Date: 18th July 2011 at 5:07pm
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Arsenal may be in the market for a new midfielder following the departure today to Sao Paulo on a season long loan. It is ironic that another Brazilian could come in to replace Denilson.

Juventus’ Felipe Melo is back on Arsenal’s radar after he was left out of Juventus’ pre-season squad that has gone on tour to the USA. Melo was heavily linked with a move to Arsenal as Wenger as an admirer of the defensive midfielder. Arsenal currently have Alex Song to fill in that role but Melo could come in and challenge Song for that position of some matches Wenger may opt to play with two holding midfielders.

I know some fans do not rate Melo highly but we could get him at a cut price deal since he has fallen out of favour with Juventus. Being 28-years-old he would provide an element of much needed experience to the Arsenal squad.

Arsenal have not really gotten a replacement in the middle of the park since Vieira left. I am not saying that Melo could be the ‘new’ Vieira but he could try to add some much needed steal to our midfield.

What are your thoughts on Melo possibly coming to Arsenal?


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  1. francis onuma says:

    i love to see melo at emirates

  2. Tharik says:

    Melo will be a good addition.but I dont think wenger will
    Buy him.

  3. Davi says:

    Personally I think diaby is better. He’s not perfect, but improving all the time. He is just as strong as melo, puts his foot in nowadays, and really does add some “ste[e]l”. On top of that he has very quick feet and better attacking skills.
    Melo is a tough mf, but doesn’t seem to do much more than hack at people. He has a powerful shot (as does diaby), but doesn’t score so many that it is really a big deal.
    Melo is better than diaby in a couple of areas. I think he takes fewer risks with the ball and doesn’t dwell so much as diaby does, and he is better at heading, which is quite important. That said, I think diaby is improving in both of these areas as he adapts to the position and grows as a player.
    Song is currently miles better than both these players in DM, but for some reason wenger stopped employing him as a holding midfielder this season, and I think it’s affected the defence. The one time I saw him really play that way was against Utd, where he nullified rooney and helped us control large parts of the game.

  4. TrueWisdom says:

    Melo is a good player but I don’t know if he can play an Arsenal style football

  5. Feisal says:

    Melo is a good but we need more and presentative players.

  6. Jim says:

    This guy is perfect for games when we take the lead and need to shut up shop or avaunt a team that tries to bully us in a 4-2-3-1 formation, something we have lacked in the past

  7. American Gooner says:

    If Diaby plays important minutes for Arsenal this season, we will win nothing again. Diaby represents everything that was wrong with the 2010-11 Gunners, from a lack of sound decision-making to a weak attitude. Melo would be a giant upgrade over both Diaby and Song.

  8. Olawuyi sunday samuel says:

    Yes melo is a good addition to the current arsenal team.he’s a good and very strong player.

  9. Allen says:

    i really recognize melo only if Arsene Wenger wil buy is the problem

  10. rock gunner says:

    we don’t wan to see this guy..we just need another CB for whole season..we need strong squad for new campaign!

  11. xolani says:

    In most of the games I watched Melo playing he ended up receiving red cards & he doesn’t time his tackles that may cost us big time

  12. igeto says:

    pls wenger go and get him, we need rough player in our squad

  13. olisa obiakor says:

    melo is wat arsenal need,bt dont knw weda wenger will go 4 hm.

  14. Demehin wale says:

    We dont need him. It ruely he is good why is he left out of brazil squad for copa. We dont need player that will reduce our team to ten men when he plays. He collect too much foul that lead to red cards

  15. gunner says:

    Stupid to think diaby is good enough. Ya right, couldnt even control himself at newcastle. Improving? Wait another 5 years.

  16. joshuad says:

    melo sucks. i’d rather keep denilson.

  17. Mabior Atem says:

    Pliz! Melo is best n skill player it will be very fascinating signing if make wenger,what u never even try to Melo to gunners

  18. gannesha says:

    Wasn’t he voted the Serie A’s Worst Player? Hope he doesn’t come to Arsenal.

  19. chris says:

    My thoughts are it would be a good move but don’t hold your breath for Wenger to do it. It seems to me he goes for very young players so that he can drill them in his purist, intellectual style. which for several years has not worked.

    He seems to have a problem buying excellent mature players. I seriously rate him as a control freak.

  20. ezyjones says:

    i would realy love to see melo at arsenal nxt season.what u guys seem to have forgoten is that these are two different league,and if you take a keen look at both of them,they are approached with different style thats why most players in serie A rough.for instance look at how flamini plays compared to his tym at emirates?so im sure melo will change his approach.that will be a great signing for sure!!

  21. Mark says:

    Cut price deal? Even if it’s below £10 million, there’s no chance of it happening. Wenger is just not going to sign a DM now. Period.

  22. Allen says:

    Every body knows that we need this guy bcos song wd be going to nation cup january also we need a player who is tough so that other teams can also have that fubia for Arsenal some time ok wenger need to splash for this guy he dont need to tell

  23. arsenal4eva says:

    We don’t need him…

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