Date: 11th July 2011 at 7:00pm
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Whilst Arsenal have just completed the signing of new striker Gervinho from Lille, Bendtner’s time at Arsenal is up. The Danish striker had said that he wants to leave Arsenal and Wenger has granted him his wish. It looked like no one was interested in signing Bendtner but the striker returned to pre-season training but was not on the plane to the Far east with the rest of the squad.

Wenger spoke today at the press conference about Bendtner and subsequently the future of goalkeeper Manuel Almunia who is also not on the tour.

“Both of them are possible departures,” confirmed Wenger. “They are talking to other clubs at the moment. I cannot tell you which ones.”

It is thought that Bendtner is headed to Borussia Dortmund or Sporting Lisbon whilst Aluminia could be off to a club in Spain.

In my opinion, both players will not be missed.


0 responses to “Wenger confirms Bendtner departure”

  1. Tazlent says:

    yes you are right both players will not be missed. especially almunia.

  2. Gunzblazin says:

    bendtner could have become a great player for us if he was given more chances and if he was used in his perferred position, his goal scoring record is very good, he has the height and size to dominate in the box, such a pity.

  3. Bend says:

    Best news all term. felt genuine shame everytime i saw bendy in an arsenal shirt 😀

  4. Bend says:

    height and seize evidently doesnt work for all of us!

  5. bc says:

    Still think he was not really given a decent opportunity in his favoured position, but, too much water has flowed under the bridge now. A fresh start will hopefully see us live to regret this decision one day, for Nik’s sake.

  6. J says:

    It’s a shame Bendtner has to go, but he does. Wenger is definitely to blame for this tho! His love of wide players of short stature has hurt the team! We should have played w 2 strikers up front all along. Bendtner and chamakh could have gotten so much more playing time and in Bendtner case, in his preferred position. These 2 could have provided aerial threats on set pieces as well as defensive help on them. A 4-1-2-1-2 would have been preferred formation. Song in front of defense with wilshere/diaby as backup. Nasri/walcott/arshavin/rosicky for the 2 wide spots. Fabregas to link w the strikers w wilshere there also as his backup. I believe wilshere can play any of the role in central midfield and w the amount of games arsenal play and injuries they suffer, he’d get plenty of time. But this scenario would have helped last yrs team and who knows what we are goin to have next year. If we lose cesc and nasri, goodbye champions league!!

  7. zebash says:

    Never liked bendtner anyway. so bye!

  8. Alan D says:

    bendtner will be missed more than almunia

  9. WOLF says:

    Bendtner is like the greatest bottle of beer man has ever created but no matter what, it just wont open.

  10. goonerdanny says:

    As Gunzblazin and J said Bendner could have been a great player for us if he was given a chance, mark my words he will one day come back to haunt us,

  11. kevin Adaki says:

    God is great if Bendtner is away. now it is time for new Arsenal. Bye BENDTNER

  12. TrueWisdom says:

    YES!! Some great news xD

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