Date: 12th July 2011 at 8:44am
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If Cesc Fabregas leaves Arsenal this summer for Barcelona, Robin Van Persie will be the new captain of Arsenal, this according to The Mirror. This makes sense to me as I can not think of anyone else who could take over as captain besides the Dutch striker. My only problem is, how many games will Van Persie actually play as he is always injured! Hopefully he has put his injuries behind him and he can have a full season for us.

Whilst speaking on Arsenal’s Far East tour, Van Persie reiterated that he hopes Fabregas does not leave as the two of them have a great understanding on and off the pitch.

Van Persie said, “From my own situation, he [Fabregas] is the one I first look at to see if he is playing or not. We have a connection – he knows exactly when to pass, exactly when to make his decisions in the game.

“He is quicker in his mind than most other players. That is very special. For example, one game against Blackpool away, I think in the first 18 minutes he gave me four or five unbelievable passes. I was one against one.

“I missed them, but he gave them to me.

“He is a really special player. He can see things quicker than others. He would be a miss for any team. That is why I hope that he stays and we can play on a bit longer together because I really rate him.”


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  1. nicky says:

    I can think of one player more qualified to be Captain, i.e. Vermaelen. In his back 4 position he is better placed than most to see things needing his attention.
    In any case, strikers simply do not make good Captains.

  2. TrueWisdom says:

    Van Persie shouldn’t get injured so often. He’d make a great captain

  3. i’d have no prob with RVP as captain and tv5 as vice is cesc goes

  4. Hi-bee says:

    Arsene wenger is stupid manager in d world.failure 2 sign potential player wil lead 2 trophless dis season

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