Date: 14th July 2011 at 8:00pm
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Carl Jenkinson was signed from Charlton this summer and the 19-year-old right-back put in a decent display for the Gunners in his first match for them against the Malaysia XI on Wednesday.

Jenkinson will not find it easy to make it into the Arsenal starting lineup on a regular basis as he will have to compete against Bacary Sagna. But the Frenchman has welcomed the addition of Jenkinson to the squad and he looks forward to competing against him for a spot in the team.

Sagna had this to say after the game, “I don’t have anything to teach Carl, I just need to give him as much confidence as I can. We are all going the same way, we are all looking forward, and [having him here] is good for me because he will be an opponent [in the right back spot] but a friend as well.

“I hope he will do well this season and I wish him all the best.”

What do you think of Jenkinson based on his debut for Arsenal?


0 responses to “Jenkinson ready to challenge Sagna for right-back spot”

  1. Chimaobi says:

    Wenger should buy more

  2. yuzluv says:

    plz tell wenger to buy cahill

  3. ausjef says:

    wenger should pls sign gary cahil before chelsea captures him.

  4. Ilyas rasheed rosicky says:

    Mr wenger u’re useless man after board give u £60million 2 buy player y u no buy cahill or samba nd mata 4rm valencia or downing 4rm aston villa?

  5. jrgoonar says:

    He looks good but I think they were told we might have a weakness in that area and he nearly got caught out not being goal side on a few of their runs. With a bit of decent coaching I think he will be very good.

  6. Lanz says:

    Please stop this Cahill talk. If he was that good he would have been bought off Bolton long ago. Why would Sir Alex go for a 19 year old that cost the same as him? There are far better CBs outside England. Let Chelski have him. We will get someone better!

  7. John says:

    Samba is a terrible defender I rate Vermanlen, Kozzer and Djourou above him. Cahill is good but not worth the money they are looking for. Samba £12M Cahill £16-£18M its crazy money.

    I think Woodgate would have been a good squad buy to take Squallaci place as back up playing from time to time. Would have really liken Wenger to sign Zapata but he went to Villeral for $8M we dont seem to have a figure on the pulse at all.

    Also if Bendther is leaving why on earth didnt Wenger sign Charlton Cole target man better striker very physical etc from West Ham another great squad addition that didnt cost a bomb £6M

  8. henry okundalaiye says:

    Wenger pls buy Metesacker,he is 27 and full of experience.he is 6’7 and his club are ready to let him go for £7M

  9. Isiaka henry says:

    AW is a very stupid man, dat can not even take us 2 the glory.the elier the better, we only need 3 changes b4 we could compete 4 d EPL FA and d CL dis season d light of samba or cahill N’Zoghia in replacement of clichy and paker, i can now say dat we are gud 2 go, wit d like’s of walcott,nasri gavinho and robin van pasier etc i can asure u guys dat arsenal wil win trophys

  10. henry okundalaiye says:

    Wenger,dnt 4get Gervinho,Song,Eboue and maybe Frimpong will be called up for CAN next year,it will leave the team empty. Even if you want to save money that is meant for spent to bolster the club,think abt the gaps they will leave

  11. henry okundalaiye says:

    Wenger,dnt 4get Gervinho,Song,Eboue and maybe Frimpong will be called up for ACN next year,it will leave the team empty. Even if you want to save money that is meant for spent to bolster the club,think abt the gaps they will leave

  12. Wise gooner says:

    The question is what do you think about Jenkinson? Not are you a stupid cunt worrying about transfers? Bloody hell, you arsenal fans are thick as shit…. BTW, I am an arsenal fan enjoying life at the moment !

  13. Tobiscus says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment wise gooner

  14. Emmanuel says:

    Mr wenger, football is not an economics neither an idea. Please if you are not competent to sign better players to aid already made squad, open door for another manager. We need trophy.

  15. Wise gooner says:

    @ Tobiscus, no worries pal, im just annoyed with arsenal fans complaining about anything… If we was in this position come september then they have the right to complain but we have 6 weeks left so not to worry !!!

  16. olad says:

    Prof. wenger, pls give us cahill now, we need dat guy in our squad. (olad 4rm 9ija)

  17. Kankanjiyan lanre says:

    Miser wenger plz buy exprnce player like chaill, samber nd plz keep bot nasri & cesc 4 me

  18. Olatunji alaba says:

    Wenger tanks 4 all ur effort atlease it’s wat ever u do people will say abut u atleast do something tangible while u are still there all d young player are encouraging but we need strong player,you like 2 dnt allowed arsenal rivals 2 boo us.

  19. RashmandGooner says:

    I don’t know why some fans are just bn crazy abt signing players. we got like additional 9(loan,injury & transfer) players in Ryo, Armand, Carlos, Vito + injured players last season in Aaron, TV5 & Frimpong including Gervinho and Carl. so with only Gael and Nick out. what do we do with 50 players in d squad do you think is easy keepin players without playimg them.
    Any f**ckig fan who can not withstand this should go and join Mad Shity or Manure. If we talk about quality players Torres should definately be mentioned what. did he do in Cheski? In Arsene we trust.

  20. arsenal4eva says:

    Owh…decent signing eh?…He was struggling with the pace of Kunanlan!(Malaysian winger)..

  21. Arsenal1Again says:

    Please Mr Wenger, I know you spend all your time reading blogs and giving a shit about our comments – so buy Gulalli, he’s only 7M. We need him, honest to God. Ritoghen at Gharist FC is going for 8m, we need him, honest to God. Blah, blah fucking blah!

  22. TrueWisdom says:

    Jenkinson isn’t good enough to go against Sagna for a chance to be in the first team. Rather wait a season or two

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