls let go of him, n get juan mata. Nasri should be kept at any cost 2 integr8 dat role,den a two quality defendaz-cahil n a striker wld be jst fine. We hope 4 a beta season dis tym.

  25. Elujoba eluwole says:

    Let Fab go he disturbing all d arsenal fans.

  26. Gweezy says:

    Fabregas is really disturbing the club’s focus.Wenger should keep Nasri and add Hamsik or Mata to the club. a defence spice up of cahill wld help too.
    miyachi, walcott and van persie are 100% capable to do the magic.
    They just need a good midfield not that disjointed Fabregas!

  27. ne says:

    i think wenger is disturbing the COMPANY itself, don’t he???

  28. Anis says:

    great article! haha, of course Arsene Wenger knows a thing or two about business, in case you didn’t know, Wenger has a master’s degree in economics =) hahaha, (wikipedia)

  29. Bufty says:

    Even if fab leaves i trust AW he wil neva buy a quality player 2 replace him.He bliv he has d replacement at arsenal already

  30. wengernumb says:

    ramsey could step up to the plate….he could well do a better job than cesc last few seasons anyway.
    jack is also a great midfielder already. I will be glad when cesc leaves…..let him go to his sweet chums like puyol and the other pricks at barca!

  31. Arsenal1Again says:

    The best players at Arsenal to replace Cesc id Rambp and Jack. Nasri is lacking a lot in that role.

  32. arshavin says:

    prof wenger i understand if u dnt want 2 buy fab replacement cuz alot of players r there 2 fill in dat position buh giv us sumtin 2 make us smile dis season cuz it sound stupid wen u call us big club nd we cnt even afford 2 buy top players it irritatin wen sum1 commit suicide bcos of ur philosophy we av 2 buy player now….mata nd cahill is ok

  33. Pri says:

    PlZ sell him …..there are other playmaker like montolivo …, hernanes…,ever banega…tiago alcantara…,plz…buy players…

  34. olat says:

    That is very right but if Fab go,Nasri then can replace him in the midfield better than Frank Rib whom is prone to injuries.Sincerely speaking this guy is giving us problems if he want to go pls let him,then we can count on the remaining players.

  35. Owomide says:

    Fabregas is givin arsenal a cronical problem either him stay or leave d heart,d love,nd d captaincy av 2 take 4rm pls alert wenger 2 sale both fabregas nd nasri if dey wanted 2 leave.up gooners

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