Date: 21st July 2011 at 8:39am
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Valencia had previously said that they were not going to sell their star player Juan Mata as Arsenal were reportedly tracking him. But now the Spanish club have come out and said that they are willing to listen to offers for Mata.

“The possibility exists that Mata will leave the club,” Valencia manager Unai Emery told Marca.

“We want him to stay and Mata has also expressed his desire to stay at Valencia, but at the same time we cannot stop a player who really wants to leave for money or for a bigger club. So, if there is a large financial offer from any club, that is good for both us and him, we will have to let him leave.”

Now this has opened the door for Arsenal to go in and sign Mata. It would soften the blow of losing Fabregas who are believe will be a Barcelona player by 1 August. Mata could easily come into the Arsenal side and his style of play is similar to the way Wenger wants the side to pay. With the money raised from the Fabregas sale we could easily buy Mata as it is thought that an offer of £23million would be enough to get Valencia to sell.

Wenger must act quickly now and not beat around the bush when it comes to this deal. We need a big name signing this summer and Mata is just the man to provide that.


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  1. Holiejoe says:

    I think its getting late n out of hands if Wenger doesnt act fast, such big guns wil b slipin off our hands,MATA is an ideal replacment 4 fab(whom we now feel neutral bout, no mor hard feelings 4 him as b4)PAY UP WENGER N GET US MATA AND CAHILL!

  2. stu says:

    things are starting to boil up

    cesc is leaving

  3. Prof pls try to sign dis guy dont hesitate to sign him

  4. Prof pls dont hesitate to sign him

  5. Alex says:

    Simple, sell fabregas place Nasri in central midfield and Mata on the left wing.

    That said, with Miyaichi a future prospect and the likes of Oxlade-Chamberlain apparently being courted, are Arsenal in danger of over-stocking with wingers? Arshavin, Rosicky, Gervinho, Walcott, as well as Nasri and Mata, and occasionally Eboue.

  6. Elujoba eluwole ebun says:

    The money is much for Wenger,i know dis man he won’t go for him,and he didn’t say anything abt samba.

  7. Aussie Jack says:

    Can`t see the sense in paying a player 80K a week who can`t perform for 90 minutes. If he`s only good for 20 minutes pay him for 20 minutes.
    Asharvin should be on the bus.

  8. Peter jorams says:

    Yes let wenger take him

  9. oz gooner says:

    Of course he will beat around the bush, that’s what he does. Nearly August and only one untried transfer on board.I think the man is still delusional, but transfer season is not over yet so I will bite what is left of my lip and hope to Christ we see some form of defence materialize over the next few weeks.

  10. bob says:

    what’s your evidence that Cesc will be gone by August 1. anyone can say anything. is it August 1 this year? you write in a fact-free zone and expect the fish to jump at your feeding time? i’ve just jumped to hold up a mirror to what you’re doing when neither of us have that information, but you have heard “the rumors.”

  11. arsenal4eva says:

    Sign him Arsene!…good addition/replacement for us!

  12. Ayoola kay says:

    A good gambler will gamble with whatever money he has with a hope of getting returns.We’ve heard wenger said he gambled about selection so why is it always difficult to gamble with big players coming to da club?honestly this is a player that will replace almost perfectly if not perfectly.le prof pls do it fast before other clubs come in for this man.

  13. Omobello kabir says:

    AW is so mad he shld leave cos he want 2 make sure he spoil d club b4 he go.

  14. Yemi says:

    People should not be optimistic that Wenger will buy Mata. Don’t u know Arsene Wenger again?

  15. Bilyaminu O2 mohammed says:

    pls my family members ””’ give the man a chance ===GUNNERS=== this time he will not fire blank amourd ,,,,,,,,,,, one love gunners.

  16. Riccardo says:

    So tired of hearing that Wenger MUST sign a BIG name..was Wenger himself a big name when he arrived at the club? I think Arsene WHO was the headline yet hes taken us from grey to grace..lets sign the RIGHT names not the BIG ones..think people

  17. TrueWisdom says:

    It is crucial Wenger signs Mata if Arsenal want to pose a threat and win trophies

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