Date: 19th July 2011 at 11:55am
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Just when we thought that Arsene Wenger had captured another gem for a low fee, Joel Campbell and his father failed to arrive for a meeting to complete his move to Arsenal. The Costa Rica striker was meant to meet with Richard Law and complete his move. But reports are surfacing today that Arsenal have given up on this deal due to the player not arriving as promised.

La Maicon is reporting this story today and the the President of Campbell’s club has told us of his disappointment on this collapsed deal:

“It’s disappointing for football, for Saprissa and me who have decided not to make an offer as serious and first class people like Arsenal, I hope things go well for Joel.

“I assume that the father he thinks things will get better after the decision and why, but hey, there’s always a risk and it is a pity that the Costa Rican football could not have a player at Arsenal at the moment.

“There is no other option, the doors are closed.”

It is a pity for Arsenal too as I thought Campbell would have done well for us. But I guess they say everything happens for a reason and now Arsenal can look for a new striker.

I do not feel too upset about missing out on him after what Campbell’s father has said. He does not seem to care too much that his son did not join Arsenal.

“If Arsenal options are closed there is no problem when one door closes, many open,” he said.

“We decided we will not sign anything yet, we expect to finish the World Cup to go and play Joel calm and no pressure, then see what happens.”

What do you think about all of this?


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  1. kharadonha says:

    it is so disapointing to hear such news coming from Costa Rica. I was looking forward to this deal but hey what can we do when fathers have turn to hynas these days. I feel sorry for the boy coz obviously he was looking forward to play for Arsenal. his father will now leave with regret that his son will never be recognised in Football history all bcoz of greed and lack of understanding what football is about. lets not be disapointed and instead lets go ahead with what we have and focus on producing the current crops of youngsters to be real threats in the coming seasons.

    Richard Law, seems to be getting things wrong but I don’t blame him when the deal was already agreed.

    Cheers Gooners

  2. Emeke says:

    I am not suprised even a kid like Campbell rejected Arsenal. We need to raise our standard if we are to be taken seriously. Been an Arsenal fan is humilliating as we can’t talk where others are talking.

  3. venky says:

    let him f**k off to wherever he wants, his father could never find a place as good as Arsenal for his son

  4. Clint says:


    What are you talking about? You have no clue. I’m sick of hearing you complainers go on and on about nothing. The REAL Arsenal supporters don’t need you glory hunting kids spraying your useless opinions all over the internet. Go support Man Utd, it’s where you belong.

  5. wengernumb says:

    did we really want him?….Its a non-story if ever i read one

  6. chidi says:

    tha’s sad to hear. if -parents can be excluded from some deals it will soothe the club wel

  7. Charlie says:

    @Clint exactly. Emeke having fans like you is what is humiliating. You’re a glory hunter so do what your kind do and go support whoever are Champions so you can hold your head up high boasting about it until someone sees through to the fact that you’re not a genuine fan at all.

  8. Arsenaltillisleep says:

    Thats ryt Clint!!!

  9. Amrut says:

    Very dissapointing. The guy has talent and did say he was thrilled about arsenal. Doors will open his father says , wonder who ! its a worrying trend , two deals gone dead , Alvarez first and now Campbell. Arsenal need to do something about it.

  10. Emeke says:

    You can complain all u like. Whats a club like arsenal doing going for a kid like campbell when there are lots of grown up experience pkayers out there. The so called “real” fans like you are the reason Arsenal has not won a thing for 5 years now. Keep up d chant “in arsene we trust” and see how many trophies that will win u.

  11. Teejay says:

    Wat d hell is arsenal problem

  12. Vanditha says:

    I think he opts to play for under 20 world cup, before decide his future.cos he ‘ll do all his best to attracted many top he ‘ll have more options to very clever.but don’t forget if Arsenal buy another stricker, he ‘ll be ……;-)

  13. TrueWisdom says:

    I couldn’t care less

  14. aidan says:

    the father is holding out for more money, he got greedy, he believes his son will be worth more money after the Cup. Risked the development of his son at a place like AFC for more money. MONEY. If the flops at the Cup he ll be sorry

  15. Dxn says:

    While you’re entitled to your own opinion, you cannot define who the “REAL” supporter is or what he/she’s about. Have your say and allow others the same luxury.

  16. Dxn says:

    And for the rest of you, call me blank, but I would have thought seeking for glory (thru winning trophies) is a strong part of being a fan.Or maybe that’s changed.

  17. ArmoUS says:

    To all readers: if we are reading what is happening in Arsenal, it means that we care. After Henry left I told inside that won’t support Arsenal without Henry, Pirez, but guess what, couldn’t. After last season I told myself, if no signings – major ones or solid ones, then need to find a club which makes more sense. So far again same old story, but still can’t care for other clubs. So the point is that we all care for Arsenal, whether or not trust their decisions, hope to see improved play. Result is important, having bad defence is problem, and we went to China and get 1:1. All of us have right to be frustrated by club management by their fair judgement of quality signings. If Cahil, or Samba or whoever is right candidate for the job, buy, do not negotiate otherwise will lose. We got Squilacci in cheap deal, what’s the point – wasn’t it waste of funds. City, Chelsea and other clubs like that increase players value, so show that you can buy you have power, and buy whomever you think is good fit for the club, then fans will back up again manager, CEO and the rest.

  18. Clint says:

    @Dxn I can define REAL supporters as per my opinion. That’s exactly what I did. It seems that many agree. And although you’re entitled to your opinion I don’t think you have the right to be preaching the rules of free speech. Peace

  19. Costarican says:

    As a costarican and as a football fan this is VERY dissapointing. We’re a small country and not many players have the chances that Campbell had. If the kid was not interested, then he should have shown some respect and at least talk about it, not the way he did it. Less hope and wish him the best, but again, we’re preparing for the worst. :(.

  20. Another Costarican says:

    I am another Costa Rican very dissapointed by this failed transaction. As some of you have clearly stated, this appears to be driven by greed of the player’s father. If they are greedy and bet on a good performance in the World Cup, that is a risky proposition and an injury or flop can back fire on them. I am not criticizing that decision, as anybody is entitled to be stupid, but I do feel dissapointed and ashamed on how they handled things, not even showing up to meet with the representative for Arsenal. I consider that disrespectful and does not reflect what any Costa Rican would have done in his position. Best wishes for the gunners in the upcoming season.

  21. Dxn says:

    check again and you’ll see that many also agree with Emeke. You’ve obviously come across quite a lot of them that it sickens you. So what’s that say, that they’re wrong and you’re right? We all care about this club, and will all not express it in the same way. Regardless of the fact that we won’t, can’t support another club, still, being trophyless will grate any supporter, REAL or no, and I think that and how to address it is the bottom line here. As you say – PEACE.

  22. Dxn says:

    And whether i preach it or not, the rule of free speech remains basically the same – it is available to all.

  23. Clintm15 says:


    Being trophyless doesn’t grate the fans of 90% of Premiership clubs who year in and year out support there club regardless of trophies and even stick by them through relegation. Remember that we have no god given right to be a big club, we are one because Wenger made us one and this is how you repay him. You are truly pathetic. If you don’t buy into Arsene’s philosophy and don’t feel a sense of gratitude for all he has done for us then it would be in your best interests to support someone else. Same goes for Emeke, complaining doesn’t solve things and it won’t change them don’t cause yourself the stress and support Man Utd with the rest of the glory hunters.

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