Date: 17th July 2011 at 11:04am
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Fanatix is reporting that Arsenal may be ready to let Cesc Fabregas go to Barcelona this summer, only if Barcelona allow David Villa to join Arsenal. This would be one of the biggest transfers in footballing history in my opinion. It seems like such a deal would only happen on Championship Manager on my PC.

But in today’s football transfer world, anything is possible. Villa would be a great addition to the Arsenal side as we need a striker of his quality to fire the goals in. I seriously doubt though that Barcelona would be willing to sell their star striker who scored 18 goals last season.

But if Barcelona really want Fabregas and do not have the money to do so then they may just have to sell one of their star players to fund the Cesc deal and Villa seems the only one they would be willing to sell who has a high value.


0 responses to “Sunday Rumour: Arsenal want David Villa”

  1. rog b says:

    ha ha ha

  2. wayne says:

    Yeah messi is coming to for deninson or bentner.

  3. Marv says:

    Hahaha where do you come up with these silly rumours?

  4. wayne says:

    I’m taking the mick kids messi isn’t coming sorry.

  5. baros says:

    If i was wenger, i wld also ask for A player like Villa dat Barc needs more. This will make Barc shut up coz i kno they can’t afford to lose Villa. Dats ‘fairplay’ or ask for around 85 Million pounds for cesc. But the fact is , arsenal is still looking so bad at the back en upfront. Need more quality please!

  6. Josh says:

    Yep, and Xavi Is swapping for denilson

  7. yeah right really can’t see this

  8. Micheal says:

    That impossible,

  9. bc says:

    In our dreams!! Villa has been one of the players begging Cesc to join him at Barca. If the unthinkable happened, I think we would be in a similar situation within a year with Villa wanting to go back to Spain.

  10. TrueWisdom says:

    Isn’t it true Messi is coming to Arsenal for £13million XL

  11. Vitalis Ochiewo says:

    Great deal. Next deal in the horizon is Iniesta for Diaby !

  12. IvoryGoonz says:

    Na, next piece of business with Barca is Wenger for Guardiola…!!!

  13. Tazlent says:

    next deal would be to rename barca to arsenal & relocate to emirates.

  14. kyle says:

    woh where the hell is this rumour coming from. Please guys just dnt get our expectation high. Next u guys will say that messi would be exchange 4 cesc. Ha ha ha hw hillarious

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