Date: 11th July 2011 at 3:42pm
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According to Arsene Wenger, Fabregas and Nasri are going to be Arsenal players this coming season. Wenger said this at a press conference in Kuala Lumpar where Arsenal are starting their pre-season tour.

When he was speaking about Fabregas he said, “Cesc loves the Club. We know the Barcelona story goes on for years now and we have to close that. Now we focus on the new season, hopefully with Cesc Fabregas.”

As for Nasri, the manager had this to say, “Samir Nasri is very happy at the Club and committed to stay at the Club. I hope he will sign a new contract but I am not the only one to decide that.”

Nasri may stay for this coming season but he may not sign a new contract. This is a huge gamble that Wenger will be taking as it would mean Nasri could leave for free next summer if he does not commit to a new deal now.

Courtesy of YouTube user, JunaidNizy, we have video footage of Wenger telling us this.


0 responses to “[Video] Wenger says Fabregas and Nasri are staying at Arsenal”

  1. Keith says:

    If nasri doesn’t sign a new contract then let him go rather than him leave in Jan or free next summer. Replace him with someone who wants to play for Arsenal.

  2. Moses says:

    If nasri want to go, let him go,because if he stays he mint not play with his mind so lets just look for a player who will be fully commited to the team.

  3. Moses says:

    If nasri want to go, let him go,because if he stays he mint not play with his mind so lets just look for a player who will be fully commited to the team to replace him.

  4. Giwa says:

    Nasir is good.pls wenger let him stay @ emirate by all means.

  5. Amusa fatai agbowa says:

    Wenger pls do any thing to let nasri stay

  6. Carl says:

    Cant believe we are even considering keeping Nasri without a new deal being signed, Let him go and get the money.

    Am I the only one who is coming around to the idea of him and Cesc being sold, With the money from those 2 we could build a team capable of winning.It just might be time for a change at Arsenal, the current squad needs to be broken up IMO.

  7. Bendtersdad says:

    even if we end up losing nas for free atleast we wouldhave made a stand.. whos to say arsene would spend the measley 20mil on NAY1 else anyway!

  8. marvin arimi says:

    nasri should please stay at arsenal,we need him to help boost our confidence for the coming season,even if he leaves wenger would still not replace him, he would keep the money as he used let him play this season and go for free if he likes

  9. Rankk1 says:

    Make him sign a contract Godfather style (make him an offer he cannot refuse) it is a huge gamble keeping him otherwise. I can’t bare the thought of him joining ManUtd or city on a free transfer, that would be a bigger slap in the face than selling him to either now as we could get £25m+ from his sale.

  10. Raffi says:

    SURELY… surely AW, the board, the billionaire shareholders and advisors can see and ‘caluclate’ the pros and cons of keeping Nasri… and even though I agree that he should go NOW for £20M and not free in 12months… all the above people are not stupid ! they’re successfull businessmen and wouldn’t get something like this totally wrong… would they ??
    Also, sod the rest, where is the tall DM and huge CB we desperately need ???

  11. Evans says:

    Lej nasri if he want to go, or let him sign a new contact

  12. Seyi Soremekun says:

    Nasri is good no doubt about that. Wenger should try to keep him if he(wenger) can.

  13. Mustapha olosan says:

    If both of them stay wil can win trophy

  14. musa choro says:

    Nasril is a free role player who can contribute when there any lapses in da game…all

  15. Peter jorams says:

    Its matter of passion .if they do desire to stay let them be.

  16. shogbesan yusuff (showboy) says:

    If nasri want 2go let him go and if he decided 2 stay let him stay likewise cesc.

  17. kevin Adaki says:

    the two players are the key players in arsenal, the gap left by Nasri & Fabregas will be difficult to be covered in time. Arsenal Board must not allow them to leave. and WENGER MUST BUY PLAYERS

  18. Amutuheire Innocent says:

    Instead of Nasri going for free next season,let him go if he cannot sign a new contract and be replaced.

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