Date: 19th July 2011 at 7:44pm
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It was thought that Arsenal are the front runners to sign Anderlecht’s 18-year-old star, Roman Lukaku this summer after having apparently made a bid for £18 million. But now it is emerging that Manchester City are also after Lukaku and may be ready to bid more than us for the striker. This will result in yet ANOTHER battle between Arsenal and Manchester City.

First they took Clichy from us and are hotly pursuing Nasri which has resulted in a war of words between Wenger and Mancini. And now this battle for Lukaku’s signature. I am already looking forward to our first game against Manchester City as I am sure it is going to be feisty especially when Wenger and Mancini shake hands before and after the match, that is if they even decide to do so.

If it comes down to a bidding battle for the striker, Manchester City will easily out-bid us with their bottomless pit of money. Even though Arsenal have come out and said that they have a lot of money to spend this summer, I can not see Wenger sanctioning a purchase greater than £18 million for an untested 18-year-old striker. Even the reported £18 million bid Arsenal have allegedly made for Lukaku is shocking. Wenger is not used to spend such money on a single player.

Be that as it may, Lukaku is one of the hottest young prospects in Europe and is being compared to a young Didier Drogba. It is such fire-power that we need upfront to compliment Van Persie and Gervinho. Can you imagine a front three of those two plus Lukaku with Fabregas, Nasri and Wilshere behind them? Our defense would certainly need to beef up as it would be our weakest link.


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  1. shakur 4rm lagos nigeria says:


  2. OnDGooner says:

    I am sick and tired now of football as the fun has gone out of it for me with the likes of Man City and ManU who are prepared to throw money at anything that moves. It seems immoral and unethical the way these teams are damaging the beautiful game. Loyalty is now out of the window and the whole place is filled with mercenaries looking to make a quick buck which makes me want to vomit at the mention of names like Emmanuel Adebayor and Matthew Flamini. Sick idiots and sick owners from Arab. They are all a joke and it is sickening indeed!!

  3. TrueWisdom says:

    Lukaku will be a perfect Arsenal player! Wenger I’ll give you £20 extra to outbid Man City

  4. ike@Ghana says:

    Wenger should just be serious with his approach. Instead of starting and completing a deal with a short period, he will always be slowing down things for other managers to join and outbid him.

  5. xx says:

    Arsenal is such a rubbish club, they can not even convince a 19 year old Costa Rican to sign for them. The board and manager must leave. Why are they waiting for Barcelona to emerge from their insolvency. Fabregas has stated he wants to leave, his preferred destination is his problem. Arsenal’s probelm is to make as much money as they can and use it to reinvest in the squad. Sell him to the highest bidder, if Fabregas still wants to go to Barca next season, let the other club wrestle with that problem. That is how a competent manager and board behave not this joke about an executive going to South America to sign a 19 year old and coming back empty handed. Silent Stan should either sell the club to the Russian or bring in a new board and manager. His silence is not golden.

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