Date: 11th July 2011 at 2:13pm
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There has been a lot of talk about Arsenal needing to sign a new left-back following the departure of Gael Clichy to Manchester City. Arsene Wenger has spoken now and quashed any speculation that we have been having that Arsenal are after the likes of Jose Enrique and Leighton Baines to join Arsenal this summer as the new left-back. Arsene believes that we do not need to sign a new left-back as we have enough players already at Arsenal to fill the role.

“We have Kieran Gibbs, Armand Traore and Thomas Vermaelen who can play at left back so we have what we need,” Wenger said during a press conference on the Far East tour.

Now this news will be met with mixed reaction by the fans.

Gibbs is still a bit too in-experienced but we know Wenger has put in faith in the young players in the past and I expect him to have Gibbs as the first choice left-back for Arsenal this coming season.

As for Varmaelen, I think it is a really bad idea to have him play at left-back as he is best suited at playing in central defence. Varmaelen should only be used as a left-back when we are really in trouble and do not have Gibbs or Traore fit to play.

I still believe that Arsenal need to go out and buy another left-back who would be a first choice player. What do you think?


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  1. chris says:

    Terrific … Gibbs, Traore or Vermaelen (who we cannot afford no to play in central defence).

    If this is true it is hard to see how Wenger has learned anything. From the last few seasons.

    We have no home grown defenders who have been taught how to defend ie. NOT ONE !!

  2. bc says:

    Q If we signed 2 centre halves that were better than Vermaelen, would you play him left back then?

    Vermaelen is the first choice Belgian left back, he is the 4th choice Belgian centre half, there are reasons for that.

  3. Gasper says:

    I agree that Gibbs isn’t the man for the job YET. He is so close and should start around 10-15

    games in all comps next season but I don’t think he is seasoned enough to be first choice just yet and its nothing to do with his ability, rather its his recent injury problems

    I disagree that Vermaelen should ony be used as left back in emergency. Does he not start AND captain Belgium at left back? Did he not play most games for Ajax at left back? I believe playing him at left back will force us to be more defensive and tight at the back as he is less liable to bomb forward (we can leave that to sagna who is also an adequate defender)

    I’m not entirely sure where I stand on Traore, I didn’t follow him whilst he was on loan but when he was at arsenal I didn’t see him as a left back AT ALL. I thought he looked more comfortable playing as a left midfielder as opposed to defence.

    Thanks for reading

  4. Canadian Gooner says:

    bc, that is so true.

    I don’t get why people think Vermaelen is a bad idea at left back…if we sign a better center back.

  5. Gooner Sam says:

    The guy is an idiot and has shown that he has learnt nothing from his past mistakes. Next season will be his last and he will then be sacked due to fan power…but it didn’t have to be this way. Maybe it has been his success in the first half of his tenure that has gone to his head but his stubborness will kill Arsenal. Gibbs has only ever played 15 games for the first team. Traore wasn’t good enough before and has been sent out on loan to Juventus…where he has hardly played. Its all about money and Wenger not being willing to spend…well if they only way he will listen / learn is by receiving his P45 then so be it.

  6. Amrut says:

    In an ideal world , we would need a left back. But imagine , if we buy two central defenders, Cahill and Mertesacker our back four will be like a wall. Gibbs can make the transition and Vermalaen can chip in.

  7. Gooner Sam says:

    Amrut I agree but Wenger just won’t spend the sort of money needed to buy 2 CB’s in fact I think he might not even buy 1. Also your plan relies on him selling Squiallaci and that would be like admitting that he is wrong…which he just won’t do.

  8. stu says:

    gibbs should start left back when we are playing teams that play 11 men behind the ball

    when we are up against the likes of chelski, united, citeh, stoke (away) then we should play vermaelen left back and play either koscienely, djourou or a new centre back so then we have 3 central defenders and sagna at right back on the pitch to make us tougher at the back

    im sure we all said the same about clichy when ashley cole left – gibbs if he can stay injury free will do well for us – he just needs to toughen up

  9. Oluwole Timothy Bamikole says:

    It is not a gangrene of plitical landscape but awkfully abnormal for Wenger to have indicted his believe in those left back players he mentioned. Gibbs and Traore are in-experienced and Varmalen is never a left back. Converting players at this important time is fluid. My advice is for wenger to break his bank and buy an experienced players.

  10. Foots says:

    If Wenger said that then he must be looking to buy 2 central defenders or he is putting up a smoke screen in order to buy the spanish guy from Newcastle.

  11. Adedoyin says:

    Pls 4 God sake sign an xperence left back, is nt ur money dis money is met 4 d club

  12. Lanz says:

    These same people said Clichy was not ready when Cole left. Here they go again. One even claims Vermaleen NEVER played left back! Gibbs is a better crosser than Clichy. Injuries have plagued him but he needs games and I am sure AW will give him a chance. Does anyone know if Botelho now has an EU passport?

  13. adebold says:

    AW better open his eyes and sign experienced player instead of having believe in the young players. We have suffered for too long because of his experiment

  14. Fredy says:

    This tells us one thing, that Wenger is serious on getting a center back and he intends to pair him with Djorou

  15. Tharik says:

    Ridiculous .. Absolutely our problem in defence enlarged from the centre to the left back.the defence problem will be worse than last season.gibbs is player of good calibre but he had lot injury problem .every one including wenger knows he will not a complete replacement for that position.then why he gambling once again . I think the he will not sign any defender for centre too.he will going to tell that vermalen likes to be a new signing.i think the his name will have to change as ” the gambler” defenitly he is gambling once again because the last year we are so close to the title . This is the time to fill the gaps and need to strengthen .if we sign samba or any other quality defender in the january we will get any of the trophy for sure because it may increase the confidence .also robin was in a great form in second part of the season.but he didn’ the left side is also open.gibbs dont have the capacity to play the full season plus cl games plus league cup and fa cup.traore will not good to substitute .so whenever our opponent will pass the midfield it will straight to the net. So good luck to the chesny ….

  16. bc says:

    For £19m we could get Samba and Mertesacker, seriously slow but seriously tall, seriously agressive and seriously fantastic at anticipating the tackle or block. I can tell you of a back 4 that were all seriously slow.
    Dixon Bould Adams Winterburn compare that to
    Sagna Samba Mertesacker Vermaelen and a back up of
    Eboue Djourou Koscielny Gibbs and a carling cup back 4 of
    Jenkinson Bartley Miquel Traore

  17. jazbo says:

    Our manager is damed if does and damed if he does not.
    What is the point of bringing young players to the club if you have no intention of playing them, we might as well be Chelski, we have several players who can play in the centre of defence, so what’s the problem, you want us to spend for the sake of it just so you can go down the local pub/wine bar and brag we signed blah, blah, blah.
    Wind your necks back in boys, this is not a play station game this is real life.
    remember you can always go support that butying club Chelski!!!

  18. Crwster says:

    Wenger has got to be the only manager in world football that believes that players do not need to earn a place in the side. Anyone else remember a few years ago, when Flamini was keeping Denilson, Diarra and Gilberto out of the team? Three of those left the following season, leaving Denilson to start the next campaign- not through beating off the competition, but because he was the only player in that position not to leave. We now have a similar position with Gibbs, who was injured for a lot of last season and was poor when he did come in. What right does he have to start for us next year? He’s undoubtably a talent, but places in any team should be earned, not simply given because better players have moved on. I agree with those who feel Wenger still hasn’t learnt his lesson; I’m a huge fan of his, but I can see even myself calling for his head next season. What with him desperately trying to keep Clichy, despite him obviously being a weak link; replacing him with an injury-prone youngster; going from promising numerous changes, to claiming he only needs a few players: this all points to a man completely out of touch with the modern game.

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