Date: 15th July 2011 at 8:31am
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Spare a thought for Arsene Wenger, he has come out and said that the end of last season was the toughest of his career,physically and mentally, after Arsenal seemed to just crumble. From being in the running to winning four trophies to end the season empty handed and finishing fourth would take its toll on any manager. But I believe that things can only get better for Arsenal from here on out.

We will learn from the experience of last season and that will make us a stronger team. Our youngsters will never forget what happened at the end of last season and that will only make them better.

Wenger said, “The last part of it was the toughest of my career. That was certainly the toughest because, emotionally, it was very difficult because we were on a low.

“And then you could see, the last three or four weeks were very difficult.

“It was because I took full responsibility for what happened. I knew at some stage that it was lost and I had so much hope for the team.

“Through November and December, you could feel that the team had really taken off and could win everything. And it was so close.”

It all started with the Carling Cup final. Maybe we went into the game against Birmingham thinking that we had already won the game, only to lose it in the end. That loss seemed to kick start our slump as after that we went on to be knocked out the Champions League and the FA Cup. We tried as best as we could to continue mounting a title run in the league but that all seemed to fall apart especially after the game against Liverpool at the Emirates when we were robbed by the referee.

This coming season will be better for Arsenal, I believe. We have to keep on fighting hard on the field and challenge on all four fronts again.


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  1. elvis says:

    it was really so bad but we need to move on

  2. cin says:

    This bloody fucker wenger speaks a lot again and again.

    This is all for cheating fans.

    Please wenger shut up ur bloody mouth and stop cheating Arsenal fans. We love this club a lot……..

    And we want to see the club winning something. We don’t want to hear ur all blooody reasons and ur shit words.

  3. Steve says:

    It seems Wenger hasn’t learned one thing from last season, not good.

  4. Foots says:

    Cin. We don’t need you suporting us. Please support Citeh. You are very disrespectful.
    Blogger I agree and even if I didn’t it’s nice to see some positive threads about our team.
    Every season our younger players mature and come through the system. Poor Wenger loves attacking so much he sometimes forgets the defence. I would love to see a defensive coach like Adams come to the club as Wenger needs a little help there. Miyachi is staying with us and Frimpong is coming through. We are getting rid of Bentner. If we could only get shot of Denilson and get someone in there who can help us out when Song is tired or injured or to firm up when we are leading. Arsharvin is yet to shine fully. Rosicky wants to do well. Ramsey wants to impress and we have our little terrier Wilshere. VP is world class with Gervhinio to come (he’s got to be better than Bentner or Chamak). So my blogger friend your right, it can onky get better for Arsenal. I have finally got over the embarrasment of last season and Wenger has calmed my nerves with his words. All the other teams are against us why the hell we are against ourselves gets on my nerves. Voice opinions of course, but respectfully. Not cursing our team or our Manager. Do you miss Clichy? I know I don’t. Not yet anyway. lol

  5. Peter egere aka de pa-senal says:

    Pretending to be ok while all is not well, how can you be using the same formular for six years and is not working and you refuse to change, knowing fully well that the only thing that is constant in life is changes. We almost, we almost is all we keep hearing at the end of every given season. Wenger wake up and do the right thing.

  6. steve says:

    do it before it’s to late,”wenger out”.

  7. TrueWisdom says:

    Wenger mustn’t think now that we got Gervinho all 4 trophies are in the bag. We have to get a replacement for Almunia, an excellent midfielder like Juan Mata, and perhaps an experienced defender to add an extra spark to the back line, someone tall and strong, perhaps Samba or Cahill.

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