Date: 17th July 2011 at 7:54pm
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Reports this Sunday suggest that Everton want Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner on loan for this coming season. It is a pity as I would prefered the Danish striker to leave on a permanent deal so we can use the cash made from his sale to buy a better player than him.

Bendtner made it clear that he wanted to leave Arsenal this summer and I think Wenger felt the same way too as he has not made an effort to keep him at the club and the striker was not part of the Far East tour.

Not many clubs seem interested in signing him but if Everrton want him on loan, I think we should insist that they buy him outright. What do you think?


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  1. Arsenal4Life says:

    Why not Bendtner+5million for Jagielka?
    Or Loan Bendtner and take Jagielka+ 12 million? We need atleast 1 CB! I Hope also Squilachi leaves and that hè will be repleaced!
    I say: Jagielka and Samba/Sakho/M.Richards

  2. bc says:

    How about jagielka baines fellani arteta and rodwell for bendtner.

  3. kayode imisi says:

    just swap deal 4 bendtner + 10 million 4 jagielka

  4. Emmanuel says:

    I prefer Bendtner to be loan to everton, he should not be used in exchange for any players. He need more skill that can aid his playing pattern. Maybe he can improve on lone, before we decide his way.

  5. TrueWisdom says:

    Sell him to Everton! Or swop with Leighton Baines

  6. Linx says:

    I feel saiftised after reading that one.

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