Date: 14th July 2011 at 4:06pm
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Arsene Wenger seems confident that he is not going to sell Nasri to Manchester United or Manchester City this summer even though Nasri has one year left on his contract. There has been a lot of speculation that Nasri wants to leave Arsenal this summer as we are not ‘good enough’ but that will not happen.

Wenger would rather have Nasri play for Arsenal this season and lose him for free next summer if he does not sign a new contract. Many fans have been debating on whether this is a good move by Wenger. We could potentially miss out on £23million if we do not sell Nasri this summer and he goes for free next summer. It would be great if Nasri signs a new contract now and commits to the club.

Wenger said: “He [Nasri] has always had a very good attitude. We are a big club with many good young players so we are confronted with many rumours and speculation. But it doesn’t affect much what’s happening inside the Club. We have to live with that and you could see when he [Samir] played that he wasn’t disturbed by that.”

When the boss was asked about whether the board support his decision to keep Nasri Wenger said, “I think so, I believe that is no problem. It is a technical decision. On one hand people say I don’t spend enough and when I spend people say I spend too much. It’s very difficult to find the right medium. What is important is that the Club has a good team and is in a strong financial situation. The decisions are dictated by financial restrictions but not only by that. The most important thing is that the team is right and our financial situation is right as well.”

I think it is a bad idea to keep Nasri if he does not sign a new deal this summer. Remember we also have to page his wages this coming season which could total £4million and still lose him for nothing next summer.

Do you think Wenger is doing the right thing?


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  1. Jolome says:

    Remember Nasri wants to play for a team that he deems better than Arsenal in winning Trophies. To do that he will have to prove over the coming season that he is worth bringing to the club. This means for one full season he will have to give his absolute best to attract the right kind of club.
    Also, think about it, Manu are desperate to replace Scholes, this season, so that position will be gone. Chelsea are desperate to get a backup for Essien before the season kicks off. Man city, well always spend silly money. If he does play to his full potential he could be instrumental in bringing trophies to us this coming season. Then he will realise he need not go elsewhere.
    His experience will also help influence Jack and Aaron who need a full season to really blossom. So yes I think it is a worthwhile risk.

  2. roger says:

    So will Wenger say this is like a new signign? Wenger will justify not buyign anyone and say Nasri and fabregas are like new signings.

  3. roger says:

    AKB always justify crap like this, they always say “if”, and “when”, “1 more season”, “they need a full seaosn”, “potential”

    Wake the fuck up Jolome FFS, fabregas and NAsri havnt won us anything so far, and magiclly because thye want to leave they will bring us silverware? Fucking rose tinted bastards, this is whats wrong at Arsenal, we got players wanting to leave, and whave fans justifying why they should stay, and at the same time not sign a contratc and leave on a free. Fucking joke seriusoly

  4. olat says:

    He is gud player but what i will going to do if he wanted to go,let him play for sometime and sell him by the middle of the season to any italian club ah aha ahaa ahhhhhhhh

  5. showurball says:

    it is a technical knowledge that will make samir to sign after few matches. As for cesc, it a planned coup by cesc and xavi so that arsenal could be provoked to sell him. Pls ask him cesc to say something about the comment.

  6. TrueWisdom says:

    Nasri should sign a new contract, then if teams want him next year they can buy him out of his contract

  7. Foots says:

    Say what you want, none of you have a clue about football management or what is going on at Arsenal. All the people that are questioning Wenger are getting on my nerves. You have no loyalty and nothing about you. Listening to what the papers churn out and weakening the name and the spirit of our team. Who are you to question our Manger who has brought you the best football you have seen and made us the 7th most valuable club on the planet.Your lucky to have a man like him steering the club. He loves Arsenal through and through and he has his philosophy and if it wasn’t for the team crumbling we would have won something. Back the Manager and the team or go elswhere.

  8. nicky says:

    I agree. I get the impression that Nasri wants to see the extent of the new blood Wenger is signing, before deciding his immediate future with Arsenal. In turn, Wenger is hoping that Arsenal’s success next season will persuade Nasri to sign a contract extension. Who can blame either of them for the stance they have chosen.

  9. rog b says:

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  10. Adams Tinat says:

    This is d best decision ever taken by Wenger.I have always branded Nasri as an ingrate cos he hasn’t even explore his potentials n already full of ego just after Performing well 4 just three quarter of d season. Towards d end of d season he was a conspicous persenger on d field, no wonder he wants to capitaLise on his initial early season performance to make hay while d sun has not even shine. Let him stay,prove his capability n go for free if he is worth his salt. He is very conscious he may not meet last season standard, hence the flirting. However, this experience is good for Wenger bcos of his selfish tendercies of reallying too much on french players.finally, I respect Fabregas 4 being not only loyal to d club dat made him but also a good student over d years. No wonder his price is high. Gd student Fab Sir Wenger free Fab to go he has paid his dues.

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